Internships 101


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Not sure where to start with your internship search?
Do you feel like you're at a standstill and unsure about the next steps in your search?
Then join Career Services in this informational workshop and learn about:

The importance of internships
▪ Eligibility requirements
▪ Process for getting registered with Career Services
▪ Importance of resume and interview preparation
▪ Searching for an internship

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Internships 101

  1. 1. Internships 101 Presented by:
  2. 2. Purpose of the Session • • • • • • • Define and explain the importance of internships Eligibility requirements Process for getting registered with internship program Importance of resume and interview preparation Searching for an internship Academic credit & transcript notation options Questions?
  3. 3. What is an Internship? Definition: • Internships provide the opportunity for students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to practical work experiences related to their academic and/or career goals. The primary focus of internships is EDUCATIONAL in nature.
  4. 4. Reasons for Internships • For Students – – – – – For Credit/Required Explore/Clarify/Confirm Career Goals Gain Experience/Build Resume Share your knowledge/talents Build professional network • For Employers – – – – – Train college students Need assistance with projects Need current knowledge/trends Need your enthusiasm and creativity Method for selecting permanent hires
  5. 5. What will your resume look like?
  6. 6. Questions What type of career do you want? What type of organization? What skills have you developed? Where would you like to work? Do you have relationships with professionals in your field? • Are you a member of any professional organizations? • • • • •
  7. 7. What is a Quality Internship Assignment? • Related to your major and level in school • Is located in a commercial office space, not a home office and not a virtual/remote working environment • Provides ongoing supervision, guidance, and feedback • Incorporates an intentional "learning agenda" • Requires only the "usual amount" of "grunt work" or repetitive tasks similar to a professional in the field • Offers meaningful opportunities to build/improve skills
  8. 8. Preparation for an Internship Search Research • Learn about industry specific companies of interest, types of jobs available, requirements. Resume • It must be PROOFED and CRITIQUED! This is your first impression to the employer. • Attend a resume seminar and visit a RESUME EDITOR. Interviewing Skills • Know how to sell yourself in an interview. • Attend an interview seminar and participate in a MOCK INTERVIEW.
  9. 9. How do you find an internship? • Hilltop Careers – Jobs and Internships; Jobs with Interview Schedules o Note: Hilltop Careers is NOT the only way to find a position! Students who utilize multiple methods will be more successful in their search. • Stay in touch with Career Services • Networking – talk to friends, family, faculty, etc. • Internet Research (,,, etc) • Informational Interviews • Career Expos and Forums
  10. 10. Internship Eligibility • Currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program with a declared major. • Have completed at least one semester at SEU • Good academic standing o Undergrads - at least 2.0 overall GPA o Grads - at least 3.0 overall GPA • Meet any additional requirements or conditions required by your academic department or school. • These requirements can be found on the individual handouts of your department located in the Resource Library of your Hilltop Careers account.
  11. 11. Academic Credit • Involves class registration and assignments, occasionally class meetings, and end-of-semester evaluation forms o Must meet course registration deadlines o Most courses have both full-semester and 2nd 8-week options • Options vary from major to major • May be upper-level or general elective credit • Note: When registering for academic credit, you pay tuition and fees as you would for any other class. You are responsible for reading your syllabus and completing assignments.
  12. 12. First Impressions • • • • • • • • • Arrive alert Dress professionally Practice punctuality LISTEN and OBSERVE Display a POSTIVE attitude Manage anger and frustrations Understand your role as intern Avoid office “drama” Remember you represent St. Edward’s
  13. 13. Your Work • • • • • • • Complete every task well Complete every task on time Follow directions Offer help often Offer to take on additional projects Ask Questions Establish clear communication with supervisor – Learning Agreement, Evaluations
  14. 14. Build Your Network • Begin building your professional network – Supervisors, co-workers, fellow interns • Develop professional relationships • Source of future internships and jobs • Source of recommendations • Can aid/hinder your professional development – Take advantage of social invitations*** • Lunch with supervisor and co-workers • Professional association meetings • Special dinners, receptions & company gatherings • Happy Hours**** • Use caution – Not a time to PARTY! – Keep conversation PG – Stay in touch! • Linked In, Facebook
  15. 15. Conclusion of Internship • Thank supervisor, co-workers • Reflect on experience – – – – What did you learn? What did you like? Dislike? What skills did you develop or improve? What skills do you still lack? • Update your resume with your new skills • Practice speaking about your internship • Start searching for the next opportunity
  16. 16. Dealing with Problems at your Internship Site • Types of problems: sexual harassment; lack of training, direction, or supervision; ethical dilemmas; duties do not match job description/expectations; etc. • TELL SOMEONE! o If possible, discuss concerns with your immediate supervisor or someone else at the organization. o Talk to your Internship Coordinator here at SEU. • Remember, we want you to be successful and are here to help.
  17. 17. Don’t Forget! • Update your Hilltop Careers account every semester – or anytime your information changes. • Keeping your information up-to-date will impact what positions you can view and/or which employers view your resume. • REPORT YOUR INTERNSHIP when you accept a position! • We are responsible for tracking this information and count on you to follow up.
  18. 18. Questions? Araceli “Sally” Perez-Ramos, Internship Coordinator Moody Hall 134 – 448.8530