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    1. 1. Danielle Fussey 2357 33453 Aquinas College AS Media Studies OCR G321: Foundation Portfolio Brief from OCR syllabus
    2. 2. Q1 Who would be the audience for your media product?
    3. 3. Influenced by Female 16+ British Female Who like to spend money on I aimed my Magazine at… Who enjoy Live in Manchester Who shop at Who listens to artists such as
    4. 4. I think that my magazine would be similar to ‘Top of the Pops’ or ‘Billboard’ as the audience that buys these magazines have a similar audience as my product. As the consistent house style of feminine colours is a skill that I used in my magazine to clearly imply that the Pop magazine is for females. However, my magazine is slightly more mainstream as I have included fashion features along with the main music features. Although you do see fashion features in Pop magazine, you only see a small section. Fashion features are usually focused in magazines such as ‘ELLE’ as this is a specific magazine, therefore to grab my audience’s attention, I have shown clear advertisement that this magazine features fashion. From my personal view, I feel that young people today, are following other people's views and taste on fashion and music in the ‘Indie’ style and ignoring the Pop genre of music just to please others not themselves. Although I don’t feel that there is a gap in the market, I do feel there is a strong focus on ‘Indie and Folk’ music presented for young people (16+) which is my age audience. This would be my unique selling point as I would try to make the magazine as well known as possible so the trend can be followed for a pop magazine as well as an ‘Indie magazine’.
    5. 5. Sub- Genres and hybrid publications Based on my audience research, I have found that there isn’t necessarily a gap in the market for a niche magazine. As my magazine is based as a mainstream magazine, I have adapted to the forms and conventions to a real life media magazine and developed them and put them in my magazine such as pull quotes, banners and main features. Although there is a gap in mainly British females targeted at mainstream magazines and not niche magazines that provide fashion and music, therefore in my magazine I will provide as much music and fashion related features as possible to grab the middle class audience’s attention to create relation to the magazine. I think that creating more hybrid magazines especially in Pop magazines is important as it allows the magazine to stand out and become well known for its uniqueness in presenting different concepts of fashion not just one style for a certain group of people.
    6. 6. In this ‘Top of the Pops’ Magazine, this issue provides a consist house style of feminine colours to imply the female target audience . In my magazine, I have targeted the same audience as my magazine is a similar pop music genre magazine. However, instead of sticking to a particular tone of colours, I used more variety to make my front cover stand out show off its uniqueness against other usual female pop magazines, but I have made sure there is a clear connection shown that my magazine is aimed for females by using a purple colour for the main title. By including features of fashion in my magazine creating a hybrid – genre, making the same features and highlights appeal to the ideal music and fashion lovers targeted to my pop magazine . However, Top of the Pops’ age audience is 11-15, only allowing a small age range to read the magazine, implying that there is only basic features suitable for that age group making the promotion restricted. This connects to the basic feminine colour such as pink, as it links to the young age group who enjoy looking at bright female colours as the audience is just young girls.
    7. 7. The primary audience for my product would be mostly females as my magazine is of a hybrid genre which includes fashion. This will be combined with features of pop music and fashion aimed for females 16+. It is optional for males to read this magazine but as provided features are mainly aimed at women therefore males would be classed as a secondary audience as the fashion is featured for women, but the music may interest some males. I have decided to limit my age concept to 16+ as there is some features that only appeal to readers 16 and above such as festivals as you have to be over 16 to attend them therefore it wouldn't be fare advertising something to an age that is restricted to the event. I think my primary audience, 16+ (young adults) is a suitable range as they are most likely to refer and enjoy the music and features provided in my magazine. Also as this genre of music is so popular, I think that this range of audience makes the music become popular as part of the specific music culture.
    8. 8. My secondary audience would be people who not necessarily by my magazine, but would read it when family members had purchased it. As my audience is for 16+ readers under this age may scan the magazine and look at the pictures, not actually read the magazine for the hybrid purpose. Also, older readers such as older adults, may be interested in this genre of music as it such a popular genre as this music is usually played on popular radio stations, therefore they may read this magazine in recognition to the popular celebrities and artists featured in this magazine. I would aim my magazine at a demographic who are very interested in popular chart music that is common to the British entertainment. Also, as my magazine in a hybrid- genre, including fashion as well as music. I would also aim my product at people who enjoy fashion and updates on fashion that connect with the genre of music such as celebrities who promote fashion, and readers who aspire to be like these people.
