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Kcircle quiz of_month

  1. 1. K-CircleQuiz of the Month Oct - 2009 Y not learn
  2. 2. Quiz-Master : Anupam Sinha
  3. 3. Preamble• It has been great quizzing with K-Circle• Sincere gratitude for all the encouragement from all the members and especially from sirji .• This is not an obscure quiz.• Bad news : questions are bit lonnnnng.• Good news : they provide you with lot of clues
  4. 4. The word X was added to the Preamble ofIndian Constitution by the 42ndAmendment Act of 1976, during theEmergency. It implies social and economicequality. Social equality in this contextmeans the absence of discrimination onthe grounds only of caste, colour, creed,sex, religion, or language. Economicequality in this context means that thegovernment will endeavour to make thedistribution of wealth more equal andprovide a decent standard of living for all.
  5. 5. The answer is ......
  6. 6. Socialist
  7. 7. Rest of India: IPC::J&K: _______
  8. 8. The answer is ......
  9. 9. Ranbir Penal Code afterMaharaja Ranbir Singh
  10. 10. AZS Media Group, a Dutch company onSeptember 1 launched the worlds first Islamicsearch engine -- X -- that differentiates whatmaterial is allowed and what is forbidden in Islam."We got the idea to develop X about nine monthsago," says Reza Abdolali Zadeh Sardeha, who isthe chief executive officer of X and founder of theAmsterdam-based AZS Media Group.This is howthe search on X works: The search engine onlyfetches results that are flagged as to be _____.
  11. 11. The answer is ......
  12. 12. Iamhalaal.com
  13. 13. Id this famous activist.
  14. 14. The answer is ......
  15. 15. Irom Sharmila
  16. 16. BPM 37093 is a variable white dwarf star of the DAV,or ZZ Ceti, type, with a hydrogen atmosphere and anunusually high mass of approximately 1.1 times theSuns. It is about 50 light-years from Earth, in theconstellation Centaurus, and vibrates; thesepulsations cause its luminosity to vary. In 2004,Travis Metcalfe and a team of researchers at theHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysicsestimated, on the basis of these asteroseismologicalobservations, that approximately 90% of the mass ofBPM 37093 had crystallized. Crystallization of thematerial of a white dwarf of this type is thought toresult in a body-centered cubic lattice of carbonand/or oxygen nuclei, which are surrounded by aFermi sea of electrons. Because of its crystallizedcore it is also called a ______ star.
  17. 17. The answer is ......
  18. 18. Diamond Star
  19. 19. In Sanskrit his name literally means sugar cane.Hewas the first King to implement the Manusmriti, or thereligious rules of Hindu living composed throughdivine inspiration and from the Vedas . According toMatsya Purana he is the son of Vaivasvata Manu,one of the two central characters along with the LordMatsya incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the. Bhagirathand Dashrath were his descendents.
  20. 20. The answer is ......
  21. 21. Ikshvaku
  22. 22. X is the most common Vietnamese family name. By someestimates, approximately 40 percent of Vietnamese have thissurname. The prevalence of X as a family name in Vietnamcan be felt in countries to which many Vietnamese haveimmigrated; X is the 7th most common family name inAustralia (second only to Smith in the Melbourne phonebooks), and the 54th most common in France. In the UnitedStates, it is the 57th most common family name according tothe 2000 Census, as well as the most common exclusivelyAsian surname, a massive leap from its 229th-place ranking in1990.It is ranked 124th in the U.S. Social Security Index.It isthe 62nd most common surname in Norway and it tops the listof foreign names in the Czech Republic.
  23. 23. The answer is ......
  24. 24. Ngugen
  25. 25. Y is a sphenic number. 50 can bepartitioned into powers of two in Y differentways. Y might be the largest n for whichthe value of the central binomial coefficient C is not divisible by an odd prime 2n nsquared. If there is a larger such number,it would have to be at least 157450 .Thenumber Y also features in the name of agalaxy and an asteroid.
  26. 26. The answer is ......
  27. 27. 786
  28. 28. The _______ is a scientific devicewhich uses X-rays to give an exactreading of the purity of gold. Due to itsexcellent precision, X-ray analysis hasbeen adopted by internationalagencies in India as part of thecertification process used to hallmarkgold. It is an accurate, non-destructivemeans of testing the purity of gold andother related elements.
