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Summary of Marlin Steel Wire Products, Baltimore, Maryland: Quality, Safety, Engineering, Equipment, Testimonials

Summary of Marlin Steel Wire Products, Baltimore, Maryland: Quality, Safety, Engineering, Equipment, Testimonials

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  • 1. Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 1
  • 2. Marlin Steel Wire ProductsBaltimore, Maryland USA Quality Engineered Quick™Summary• Marlin Steel is a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered products fromsteel wire and sheet metal. Its industrial material handling containers servemany industries, including aerospace, defense, medical and automotive.• Privately owned. Seven consecutive years of revenue growth• Established in 1968 in Brooklyn, N.Y. Moved to Baltimore in 1999.• Enterprise Zone and Small BusinessMarlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 2
  • 3. Quality• Registered ISO 9001: 2008 by International Quality Registrars(IQR) Corp.• World-class standard for quality control systems.Safety• Four consecutive years, and counting, without a lost-timeaccident. The company is pursuing the top safety standard, alevel achieved by only five or six companies in Maryland.Engineering• The Marlin Steel Engineering Team performs stress analysiswith AutoDesk Inventor Stress Analysis Software to ensurethat customer products will perform as intended in a definedload environment. Our stress analysis can anticipate possiblefailure modes and design against them.Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 3
  • 4. Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 4Our Clients Include:AAI, Alcoa, Amgen, AstraZeneca, BAESystems, Bell Helicopter, Beretta, Boeing,BorgWarner, Caterpillar, Cessna Aircraft,Cummins, Delta Airlines, DRS Technologies,Dow Chemical, General Dynamics, GeneralElectric, GKN, Honda, iRobot, LockheedMartin, Los Alamos National Laboratory,Marathon, McMaster, Merck & Co., MSC,NASA, Pfizer, Pratt & Whitney, SikorskyAircraft, Timken, Toyota, United Airlines
  • 5. Equipment1. Trumpf TruLaser 1030 Sheet Metal Laser Cutter(Purchased 2011)• 61 feet a minute (18 m/m)• Cuts 0.6” (15 mm) thick• Accommodates 5’ (1500 mm) by 10’ (3000 mm) sheet size. Less Scrapand Waste• 120” bed• 4 axis back gauge• +/-ten micron RAM tolerance• Made in Connecticut• Capacity available *: 85%Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 5
  • 6. Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 6Trumpf TruLaser 1030 Sheet Metal Laser Cutter
  • 7. 2. Three Dimensional CNCBender–AIM (2009 & 2010)• 6,000 bends per hour• fastest available• Bend head turns 3,600degrees/second• 2-8 mm• Automatic Load/Unload• Made in Illinois• Capacity available: 86%3. RoboMac 310CNC (2006)• Wire-bending robots• 2-10 mm• Capacity available: 87%Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 7
  • 8. 4. Whitelegg 2D Bender 5. CNC Router (2008)• 5’ x 10’ Table• 5” z axis• Capacity available: 84%Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 8• Biggest table in North America• Can make a ring that is 60”diameter or a frame that is 60” x60”• Can make 400 welded frames in anhour• Made in UK
  • 9. 6. Trumpf 2020 CNC Punch(2010)• 900 strokes per minute with0.004" (0.1 mm) tolerance• Automatic Load/Unload – RunsUnattended• 0.003” to 0.25” (6.4 mm) thickness• Stainless, aluminum, mild steel• Made in Connecticut• Capacity available: 25%7. Trumpf Steel PressBrake (2011)• +/-10 micron RAM tolerance and0.25 degrees on 122" length• 132 tons of force• 122" (3104 mm) bending length• four axis back gauge• Capacity available: 82%Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 9
  • 10. 8. Robotic MIG Welder(2005)• Six-axis machine• 3,600 welds per hour• Capacity available: 97%* All capacity figures Q1 20139. Haas Mill VF3 (2011)• 4 Axis• Probe Option• Capacity available: 85%Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 10
  • 11. Awards• Won the Precision Metalforming Pioneer award in 2013,one of three U.S. companies chosen by PrecisionMetalforming Association and The Hitachi Foundation.• Named to the Inner City 100 two years in a row (2012-2013) by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City.Identified as one of the 100 fastest-growing companiesbased in a U.S. city. Marlin operates in an EnterpriseZone designed to bring jobs to South Baltimore.• Ranked as the 162nd fastest growing privatemanufacturer in U.S. by Inc. magazine on its “5000” list offast-growing U.S. companies.• Named the top medium-sized “Technology Implementer”in the 2013 VOLTAGE awards for Greater Baltimore bySmartCEO magazine.Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 11
  • 12. Testimonials• “I can say with sincerity that the level of customer service I haveexperienced by every individual I had the opportunity to speakwith is second to none.” -- Jason Q. Smith, Machinist, Caterpillar• “There was a previous basket that we moved away from. Overtime, they couldn’t hold up to the kind of quality that Marlin couldoutput. Marlin Steel is the standard for what we use.” -- ScottSisk, Manufacturing Engineer, BorgWarner• “I did receive the baskets and they were perfect. Thanks for allyour help.” -- John Koval , Technical Manager, Delphi• “You have accomplished many great feats that make Marlin truly aworld-class manufacturing company.” -- Mike Kunkle, SeniorManufacturing Engineer, Harley-Davidson• “We’re proud of Drew. We need companies like this.” – Ron Kirk,former U.S. Trade AmbassadorMarlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 12
  • 13. Marlin Steel Wire Products 2013 © 13Marlin Steel Wire Products2640 Merchant DriveBaltimore, Maryland 21239 USA410-644-7456MarlinSteel.com@MarlinSteel