    9. 9. The demographic for my product would be young adults who desire to be like a well known artist/celebrity. These mainstream people who would shop in places such as:
    10. 10. An example of a similar product to my produce that is currently on the market as a popular pop magazine is ‘Billboard’. However, this magazine is an American product therefore doesn't have as many selling copies circulating in the UK as I would want with mine as mine is aimed for people who live in the UK.
    11. 11. Within my research, I have noticed that artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Jessie J are most popular to be the main feature of British pop magazines. These popular artists are also popular for fashion icons and setting trends such as Rhianna holding her own clothing range in River Island. This a reason why I decided to create a hybrid – genre mixing fashion and music together as they relate perfect with the artists and their popular fashion trend. I thought this would work well to create as they are two popular topics that are well known in the pop genre music and fashion. Also, as these two popular topics combine nicely, it allows the same target audience to read my magazine as to a normal pop genre magazine and would enjoy and find interest in my product.
    12. 12. • • The ideal reader for my product is likely to be someone who likes to keep up with updates and highlights within pop music and celebrity fashion. Mainly, someone who aspires to well known artists such as, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Jessie j and Ellie Goulding. These are well known people who model themselves on these celebrities by copying their hairstyles fashion and styles to make themselves feel and look like the certain celebrity model. Also, my ideal reader for my magazine would be someone who keeps up to date with celebrity interviews and fashion updates for seasons such as ‘latest fashion for the summer’ along with their particular music taste and like to get involved through social network such as Facebook and Twitter as there will be a connections provided through Twitter and Facebook pages where the reader can get involved with their own opinions and own images. As the music charts are constantly changing, it is important that they enjoy keeping up with the new updates as the weekly issues will consists of these updates.
    13. 13. Q2 : The use of conventions and features within my magazine, creates a code that within my audience of my publication would understand. For example, advertising an interview with someone popular to the audience, but by using a pull quote that is related to the main feature, but the audience would recognise. My star represents my ideal reader through the idea natural beauty as the main image that is taken at a close up shot in a straight direction enhancing on the girl’s ‘barely any makeup’ face. This is a use of traditional conventions of a pop magazine for female stars. Therefore my target audience would aspire to be like her. From research, Topshop is one the most popular high street store for people of my target audience such as 16 and above to shop at. This is an example of a feature that relates to my audience the as discount of the popular shop on really provides for that certain age group and also to females as it is a female shop.
    14. 14. Q2 : How does your media product represent particular social groups? • To appeal the correct target audience, my star would have to represent an idealised version of the reader. In order to attract as many readers as possible, it is important that my main star is popular in the mainstream world and non – threatening. • On the following slides, I will demonstrate how Katy Perry, one of the celebrities chosen by my audience is interested in, filters her appearance and performance depending on her audience.
    15. 15. Natural facial expression, positive feel to the audience as her cheeks and eye brows are raised. This gives off the sense that she is happy. Demure body language – posing for the camera. Her posture also implies a seductive look as her hand is placed on her face, attracting the male audience on her body look. Formal colours of clothing but stylish giving her sensible look. The chunky bangle and leather bracelet shows she has a subversive side. As she is not stood up straight with a slight bent posture shows her feminine structure of her body attracting the female audience to admire her. Direct eye contact with audience. Neat brushed hair that is down adds to her feminine and young look, appealing to young audience.
    16. 16. Direct eye contact with audience forcing the audience focus on her. Not smiling, looks like she is glaring so unwelcoming the audience. Heavy makeup around her eyes and lips which is not expressing her naturalness. The tight look dress, with the no sleeve on one shoulder, encourage men to glaze at her show off figure. She is trying to give off a positive role model, to a audience of young adults who enjoy fashion. Highlights the typical idea that the more makeup you wear the more you have beauty. (Social Media) The scrapped hair back look in a high bun, adds to the classy look to her facial makeup as there is no messy hair on her face to hide her detail makeup. The slight angle she is stood, with one hand on the pointing out hip and one against the dress gives her a classy look.
    17. 17. Q2 : How does your media product represent particular social groups? Katy Perry would not wear this outfit whilst promoting herself at an awards evening. This image does not represent her known style that would be seen on posters or any other promotions. COSTUME: Both outfits of Katy Perry represent different images. The black and white outfit connotes innocence that older women would choose to style like, whereas the fluctuant seductive pink dress with the open chest on show, connotes devious but classy that younger women would choose to wear. Both of these outfits attracts different audiences. Likewise, the outfit would not be appropriate for an appearance for an everyday look or natural beauty, as it would appeal to some audience, but not all.