  29. 29. The answer is …
  30. 30. Karatmeter
  31. 31. A Z is a coming-of-age kind of novel. It arose duringthe German Enlightenment, and in it, the authorpresents the psychological, moral and social shapingof the personality of a usually young main character(the protagonist). The term Z was coined by JohannCarl Simon Morgenstern and it means novel ofeducation in German.
  32. 32. The answer is …..
  33. 33. Bildungsroman
  34. 34. Richard G. ______ is a prominent former mathematicsteacher and the author of one of the most famous high-school advanced mathematics text books, AdvancedMathematics: Precalculus With Discrete Mathematicsand Data Analysis.He taught high school mathematics at Phillips ExeterAcademy from 1962 until his retirement in 1997. He hadbeen offered a job at the National Security Agency atone time, but declined due to his desire to not move hisfamily out of New Hampshire.He is currently a member of the COMAP ConsortiumCouncil, he is an active participant in professionalmathematics organizations and the author ofmathematics texts and journal articles. In 2004, he waschosen by President George H.W. Bush to receive the"Presidential Award for Excellence in Science andMathematics Teaching".His son though is very wellknown for a different reason altogether.
  35. 35. The answer is ….
  36. 36. Dan Brown
  37. 37. It is celebrated on the fourth day (chaturthi tithi)after the full moon in the month of kartik in theHindu calendar following the Autumnal Equinox.According to the religious scriptures like Dharmasindhu, Nirnay sindhu and other shastra thatgoverns rules of when to observe festival says,“X-Y to be observed at moonrise (chandrodayavyapini) and poorvaviddha, best if its tritiyaviddha. If visible during both days take the firstone, if not visible on both days then take thesecond one”.X means clay pot and Y means fourth night afterthe full moon. Give me the phrase X-Y
  38. 38. The answer is ......
  39. 39. Tympanum
  40. 40. These five put together form an integral part of the cuisine of which state/s• Fenugreek• Nigella seed• Mustard seed• Fennel seed• Cumin seed
  41. 41. The answer is …..
  42. 42. West Bengal (Panch Phoron)
  43. 43. The name Z in local Balti language means “aland with an abundance of roses” . Its the mainsource of water for Nubra River in Ladakh,which drains into the Shyok River. The Shyok inturn joins the Indus River.
  44. 44. The answer is …..
  45. 45. Siachen galcier
  46. 46. Who and where ???
  47. 47. The answer is …..
  48. 48. Ban Ki Moon and Svalbaard
  49. 49. Name of this molecule is derived from thelocal name of the island on which it was found
  50. 50. Rapamycin
  51. 51. A derasar is a temple for followers of Jainism .Dehrasar is a word used in Gujarat and parts ofRajasthan, in other parts of India, the term Jaintemple is used. The main part of derasar iscalled "Gambhara" (Garbha Graha) in whichthere is the stone carved God idol.A derasarwhich is 100 years old is called a X. A dehrasaris also called a X if it has a large facility for foodand night-stay A dehrasar generally holds thestatues of three of the Y: Parshwanath,Rishabdev and Mahavir. What are X and Y ?
  52. 52. The answer is …
  53. 53. Tirtha and Thirthankar
  54. 54. During the swadeshi movement, after Gandhiji gavea call to boycott foreign goods, a certain K. V.Ratnam, who was until then involved in makinglithographic blocks, met Gandhiji in 1921. Gandhijiadvised him to make something that would be usefulto the common man and that was inexpensive.Ratnam and his brother, basically goldsmiths, madea golden _____ and presented it to a sub-judge whoneeded it. Then in 1932, Nyapati Subba RaoPantulu, one of the founders of The Hindu, orderedthe first X. It was made of silver.
  55. 55. The answer is …
  56. 56. Ratnam pens
  57. 57. The word ______ (Latin for "I shall please") isname given to the rite of Vespers of the Office ofthe Dead (Psalm cxiv:9) in Bible. It was firstused in a medicinal context in the 18th century.In 1785 it was defined as a "commonplacemethod or medicine" and in 1811 it was definedas "any medicine adapted more to please than tobenefit the patient", sometimes with a derogativeimplication but not with the implication of noeffect.
  58. 58. The answer is …
  59. 59. Placebo
  60. 60. A ______ is a type of artillery piece that ischaracterized by a relatively short barrel and the useof comparatively small explosive charges to propelprojectiles at relatively high trajectories, with a steepangle of descent. ________ derives from the Germanword Haufen (heap) which as Gewalthaufendesignated a pike square formation.In the Battle ofGrunwald (1410), the Teutonic Knights used artillerywhich was intended to break up enemy formations. Inthe Hussite Wars of the 1420s and 1430s, the Czechsused short barreled "houfnice" cannons to fire at shortdistances into such crowds of Haufen infantry ("houf"came in use as the Czech word for crowd), or intocharging heavy cavalry, to make horses shy away.
