Colagete vs P&G


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a comparison between Colgate Palmolive and Proctor & Gamble !!!

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Colagete vs P&G

  1. 1. v/sWhich company is more international
  2. 2.  Procter & Gamble Co. Is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio that manufactures a wide range of consumer goods. In the 1880s, Procter & Gamble began to market a new product
  3. 3.  Procter & Gamble began selling the first toothpaste to contain fluoride, known as "Crest". In January 2005 P&G announced an acquisition of Gillette, forming the largest consumer goods company and placing Unilever into second place.
  4. 4.  Manufacturing operations based in Canada, Mexico, Latin America Europe China (31 Wholly Owned Factories) Other Parts Of Asia Africa, Australia There more than 180 countries where brands of P&G are sold. P&Gs dominance in many categories of consumer products makes its brand management decisions worthy of study.
  5. 5.  Colgate-Palmolive Company is an American diversified multinational corporation focused on the production, distribution and provision of household, health care and personal products, such as soaps, detergents, and oral hygiene products (including toothpaste and toothbrushes). The companys corporate offices are on Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City
  6. 6.  In 1806, William Colgate, himself a soap and candle maker, opened up a starch, soap and candle factory on Dutch Street in New York as "William Colgate & Company“ It sold the first toothpaste in a tube the Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream, in 1896.
  7. 7.  Palmolive-Peet bought the Colgate Company In 1953 "Peet" was dropped from the title, leaving only "Colgate-Palmolive Company” In 1890, Madison University in New York State was re-named Colgate University in honor of decades of financial support and involvement.
  8. 8.  Overseas, the company operates approximately 280 properties of which 76 are owned in over 70 countries. Major overseas facilities used by the Oral, Personal and Home Care segment are located in: Australia, Brazil China Colombia France Guatemala Italy, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, Venezuela and elsewhere throughout the world.
  9. 9.  Colgate-Palmolive has long been in fierce competition with Procter & Gamble, the worlds largest soap and detergent maker After the launch of tide detergent during the world war II many consumers turned from Colgates soaps to a better product Colgate lost its number one place in the toothpaste market when P&G started putting fluoride in its toothpaste.
  10. 10.  Colgate Palmolive is more older than the P&G and is a known brand in more than 200 hundred countries perhaps these are the only advantages that Colgate is having over P&G. P&G is the largest consumer good company in the world and is operating in more than 180 countries With a wide range of product lines for different groups all over the world make this giant a great achiever.
  11. 11.  Both the companies can be judged on different parameters. Like, Colgate will be considered more international as it is operating in more than 200 hundred countries and it is also older than P&G. On the other hand if we highlight the number of products or product lines than Palmolive is the leader.
  12. 12. Thanks For Your Attention