    18. 18. In photographs that I have used, I have tried to make sure that they looks clear and inspirational towards my ideal reader, especially my main image on my front cover. She is the same age and gender as my ideal reader, therefore it would attract my target audience as straight away my product is showing clear common identities that the reader and the star shows. The mise en scene of the star represents young and fashionable girl, and the use of the hat and purple flower connects to the idea of fashionable trends that are followed in the magazine that women and girls are in too.
    19. 19. Q3: What kind of media institution might distribute your product? I’d choose EGMONT to distribute my publication as from research of a similar magazine to mine ‘We love pop’ EGMONT have made great success in publishing their first issue claiming 119,000 sales. I feel that EGMONT would be suitable to distribute my publication as We love pop is an extremely popular pop magazine for my target audience today, therefore to bring out a similar pop magazine, people would by my magazine as the public would recognise the publisher with a positive view. However, We love Pop’s age audience is targeted at a younger age group to my age audience as my audience is 16+ whereas this magazine is 13-16. I think this would challenge EGMONT to create a magazine for an older audience if I was to chose this company but also allow their ideas to become extended. EGMONT currently publish We love pop, the UK’s most popular Pop music magazine. If I was to go ahead with EGMONT, I think my magazine would become popular in the marketing industrial as from research, supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Morrissons, Sainsburys and CO-OP, supported the advertising campaign for We love Pop. Also We Love Pop attracted advertisers including Universal Music, BooHoo and So Fragrances to the 68-page magazine, by providing space across its social network pages, website, as well as accompanying editorial content in the magazine. As the genre my publication caters for is becoming more popular amongst large supermarkets and popular marketing brands such as clothing perfume and makeup, EGMONT would have the expertise who are known around the UK or even world wide, to promote the genre in these large known stores where most people spend their money or see on a daily basis. FOCUS would also compliment We love Pop, as it is a branch of pop music genre.
    20. 20. Focus A hybrid – Genre presenting Pop music and Fashion. Focus would be a weekly magazine priced at £1.99 an issue which is similar to We love pop as both magazines are published weekly, but I kept the price cheaper for my magazine so it is easier to keep track and buy the weekly issues as money is a big problem for the age of my audience. This will help increase the number of my magazines bought in the market as it is a lot cheaper therefore easier to afford than other Pop magazines such as We love Pop.
    21. 21. ‘S We love Pop website
    22. 22. The publication wants to make sure that their readers and audience are constantly keeping contact with the magazine either buy purchasing the magazine through shops, or through newsletters online. This implies that this toolbar is the most important feature on the page as it is placed in the banner at the top of the page. If this magazine was set in a linier structure, then this would be the first feature that the audience would see and automatically draw their attention towards the feature, however as this is an online website it is set out in a non – linear structure the reader has the choice whether to read and focus on that first feature. This also attracts people who is interested in this music genre. Advertising “SHARON ROSE HONEST MISTAKE” and “DIANA” on their website also attracts the reader as its exclusive and creates a unique selling point. This may also encourage the website’s audience to buy the magazine as it gives a good impression. Having a clear tab with options such as: Gallery, Quizzes, Gallery, Competitions and The magazine, allows the website’s audience to browse different sections and find out more about the website. Having Quizzes and Competitions attracts the reader as it allows them to get involved with other fans of the magazine and the interactive magazine itself creating audience participation. This is another unique selling point that gives a good impression of the magazine as it shows they care and want to entertain their readers. Also can increase the brand loyalty. This would increase a steady rate of sales, as people like that the publication are giving back something for them purchasing the magazine.
    23. 23. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    24. 24. I have decided to design a hybrid genre magazine, containing pop music and fashion. For example ‘we love pop’ and Top of the pops is similar to my genre of magazine. I have chosen these particular magazines as my target audience is 16+ British females which is similar to these magazines.