  61. 61. The answer is ...
  62. 62. Howitzer
  63. 63. He was born on March 25th 1914 and went on todo his PhD in plant pathology and genetics fromthe University of Minnesota in 1942.He was oneof only six people to have won the Nobel PeacePrize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and theCongressional Gold Medal. He was also arecipient of the Padma Vibhushan, Indiashighest civilian honour for a foreign citizen.Hetook up an agricultural research position inMexico, where he developed semi-dwarf, high-yield, disease-resistant wheat varieties.
  64. 64. The answer is ….
  65. 65. Dr. Norman Borlaug (Green Revolution)
  66. 66. In political geography, an _____ is a territorywhose geographical boundaries lie entirely withinthe boundaries of another territory. The word______ crept into the jargon of diplomacy ratherlate in English, in 1868, coming from French, thelingua franca of diplomacy, with a senseinherited from late Latin word for “shut in, lockedup with a key”.
  67. 67. The answer is …..
  68. 68. Enclave
  69. 69. It is formed by deposition of layers of calciumcarbonate (CaCO3) in the form of the mineralaragonite or a mixture of aragonite and calcite(both crystalline forms of calcium carbonate) heldtogether by an organic horn-like compoundcalled conchiolin. The combination of aragoniteand conchiolin is called ______._____ iscomposed of hexagonal platelets of aragonite10-20 µm wide and 0.5 µm thick, arranged in acontinuous parallel lamina. These layers areseparated by sheets of organic matrix composedof elastic biopolymers (such as chitin, lustrin andsilk-like proteins)._____ appears iridescent because the thicknessof the aragonite platelets is close to thewavelength of visible light. This results inconstructive and destructive interference ofdifferent wavelengths of light, resulting indifferent colors of light being reflected at differentviewing angles.
  70. 70. The answer is ....
  71. 71. Nacre
  72. 72. This structure was built (ca. 629 A.D.)during thereign of Cheraman Perumal Bhaskara RaviVarma a king of the ancient Tamil-speakingChera Dynasty in the late eighth Century CE inthe present day district of Kasargode . It issupposedly the first of its kind in India. The story goes that once on a moon-lit nightthe king while walking on the rooftop of hispalace along with the queen saw the moonsuddenly splitting into two halves. Later he cameto know through the Arab traders that that aprophet called Muhammad had wrought amiracle on that fateful night and sundered themoon before a crowd of dazed spectators.Hence .....
  73. 73. The answer is ….
  74. 74. First mosque “built” in India
  75. 75. Though Gujarati and Marathi are the official andmain languages,Portuguese is also used. Inaddition to standard Portuguese, there are twoshrinking Portuguese-based creole languages inX (known as Língua da Casa, "HomeLanguage") and Y (Língua dos Velhos, "EldersLanguage").
  76. 76. The answer is .....
  77. 77. Daman and Diu
  78. 78. ______ is a method of food preparation in which thefood item is cut into long thin strips.With a sharp knife the raw vegetable is sliced tolength and trimmed on four sides to create a thickrectangular stick 6-7cm long, then cut lengthwiseinto thin (1-2mm) slices. Stacking these slices andagain cutting lengthwise into thin (1-2mm, equal tothe thickness) strips creates thin uniform squaresticks.______ can also be applied to thepreparation of meat or fish, especially in stir frytechniques.Once _______, turning the subject 90degrees and dicing finely (again 1-2mm, equal toother dimensions) will produce brunoise. InAmerican culture, a popular phrase for saying that agadget can do many things is, "It slices! It dices! Itmakes _______ fries!"
  79. 79. The answer is .....
  80. 80. Julienne
  81. 81. _______ magazine has a history of sponsoringauto racing. The magazine previously sponsoredcars in the Formula One circuit from the late1970s to the early 1980s. Teams includedHesketh Racing and RAM.Currently it sponsors the 1X car of driver RandyHannagan in the World of Outlaws sprint carseries. Much controversy from fans hassurrounded the sponsorship with many claimingto outright boycott any event Hannagan isentered in. The sports sanction body, DIRTMotorsport however will not prevent _______from their sponsorship role. There is a section of________ official site that can only be accessedthrough a link on Hannagans website and whenaccessed offers a special discount for a one yearsubscription to the publication.
