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Welcome back keywords meta tag for news websites
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Welcome back keywords meta tag for news websites


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On 19-Sept-2012, Google has announced the brand new Meta tag called the “news_keyword”.

On 19-Sept-2012, Google has announced the brand new Meta tag called the “news_keyword”.

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  • 1. W ELCOME BACK KEYWORDS META TAG FOR NEWS WEBSITES On 19-Sept-2012, Google has announced the brand new Meta tag called the “news_keyword”. The purpose behind news_keywords meta tag is to “empower news writers to express their stories freely while helping GoogleNews to properly understand and classify that content so that it’s discoverable by our wideaudience of users” according to Rudy Galfi, Google News Product Manager. The GoogleNews blog states that it will be an additional way for Google Crawlers to categorize anarticle for Search Engine and Google News.NEWS_KEYWORDS METATAG CODE LOOKS LIKE:<meta name =”news_keywords” content =”google, google news, google seo,google search engine optimization”><meta name=”news_keywords” content=”World Cup, Brazil 2014, Spain vsNetherlands” >News keywords or each phrase must be separated by commas and you can add up to tenphrases for a given article. Here all keywords empower same value. For instance, it’snothing like first keyword are given more value all keywords are given equal value. TheGoogle blog explains the development "Similar in spirit to the plain keywords metatag, thenews_keywords metatag lets publishers specify a collection of terms that apply to a newsarticle. These words dont need to appear anywhere within the headline or body text. "QUICK FEW TIPS TO IMPLEMENT NEWS_KEYWORDS META TAG:  Commas are used to separate keywords and this is the only punctuation allowed in this field.  All keyword empower same value.  Keywords can be used to clarify between like terms. This is possibly the most useful feature of the new tag; publishers can notify Google when an article is not relevant to a similar topic.  Each article you can add up to ten phrases.For more information on the news_keyword tag, see Google’s Help article on the topic. September 24, 2012Meta Tag For News Websites, Google News Meta Keyword Tag, Google News (publishers),Google News Meta Tags SEO Blog for Internet Marketing Resources & News by Alok Raghuwanshi