Getting Started in Partnering: One Investor Owned Utility's Experience


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Getting Started in Partnering: One Investor Owned Utility's Experience

Jay Griles, Dominion Virginia Power | Dale Crutchfield, Dominion Virginia Power

This session will discuss creating ideas for partnering, making initial contacts and acknowledging realized benefits. Attendees will gain an understanding of potential successes and dead ends while walking through the early stages of the partnering process.

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  • Thanks for the opportunity to speak today. This is a diverse audience consisting of utilities, governmental organizations and non-profits as well as others. Therefore I decided to start my presentation with the one thing that has brought us all together. A tree. I had the great fortune of growing up under this particular tree. At that time is was the seconded largest Pin Oak in Virginia. Many folks at this conference will unashamedly state that they love trees. This tree provided a frame for my swing, shade for much of my play and work as well as a backdrop for my imagination. I shot marbles, shucked corn, threw horse shoes, chopped word and reconditioned an old truck under this tree. My love of trees goes back to the very beginning of my memeory. But what has that got to do with partnering?
  • This is a utility line along a street in Richmond. Since graduating from college a utility company have furnished for my clothes, bought my food, paid for my house and provided the same for my wife and two sons. I guess it only makes sense that a guy who grew up loving trees and ended up working in forestry at a utility would look for help in making those two worlds work together. So the first question I want to answer to for the utility folks in the room is …
  • Why?
  • Because you can have less. We all want less right. Isn’t that what today’s society is pressing us to. If you want less raise your hand. This isn’t going the way I hoped. Maybe I need to move to the next slide.
  • You can have less!SAIDISAIFICost per mileHomeowners Association MeetingsCustomer ComplaintsCommission InvolvementNow I’ll try again. Raise your hand if you want better reliability and the opportunity to maintain the vegetation in a manner that will provide safe, reliable, economic electric service.I want to take a minute here and talk about the pictures on these slides. This is what I want my urban power lines to look like. Low growing species, dogwoods and crepe myrtles under and lines and larger trees back away from the lines and across the street. Right Tree – Right Place. Partnerships is how we get here. So the next question …
  • WHO? Who do we partner with to make this happen. Before I leave this slide, would you agree that this is a low cost, high reliability urban right of way?
  • Who is the question I ask myself and the answer came from several sources. My State Forester, Paul Revel was a great source. He provided me with names and contact information for folks across the state, from municipalities to non-profits to academic institutions. Once I started contacting those folks the network grew. Additionally, once I created a culture of partnership in my organization opportunities opened up within my group as well as with other departments in my company. Let’s take some time to review this slide…
  • Getting Started in Partnering: One Investor Owned Utility's Experience