  82. 82. The answer is .....
  83. 83. Penthouse
  84. 84. ________(Foeniculum vulgare), is a plant speciesin the genus Foeniculum (treated as the solespecies in the genus by most botanists). It is ahighly aromatic and flavorful herb with culinary andmedicinal uses, and is one of the primaryingredients of absinthe. t is generally consideredindigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean, buthas become widely naturalised elsewhere. In Ancient Greek, ______ was called marathon,and is attested in Linear B tablets as ma-ra-tu-wo.John Chadwick notes that this word is the origin ofthe place name Marathon (meaning "place of____"), site of the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. InGreek mythology, Prometheus used the stalk of a______ plant to steal fire from the gods. Also, itwas from the giant ______, Ferula communis, thatthe Bacchanalian wands of the god Dionysus andhis followers were said to have come.
  85. 85. The answer is .....
  86. 86. Fennel
  87. 87. Leonor Michaelis (January 16, 1875 – October 8,1949) was a German biochemist and physicianfamous for his work with Maud Menten inenzyme kinetics and Michaelis-Mentenkinetics.Besides his role in the formulation of theMichaelis-Menten equation (1913) he discoveredJanus green as a supravital stain formitochondria and the Michaelis-Gutmann body inurinary tract infections (1902) and found thatthioglycolic acid could dissolve keratin, makinghim the father of the ________(a beauty parlortechnique).
  88. 88. The answer is .....
  89. 89. Perm(Permanent wave)
  90. 90. Y is a Hindu folk goddess of snakes, worshippedmainly in Bengal and other parts of northeasternIndia, chiefly for the prevention and cure ofsnakebite and also for fertility and prosperity.She is the sister of Vasuki, king of Nāgas(snakes) and wife of sage Jagatkāru(Jaratkāru)Originally an Adivasi (tribal) goddess,she was accepted in the pantheon worshippedby Hindu lower caste groups. Later, she wasincluded in higher caste Hindu pantheon, whereshe is now regarded as a Hindu goddess ratherthan a tribal one. As a Hindu goddess, she wasrecognized as a daughter of sage Kashyapa andKadru, the mother of all Nāgas. By the 14thcentury, she was identified as the goddess offertility and marriage rites and was assimilatedinto the Shaiva pantheon, related to the god,Shiva. Myths glorified her by describing that shesaved Shiva after he drank the poison, andvenerated her as the "remover of poison"
  91. 91. The answer is ....
  92. 92. Manasa
  93. 93. The ________ (laurus nobilis) is indigenous to AsiaMinor, from where it spread to the Mediterraneanand then to other countries with similar climates.According to legend the Delphi oracle chewed_______ leaves, or sniffed the smoke of burningleaves to promote her visionary trances. _______, orlaurel, was famed in ancient Greece and Rome.Emperors, heroes and poets wore wreaths of laurelleaves. The Greek word for laurel is dhafni, namedfor the myth of the nymph Daphne, who waschanged into a laurel tree by Gaea, who transformedher to help her escape Apollo’s attempted rape.Apollo made the tree sacred and thus it became asymbol of honour. The association with honour andglory continue today; we have poet laureates (Apollowas the God of poets), and bacca-laureate means“laurel berries” which signifies the completion of abachelor degree. Doctors were also crowned withlaurel, which was considered a cure-all. Triumphantathletes of ancient Greece were awarded laurelgarlands and was given to winners at Olympicgames since 776 BC.
  94. 94. The answer is ......
  95. 95. Bay tree (Tej patta)
  96. 96. Pantua is a local confection of eastern India(especially W.B.) and Bangladesh. It is atraditional Indian sweet made of deep-fried ballsof semolina, chhana, milk, ghee and sugar syrup.Pantuas range in colour from pale brown tonearly black depending on how long they arefried. The name ______ is a rendition of "LadyCanning" and was supposedly first used byconfectioner Bhim Nag when he renamed hispantuas specially prepared on the occasion ofthe birthday of Countess Charlotte Canning, wifeof Governor-General Charles Canning.
  97. 97. The answer is ......
  98. 98. Ledikeni
  99. 99. Name the lyricist of the first stanza (Dil dhoondta hai ..)
