proposal for Reliance airways


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proposal for reliance airways

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proposal for Reliance airways

  1. 1. Proposal For Reliance Airways By :- Arbaaz khan Annam khan Asma khan
  2. 2. RELIANCE AIRWAYS LTD. R e l l y o n u s f l y w i t h u s
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  We are going to start a new venture that is RELIANCE AIRWAYS LIMITED. Reliance airways is mainly going to deal with passenger airlines which will be conducted in only 10 cities of India i.e. Domestic in initial stages. The 10 destinations are:-  1)DELHI  2)MUMBAI  3)KOLKATA  4)CHENNAI  5)BANGALORE  6)JAIPUR  7)SRINAGAR  8)MANGALORE  9)AHAMADABAD  10)AGRA
  4. 4. SOURCES OF FUNDS  Sources of funds will be as follows :-  Share capital  Equity shares of Rs. 200 crores  Preference shares of Rs. 100 crores  2 % Debentures of Rs. 200 crores  Long term loan from govt. of Rs. 300 crores  Unsecured loan from reliance industries of Rs. 200 crores
  5. 5. IDEA SCREENING The customers in the target market will get benefitted with this types of services because this type of services will be only given by reliance i.e. Home delivery of tickets at a very cheaper price. The size of the market will be domestic only limited to 10 most important destinations of India.
  6. 6. COMPETITORS- 35% 25% 29% 11% CURRENT MARKET SHARE Kingfisher Air India Jet Airways Jet Lite Totally if we analyze four airlines like kingfisher, air India, jet airways, and indigo have 79.5% of all domestic passengers in India. The remaining 21.5%of passengers were carried by other private Indian airlines like spice, go air and paramount. Competitor can be any other airlines
  7. 7. CONTD… So the major competitors in future will be kingfisher Airlines, jet airways etc. but Reliance Airways is ready with its strategies and lowest fares to kick off the competitors of the market. This sector is technically feasible to reliance industries also as reliance industries is a major producer of AVIATION TURBINE FUEL which is used to fly a planes that is why reliance can give the cheapest deals to its customers.
  9. 9. TICKET FARES OF MAJOR DESTINATIONS Delhi Chennai – 4,212 Delhi Kolkata – 5,642 Delhi Bangalore – 4,632 Delhi Ahmadabad- 9,932 Delhi Srinagar – 4,201 Delhi Jaipur – 4,364 Delhi Mangalore – 12, 595
  10. 10. HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENT CEO MARKETING MANAGER Sales manager Sales executives 10 Advertising manager Customer relationship manager PRO 10 H R MANAGER Recruitment manager Training and development FINANCE MANAGER Accounts officer Auditor AVIATION MANAGER Pilots 20 Flight attendants 150 Flight engineers 10 Total number of manpower required =215
  11. 11. MARKETING STRATEGIES  Reliance Airways will be targeting those customers who generally travel by trains (first class) and economy class of airlines because of the cheaper price of this class.  Reliance airways will provide them quality services in cost efficient manner.
  12. 12. CONT…  All the marketing process of reliance will be handled online with a head office in Mumbai. This will be a click only organization i.e. all the procedures will be handled online through internet and telecom service.  Reliance Airways will provide customer with free home delivery service through courier.  Reliance Airways will differentiate its services in terms of luxury in a cheaper price and distribution channel of the tickets to the customers.  So the marketing strategy of reliance Airways will be challenging strategy for competitors.
  13. 13. The Financial Statements that will be prepared for reliance airways will be  Profit and loss account  Balance sheet  Cash flow statement