    1. 1. Getting Started in Partnering One Investor Owned Utility's Experience
    2. 2. Getting Started in Partnering Dominion Virginia Power Partners in Community Forest Presentation November - 6th 2013 Jay Griles Manager Electric Distribution Forestry & Dale Crutchfield Distribution Forestry Technical Consultant
    3. 3. Getting Started in Partnering Dominion Virginia Power and Dominion North Carolina Power • • • • • • • • Corporate Headquarters – Richmond Virginia 2.5M Customers 35 Local Offices 3 Regions 35,000 Miles of Overhead Primary Conductors 20 ISA Certified Arborists 5 Contractors employing 525 Contract Trimmers on our system Tree Line USA Utility
    4. 4. Getting Started in Partnering
    5. 5. Getting Started in Partnering
    6. 6. Getting Started in Partnering WHY?
    7. 7. Getting Started in Partnering You can have less!
    8. 8. Getting Started in Partnering You can have less! SAIDI SAIFI Cost per mile Homeowners Association Meetings Customer Complaints Commission Involvement
    9. 9. Getting Started in Partnering WHO?
    10. 10. Getting Started in Partnering • Governmental – – – – State Forester Municipalities/Counties Department of Transportation State and National Parks • Intra-Company – Dominion Public Relations – Dominion Foundation • Volunteer/Non-Profit – Tree Stewards – Urban Forestry Committee/Council – Homeowners Associations
    11. 11. Getting Started in Partnering ZERO Tree
    12. 12. Getting Started in Partnering City of Newport News Presentation to City Council
    13. 13. Getting Started in Partnering
    14. 14. Getting Started in Partnering
    15. 15. Getting Started in Partnering
    16. 16. Getting Started in Partnering
    17. 17. Getting Started in Partnering
    18. 18. Getting Started in Partnering
    19. 19. Getting Started in Partnering
    20. 20. Getting Started in Partnering
    21. 21. Getting Started in Partnering “Thank you again for your contribution to this valuable project.” “I want to thank you for your commitment to and support of the ‘Right Tree, Right Place’ beautification effort in Newport News.”
    22. 22. Getting Started in Partnering City of Richmond American Elm
    23. 23. Getting Started in Partnering Splitting Trunk
    24. 24. Getting Started in Partnering Top conductor – Primary Voltage Lower conductorsSecondary
    25. 25. Getting Started in Partnering De-energized Primary Conductor
    26. 26. Getting Started in Partnering Replaced Open Wire with Triplex
    27. 27. Getting Started in Partnering
    28. 28. Getting Started in Partnering Dominion Foundation
    29. 29. Getting Started in Partnering Dominion Foundation DOMINION GRANT SUPPORTED AMERICAN CHESTNUT LAND TRUST PROJECT (SMN). The Southern Maryland Newspapers (10/25, Scott, 4K) reported that the American Chestnut Land Trust on Tuesday celebrated the opening of the “Prince Frederick Trailhead, the newest of ACLT’s four gateways to the Parkers Creek Preserve.” At the ribbon cutting ceremony, ACLT executive director Karen Edgecombe called it a “pleasant hike” and noted that “1,765 volunteer hours went into the planning, constructing and implementation of the new trailhead and the new barn at Double Oak Farm.” The piece described past work by the ACLT and added that volunteers from “the Parkers Creek Conservation Society (ACLT’s hunt club) completed the Bay Overlook in the spring of 2011 with a grant from Dominion Resources.”
    30. 30. Getting Started in Partnering Dominion Public Relations
    31. 31. Getting Started in Partnering
    32. 32. Getting Started in Partnering Arbor Day Project Plant It “Stump Stools” provided by Distribution Forestry
    33. 33. Getting Started in Partnering
    34. 34. Getting Started in Partnering
    35. 35. Getting Started in Partnering • Richmond Tree Stewards invites you to stop by the Chimborazo Tree Teamwork Tailgate Celebration • RVA Tree Volunteers Summit at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
    36. 36. Getting Started in Partnering MAC-ISA Tree Climbing Championship 2013 MAC-ISA Tree Climbing Championship & Trade Show and Richmond Arbor Day April 6-7 Round House, Byrd Park, Richmond, VA Supported by Richmond Tree Stewards
    37. 37. Getting Started in Partnering
    38. 38. Charlottesville Virginia • • • • • • • • Located in Central Virginia in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains about 70 miles west of Richmond, Virginia and 100 miles from Washington D.C. Home to The University of Virginia founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819 UVA is home to 20,0000 Students Over 40,000 Residents within the City of Charlottesville 250,000 Population in the surrounding area of Charlottesville Named after the wife of King George III of England – Princess Charlotte County Seat in 1761 – incorporated into a City in 1888 10 Square Miles
    39. 39. Charlottesville is Surrounded by Scenic Beauty The Blue Ridge Mountains Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway Orchards and Many Vineyards – Growing Wine Country Know as the Monticello Wine Trail
    40. 40. Charlottesville and Albemarle County is Steeped in History Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello – Home of the 3rd President of the United States Jefferson’s Country
    41. 41. Charlottesville –Albemarle County is Well Know Cultural Diversity –Fox Hunting and The Blessing of the Hounds on Thanksgiving Day Diversity of Fine Arts, Music, and Entertainment
    42. 42. Charlottesville Downtown The Downtown Pedestrian Mall Paramount Theatre on the Downtown Pedestrian Mall
    43. 43. The Charlottesville Downtown Pedestrian Mall’s Amenities • Virginia Discovery Museum • Multiple Theatres, Restaurants, Shops • The Pavilion • The Virginia Film Festival • Apartments • Indoor Skating Rink • Lined with Willow Oaks • Eight Blocks – Paved Brick Floor
    44. 44. Albemarle County Planning Opportunities Stonefield Development – Constructed in 2012 Shrub Planting to avoid Future Tree Wire conflicts
    45. 45. Albemarle County Planning Opportunities Stonefield Project – Working with Developers Larger Tree Species Clear of Overhead Utility Infrastructure
    46. 46. Albemarle County Planning Opportunities Gander Mountain New Landscape Plant Installation – August 2013 Stellar One Bank Plant installation - 2011
    47. 47. City of Charlottesville Zelkova Trees West Main Street Zelkova Trees Near Amtrak Station
    48. 48. City of Charlottesville Garret Street Oaks – Conflicting Trees Requiring Frequent Maintenance Overhead Utilities Replaced on Garret Street With Underground and New Trees Planted
    49. 49. Charlottesville Fontaine Avenue Corridor Entrance Median Plantings – Room for Growth Fontaine Avenue Research Park
    50. 50. Jefferson Park Avenue Plant Diversity - Compatible with Overhead Utility Infrastructure No Longer a Plant Monoculture
    51. 51. Arbor Day 2013 Johnson Elementary School April 26, 2013
    52. 52. Successful Partnering Can Accomplish Many Goals Including Beautiful Tree Landscapes Reliable Electric Power
    53. 53. Building Partnering Relationships With Municipalities: •Charlottesville • Waynesboro • Lexington •Staunton Evolving Partnerships: •Charlottesville Tree Commission •Charlottesville Tree Stewards •Richmond Tree Stewards Established Partnerships •MTRP •ISA •MAC-ISA
    54. 54. Successful Partnerships • • • • • • • • • • • Communicate Openly and Often Share Team Ideas and Success Have Vision with Set Goals Be Flexible and Learn From Mistakes Build on Each Other’s Strengths Be a Good Listener Develop Valuable Relationships Stay Focused – Identify New Ways to Solve Problems Be Committed, Respectful, Trustworthy, and Genuine Enjoy the Journey to Each and Every Destination Help Build a Better Environment for our Future Generations
    55. 55. Questions