  100. 100. A Z is a musical ensemble from Indonesia,typically from the islands of Bali or Java,featuring a variety of instruments such asmetallophones, xylophones, drums and gongs;bamboo flutes, bowed and plucked strings.Vocalists may also be included.The term refers more to the set of instrumentsthan to the players of those instruments. A Z is aset of instruments as a distinct entity, built andtuned to stay together — instruments fromdifferent Z are generally not interchangeable.The word Z comes from the Javanese word for“to strike or hammer”, and the suffix "an", whichmakes the root a collective noun.
  101. 101. A ______, is an herb or preparation that eitherprevents formation of gas in the gastrointestinaltract, or facilitates the expulsion of said gas,thereby combating flatulence.
  102. 102. The answer is ....
  103. 103. Carminative
  104. 104. Prior to the 1980s, only the aggrieved party couldapproach the courts for justice. However, post1980s and after the emergency era, the apexcourt decided to reach out to the people andhence it devised an innovative way wherein aperson or a civil society group could approachthe supreme court seeking legal remedies incases where public interest is at stake. Justice P.N. Bhagwati and Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer wereamong the first judges to admit _______ in thecourt.Filing a _______ is not as cumbersome asany other legal case and there have beeninstances when even letters and telegramsaddressed to the court have been taken up as_______ and heard by the court. The courttakes cognisance of the matter and proceedssuo motu or cases can commence on thepetition of any public-spirited individual.
  105. 105. The answer is .....
  106. 106. Public Interest litigation(PIL)
  107. 107. Her name is either derived from partialtranslation of German word Aschenbrödel, ( fromasche "ash" + brodeln "bubble up, to brew.") orfrom the French word Cendrillon ( cendremeaning ashes).(Hint : Fictional Character)
  108. 108. The answer is ....
  109. 109. Cinderella
  110. 110. X is not very well known in India, although it wasa demonstration sport at the Delhi Asiad in 1982.The X Federation with its headquarters inNagpur, Maharashtra, was founded on 10September 1982. It is recognised by the IndianOlympic Association and Ministry of Youth Affairsand Sports since 2000. So far, the Federationhas conducted 14 Senior, seven Junior and sixSub-Junior National Championship in differentcities and is also conducting Federation CupTournament and zonal National Championship.The game is very popular in the north easternstate of Manipur and some of the best playershail from there. In the 22nd King’s CupInternational X Tournament held at Bangkok, theIndia men team lost in the semifinals andclaimed bronze in the team event. In doublesevent, the women team lost in the semifinals, but
  111. 111. The answer is .....
  112. 112. Sepak Takraw
  113. 113. X is a web service that provides short aliases forredirection of long URLs. Kevin Gilbertson, a webdeveloper, launched the service in January 2002so that he would be able to link directly tonewsgroup postings which frequently had longand cumbersome addresses . The X homepageincludes a form thats used to submit a long URLfor shortening. For each URL entered, the serveradds a new alias in its hashed database andreturns a short URL in the following page. If theURL has already been requested, X will returnthe existing alias rather than create a duplicateentry
  114. 114. The answer is ….
  115. 115. TinyURL
  116. 116. Y is the one of the most sensuous dance forms ofRajasthan, performed by the Y tribe. The mainoccupation of the community is catching snakesand trading snake venom. Hence the dancemovements and the costumes bear resemblance tothat of the serpents. They are also known asSapera or Jogira. Male participants take care of themusical part of the dance. The use the differentinstruments (Pungi, Dufli, "Been", "Khanjari","Morchang", "khuralio" and "Dholak") to create therhythm on which the dancers perform. The Xdancers (mainly females) wear long black skirtsembroidered with silver ribbons.
  117. 117. The answer is …
  118. 118. Kalbelia
  119. 119. X (1861-1913) was the first author of mystery novelsin Hindi. He wrote _______, _______ Santati, Kajarki Kothari, Narendra-Mohini, Kusum Kumari, VirendraVeer, Gupt Godna, Katora Bhar Khoon andBhootnath. Bhootnath was incomplete andcompleted by his son , who also wrote the concludingvolumes of Bhootnath saga as Rohtasmath. Fill inthe blanks. Both are same .
  120. 120. The answer is ….
  121. 121. Chandrakanta
  122. 122. A voussoir is a wedge-shaped element, typicallya stone, used in building an arch.Although each unit of stone in an arch or vault isknown as a voussoir, there are two specifiedvoussoir components of an arch: the keystoneand the Y. The Y is the lowermost voussoir,located where the curve of the arch springs fromthe vertical support or abuttment of the wall orpier
  123. 123. The answer is ….
