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Accenture company details
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Accenture company details


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  • 1. ABOUT ACCENTURE  Accenture plc is a multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.  It is the world's largest consulting firm as measured by revenues and is a constituent of the Fortune Global 500 list  Accenture has more employees in India than any other country, with approximately 80,000 employees  Accenture common equity is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a member of the S&P 500 index
  • 3. JOB DESCRIPTION Job Description is a list of roles and responsibilities of a position. It also includes of the following important things:-  Designation  Location  Roles and Responsibilities  Core Competencies  Experience and Education  Salary
  • 4. EVALUATION OF JOB DESCRIPTION  DESIGNATION:- Designation is a formal position assigned to a prospect for a job. Flashy designations attract certain prospect for the title.  LOCATION :- Location is the major determinant which have the influence on the emotional aspect of the candidate. It sometimes act as a hindrance in the mobility of certain candidate
  • 5.  JOB ANALYSIS:- It constitutes of the duties and responsibilities required to do a particular job and the requisite skills to do the same  Job Analysis = Job Description+ Job Specification  ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:- Roles and Responsibility includes of functions that are essential for meeting the objectives of the job. This includes of technical roles, supervisory roles, executive role.
  • 6. JOB SPECIFICATIONS:-  These are the necessary skills, experiences, knowledge and capability required to do a particular job  It elucidates the required communication skills, written and verbal skills , language required, interpersonal skills etc so that prospect can work with diverse workforce  Different level of education and experience is required to do different job with different profiles
  • 7.  TIME:-  Time is the duration of work and shift required to do the particular job  In Accenture BPO these shifts are followed:-  U.S shift(10pm:6am)  European shift(6am:3pm)  Graveyard shift(7pm:3am)  Candidate choose the shift in which he/she is most suitable
  • 8. SALARY:-  Attaching a monetary aspect to a job position is very important and it should be clearly mentioned as people might compromise on profile and location for the hike of the same  Salary also constitutes of other benefits, perks and variable component given to the employee
  • 9. JOB DESCRIPTION OF SENIOR MANAGER ANALYTICS POSITION: Senior Manager Analyst LOCATION: Bangalore Roles and Responsibility:-  Create, manage, and utilize high performance relational databases (SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g)  Query and mine large data sets to discover transaction patterns, examine financial data and filter for targeted information  Lead the design and development of user-defined application modules  Define resource requirements, project workflow, budgets, and handle billing and collection processes
  • 10.  Network and negotiate to identify and sell potential new services or expand existing engagements SKILLS REQUIRED:  Established practice and market eminence in a key industry, service area or client base  Demonstrated technical excellence, ability to lead and manage significant client engagements  Strong ability to properly delegate work load
  • 11.  Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint  Must be absolutely flexible with the 50-75% travel requirements of client service projects  Must be absolutely flexible with the 50-75% travel requirements of client service project  Professional demeanor and strong communication skills, both written and oral QUALIFICATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIRED:-  Bachelor degree  8+ years of hands-on technical experience mining and analyzing transactional electronic data
  • 12. PREFERRED SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:-  A dual major/minor combination including Computer Science or Management Information Systems and Business (e.g., Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Management, Statistics)  Strong working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server is required  Management Information Systems  Electrical or other related Engineering disciplines SALARY:- Rs. 672,000 - 933,000lpa + perks
  • 14. ACCENTURE EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP General Counsel – Chief Compliance Officer Senior Managing Director Chief Marketing and Communication Officer Chief Executive - Communication, Media Group C hief Executive Senior VP Finance Chief Leadership Officer Chief Strategy Officer Group Executive- Technology Chief Executive - BPO Chief Executive- Financial Services Chief Executive - Products Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Chief Human Resource Officer Management Consulting Chief Executive – Health and Public CEOExecutive Chairman Executive Director
  • 16. NEWS ANALYSIS  Accenture Awarded Contract to Help Belk Deliver a Seamless Multichannel Customer Experience  Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has been selected by Belk, the largest family-owned and -operated department store company in the United States  Under the agreement, Accenture will help Belk ensure that products in both stores and warehouses appear available whether the customer is shopping online or in-store, reducing the possibility that a sale is missed because the product appears to be out of stock in a specific location.
  • 17. CONTINUED… Washington Metro Awards Accenture Major Contract for New Electronic Fare Payment System to Improve Customer Experience  Metro announced that the Authority will begin testing a new electronic payment program after awarding Accenture (NYSE: ACN) the contract to replace the existing fare collection systems for Metrorail, Metro-operated parking facilities, Metrobus and MetroAccess services.  The new system will be designed to provide a state of the art system for Metro customers that enables them to continue to use SmarTrip cards, while expanding fare payment to chip-enabled credit cards, federal government ID cards, and mobile phones using near field communications (NFC).
  • 18. Women at Accenture Grow to Number More than 100,000  The number of women at Accenture continues to grow. The company announced today that a total of more than 100,000 women – 36 percent of its global workforce of approximately 281,000 people – now work across its offices and operations.
  • 19. CONTINUED… The company supports the career development and progression of its women through a number of programs and initiatives, including:  Defining success. Your way. – a global women’s theme that encourages all Accenture women to create their own path to success  International Women’s Day – an annual celebration in more than 200 locations of the U.N.-designated day which, this year, will focus on Knowing and Growing Your Career Capital  Customized training – part of the company’s US$870 million annual investment in training, which offers courses such as Developing High Performing Women and Maximizing Performance: Women in Leadership
  • 20. START - UPS  Accenture announced key appointments, 2 new services  Accenture announced two new services — digital and strategy and key appointments to enhance its position in growth markets like Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America.  Accenture Digital will bring together the company’s digital services into a new, integrated end-to-end digital capability  Accenture Strategy will help clients address issues at the intersection of business, technology and operations
  • 21. REVENUE TREND $7.48B $ 7.72B $7.6B $7.48B $7.36B $7.24B $7.12B $7B Q3-11 Q4 – 11 Q1-12 Q3 – 12 Q4-12 Q1-13 Q3-13 Q4-13
  • 22. HIRING STRATEGY OF ACCENTURE  Accenture support all types of hiring, including professional, hourly, executive, campus/graduate and contingent labor  A partnership with Accenture brings the following value:  Reduced total cost of recruitment.  Access to a global footprint of delivery capabilities.  Integration with comprehensive talent management capabilities, including learning, workforce performance and compensation.
  • 25. METHODS USE TO SOURCE PEOPLE  Job portals  Referrals  Advertisements  Walk in  Social media  Word of mouth  Recruitment agencies  Employment exchange  Online recruitment  Head Hunting
  • 26. HOW TO GIVE OUR 100%  We must always have a hunger to learn  Goals should be defined and proper methodology should be adopted before starting a new work Time management We must always have a go getter attitude  Should accept failures and take it as challenges Should be determined
  • 27. REASONS PEOPLE CHANGE JOB  Increasing the knowledge base  Hike in salary  Looking for better working environment  Hostile relations with the co-workers  To fulfill their desired passion  To find new scope of growth  There is no clear goals and objectives  Work is not appreciated and awarded  Suggestions are not encouraged  Grievances are not properly addressed
  • 28. WAYS TO MAKE JOB INTERESTING  Enhance the role by taking more challenging projects  Set goals  Changing work routine  Create a balance between personal and professional life  Always make a friendly work environment  Encourage new activities that instills freshness and removes boredom