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Agent Technology Presentation


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"Technology Discussion" presentation on Agency Technology made during KM technologies course

"Technology Discussion" presentation on Agency Technology made during KM technologies course

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  • 1. Agent TechnologyK6213 KM Technologies Presentation Aravind Sesagiri Raamkumar Nirmala Selvaraju
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction• Typology of Agents• Popular Examples of Software Agents• Agent Technology in aid of KM • Application of IA for KM Integration • Information Agents • Agent based Customer Knowledge Management• References
  • 3. Introduction Agents can be defined to be autonomous, problem-solving computational entities capable of effective operation in dynamic and open environments.(Luck et al) Often deployed in ‘Multi-agent’ environments in which they interact and co-operate with each other. Main Characteristics: Autonomous Cooperation Adaptation
  • 4. Typology of Agents • Classified by Mobility, Type of Response(deliberative or reactive), Identity and Roles • Agents exist in a truly multi-dimensional space
  • 5. Popular examples of SoftwareAgents• Buyer agents or shopping bots• User or personal agents• Monitoring-and-surveillance agents• Data Mining agents• Web Crawlers(used by Google) are best examples for Agents
  • 6. Agent Technology in aid of KM Knowledge Engineering Knowledge Discovery Collaboration High level connectivity
  • 7. Application of IA for KMintegration - Expectations Decision Support System(DSS) Transformation Analyze Dealing with Quicker of conventional incominghuge amounts Retrieval of search ‘lessons- of data in a data from mechanism with learnt’ and distributed various self-adaption immediate environment systems ability dissemination
  • 8. KM in an organization
  • 9. Implementation Framework Agents were chosen for DSSimplementation due to following factors:- Distribution of data Integrity of organizational structure and its autonomy must be maintained The system needed sophisticated interactions for information sharing and coordination Local Data Model Base Knowledge Multiagents Base Model Model based module • Different • Knowledge • Generating • Stores tasks Gathering alternatives knowledge • Different • Storage in • Storing • Incorporates sources relational decision mathematical • Different databases making solvers Roles models
  • 10. System Architecture
  • 11. Modeling of Multi-Agents and StandardsUsed Application Manager Agent(AM-agent): Agents that run on intranet network management station. Exhibits authority in management of functionality of system Application Agents(A-agent): Agents that run on network and on abstract locations. Represented by interfaces on which operations can be performed Tool & Standards FIPA-OS(Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agent) JESS (Java Expert System Shell) XML and SOAP
  • 12. Information Agents  Scope for usage in E-business  Built on top of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining concepts  Facilitates Knowledge Sharing between Buyers and Sellers Article : Knowledge Management and Intelligent Agents in an E- Business Environment 20Radu%20Ioab%20sa.pdf
  • 13. Agent based Customer Knowledge ManagementPremise:To test the feasibility of agent technology concepts aided customer knowledgemanagement. Social Agent Reactive Proactive Ability Characteristics Needs of CKM
  • 14. Agent based Customer KnowledgeManagement Article : The role of intelligent agents in customer knowledge Management ang%20et%20al.pdf
  • 15. References• Software Agents: An Overview Hyacinth S. Nwana• Agent Technology: Enabling Next Generation Computing Luck et al• Application of Intelligent Agent Technology for Knowledge Management Integration Houari et al• Knowledge Management and Intelligent Agents in an E- Business Environment MOGOŞ et al• The role of intelligent agents in customer knowledge• Management Tan et al
  • 16. Thank You