  124. 124. Springer
  125. 125. X is a city and a municipal board in Saharanpur districtin the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is located in theupper Doab region of Uttar Pradesh. X used to besurrounded by dense forests, and was believed to bethe abode of the Goddess Durga, according to onetradition this is where the town got its name, from DeviVan, or the Forest of the Goddess.The Darul Uloom X is an Islamic school propagatingSunni Islam in the Indian Subcontinent and is wherethe X Islamic movement was started. It was founded in1866 by several prominent Islamic scholars (ulema),headed by Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanautawi.The other prominent founding scholars were MaulanaRashid Ahmad Gangohi and Haji Syed Abid Hussain.The institution is highly respected in India and otherparts of the World.
  126. 126. The answer is ….
  127. 127. Deoband
  128. 128. This painting, formerly in the collection of ThePlayboy Mansion, recalls a previous depiction ofhis sister Ana María by the painter himself inFigure at a Window (1925), and has thereforebeen read by some critics as a nasty jab at hissister, punishing her for publishing a biographyon him that presented a quite negative point ofview, though in fact the figure is based on aphotograph from a 1930s sex magazine. In 1958,______ wrote, “Paradoxically, this painting, whichhas an erotic appearance, is the most chaste ofall”. The painter or the painting ……
  129. 129. The answer is ….
  130. 130. Dali and Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity
  131. 131. The Zs dilemma, is an analogy about thechallenges of human intimacy. It describes asituation in which a group of Z all seek to becomeclose to one another in order to share their heatduring cold weather. However, onceaccomplished, they cannot avoid hurting oneanother with their sharp ______. They must stepaway from one another. Though they all share theintention of a close reciprocal relationship, thismay not occur for reasons which they cannotavoid.Both Schopenhauer and Freud have used thissituation to describe what they feel is the state anindividual will find themselves in relation to others.The hedgehogs dilemma suggests that despitegoodwill, human intimacy cannot occur withoutsubstantial mutual harm, and what results iscautious behavior and weak relationships.
  132. 132. The answer is ….
  133. 133. Hedgehog’s dilemma
  134. 134. Of all the new town schemes in independent India, the Xproject quickly assumed prime significance, because of the citys strategic location as well as the personal interest of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. Commissioned by Nehru to reflect the new nations modern, progressive outlook, Nehru famously proclaimed X to be "unfettered by the traditions of the past, a symbol of the nations faith in the future." Several buildings and layouts in X were designed by the French (born Swiss) architect and urban planner, ______, in the 1950s. _______ was in fact the second architect of the city, after the initial master plan was prepared by the American architect-planner Albert Mayer who was working with the Poland-born architect Matthew Nowicki. It was only after Nowickis untimely death in 1950 that _______was pulled into the project.
  135. 135. The answer is ….
  136. 136. Chandigarh
  137. 137. Y is a system of attributing a distinct syllable toeach note in a musical scale. Various forms ofY are in use and have been used.In Europe and North America, solfège is theconvention used most often. The sevensyllables normally used for this practice inEnglish-speaking countries are: do, re, mi, fa,sol, la, and ti. In India, the origin of Y was to befound in Vedic texts like the Upanishads, whichdiscuss a musical system of seven notes,realized ultimately in what is known as sargam.In Indian classical music, the notes in order are:sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, and ni.
  138. 138. The answer is ….
  139. 139. Solmization
  140. 140. X is a mixed gender team ball game, similar to mixed netball and basketball. It is played in 57 countries. The sport is very popular amongstothers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Taiwan. A team consists of four men and four women. X isplayed indoors or outdoors on a court divided intohalves called zones. In each zone is a post (3.5m (11.5 ft), shorter for children) with a basket at the top. This is positioned two thirds of the distancebetween the center line and the back of the zone.The ball is similar in size as those used in football (soccer) but with more grip and bounce. Players score by throwing the ball through the other teams basket. After two goals the teams changezones: defenders become attackers and attackers become defenders. At half-time teams swap halves.
  141. 141. The answer is …..
  142. 142. Korfball
  143. 143. Connect the lifebuoy ad“ Tandurusti Raksha karta hai Lifebuoy, Lifebuoy hai jahan Tandurusti hai wahan” with the following song .
  144. 144. Sun o haseena
  145. 145. The answer is …..
  146. 146. Jolly mukherjee