Mr. Alexander Tho Seeth - Facebook Visibility Through Engagement


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Mr. Alexander Tho Seeth - Facebook Visibility Through Engagement

  1. 1. Facebook visibility through engagement!Are you acquiring „likes“ for you fan pages and youthink these fans see what you are posting? Kuwait May 2012 Alexander tho Seeth © 2012 by FACELIFT brand building technologies GmbH
  2. 2. Facebook dominates … Size: More than 900 million accounts globally Usage: 25% US citizens are checking FB after waking up Interconnection: Massively growing numbers of individual „friends“ and „likes“
  3. 3. … and keeps growingSizeNew growth markets (MENA, Turkey, Brazil) Value Exploding advertising revenues and IPO Complexity: Uncountable private & commercial social interactions
  4. 4. The permanent Facebook challenge system content growth $ = MONETIZATION ∞ individual content relevance = USER RETENTION & FREQUENCY
  5. 5. Have you been facing this?• Your best friend seems to be lost! He has apparently not posted or shared anything with you for months!• Your wife or husband is posting every day but you never see their post?• You „liked“ a Brand or Singer and postings appear on your wall only few times?When ever did you interact with them?
  6. 6. Facebook is filtering relevant content Information limited time & overflow changing interests
  7. 7. Analyses object centric user behaviour Any new piece of content on Facebook (pictures/status/video, comment) is an OBJECT.Every interaction with this OBJECT (likes,comments on the object , and even itsinitial creation) is called an EDGE. {Σ u w d } e e e The EDGERANK of an OBJECT is the sum of the scores of all its EDGES.
  8. 8. Calculation and Impact• The Edge Rank … – … is analysed object related, not Fan page related – … is calculated and processed in real time – … is dynamically reprocessed – … is showing different results for individuals• Determines if the post is displayed or not! – typically posts are only visible for 17% of Fans due to poor interaction with content
  9. 9. Dimensions of the edge score Time Affinity Weight EDGE SCORE of an OBJECT Decides if an object is visible on the Fans Timeline
  10. 10. Edge Rank - Determining factors• Affinity Score - If you frequently interact with a particular person/page or their content, their updates will have a high affinity score for you – resulting in higher chance of being displayed – Dimension that personalizes the Content selection – Unidirectional impact - if you always like a person’s or Brand’s updates, this will not make them more likely to see yours.
  11. 11. Edge Rank - Determining factors• Weight Score - Certain types of content are given priority by Facebook. e.g. Video weight > photo weight > link weight – No clear official announcements available – Weight is applicable for interaction with objects as well, with comments and shares given higher weight than likes.
  12. 12. Edge Rank - Determining factors• Time Decay Factor – The third factor is time, as it passes the edge loses priority. – Information looses value by aging! – How much are you willing to pay for the newspaper from yesterday?
  13. 13. Edge Rank – measures engagement• „Like“ is only the first step• Content interaction only gains visibility for BrandsEngagement is thekey to successful FBcommunication
  14. 14. Thank you!FACELIFT brand building technologies GmbHStraßenbahnring 1320251 HamburgGermanyOffice Middle East and North Africa+961 71• 100% Facebook.