    25. 25. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? For my media task, I had to create a Front cover, Contents Page, and a Double page spread of the music genre of my choice. I decided to design a Pop music genre to complete my task. I designed my front cover using a range of fonts and styles of text to make my important features of the magazine stand out. By doing this, I stuck to a structural theme of colour such as Purple, Pink and White, to keep a constant house style that would connect to my contents page and double page spread. This is a use of real media products as it is important to keep the front cover smart but sophisticated as the front cover is the main page that attracts the audience to the magazine itself. Keeping a consistent house style is important as it allows each feature to contrast and flow towards each other. Noticing from real media products such as Pop magazines, there is a real use of a Hybrid – Genre such as introducing fashion as well as music, this is challenging towards my media products as my style of magazine is mainly focusing on Pop music with small features of fashion. It is important not to focus too much on Fashion as it will destroy the music purpose magazine therefore I have mainly focused on music updates features, with only slight features of fashion advertised. I have made clear use of a banner on my front cover which is a usual form of convention on real life magazine products, usually, the banner would contain exclusive bands or artists that would be featured inside the magazine, but to develop and challenge my magazine of a real life magazine, I have decided to place my banner at the top of the page with an important notice that if this magazine was to be produced in the real media world, it would be the first issue which would be extremely important, therefore I would want to make it a clear important convention by putting it in a banner. This is challenging as you would normally expect a banner to be at the bottom of the page with exclusive features advertised inside it.
    26. 26. Also, my media product use has developed forms and conventions by using my main image, and linking it to the main feature of the magazine. This is a use of denotation as I am linking the main feature to the magazine itself and producing such of a sub title with a pull quote to summarise what the main feature provides. I have used a bold font and style of text to present the main feature “Yasmin Fuller” to allow the important part of the magazine to stand out and contrast against the other pieces of text used on the front cover, but also to stand out against the unusual colour and pattern that is behind the text. This is also a challenging example of a denotation as the font contrasts against the other features on the page. On my front cover, I have also used a range of smaller banners to help the sub titles of each feature stand out against each other, by doing this my media product develops forms and conventions of real media products by copying the idea of different shapes of banners throughout the page to highlight the different sections. An example of a real magazine with banners that highlights important features. My magazine has developed this form and convention of real magazines as this is the feature that you would always see and expect on any genre of magazine. My Music magazine is focused on British Females aged 16+ which is why I have focused on the certain house colours I have chosen to help present my target audience, this is a use of forms that would be used in a real music magazine as it is important to show off who the purpose audience of the magazine is aimed for. I have made my Tittle ‘Focus’ stand out the most on my front cover as it is the main convention of the magazine, I have used a bold and large font across the top of my page to inform the audience that the advertisement starts there, and also to help the reader remember the name of the magazine An example from a pop magazine.
    27. 27. The barcode, price and issue date is also expected on a magazine, usually placed in a bottom corner which is where these codes and conventions are placed on my magazine as I have developed this skill from looking through similar magazines to mine. Promoting competitions which I have presented on my Front cover such as a trip to London, and showing opinions through tweeting on twitter. This is a developed skill from real forms of media products as from research, getting involved and social network is important to young people. This is an example of a real media product such as Pop magazine . Looking at the conventions and forms of the magazine, there is a challenging house style that is show more consistent in this magazine that in mine. Therefore this makes my magazine a challenge to keep up with the sustainable colour theme. In this magazine you can see that the banner is placed at the bottom of the page with an important notice which is developed in my magazine to grab the audiences attention. From looking closely at this magazine, there is not a consistent anchorage as there is only fashion that is stood out as a popular feature with not much focus of the music which is the genre of the magazine, this makes my media product challenge the form of this magazine as there is a range of music and fashion, whereas in this magazine there isn't. Developing my skills against the skills used in this magazine, I would use a pug in my magazine to advertise the main features such as the ‘Exclusive’ feature in my magazine.
    28. 28. For the second part of my task, I had to create a contents page that would connect from my front cover that I first produced. I again, stuck to a consistent house style but more frequent on my contents page than my front cover. I used 2 tones of purple and a black font throughout my contents page. The main tittle of my contents page stood out the most to inform the location of the magazine. This is an important use of anchorage as the purple colour linked with the main image on the page. I again used banners to highlight the sub headings to inform and guide the reader to the feature they are looking for as I also created sections for the different features such as, ‘Music, Fashion and Competitions’. Here I am showing developed forms and conventions of real media magazines as it is important that there are sections to set the smart and tidy layout. Also, for the layout, I used the darker purple for the name of each page presented, with a caption underneath to summarise what will be presented on that page. As on real contents pages in magazines, the page numbers are normally presented in chronological order, but in my magazine I have made the numbers in chronological order in increasing numbers, but not in a set order going up. This challenges real forms and conventions as it is something that you would not expect in a real magazine as you would expect a professional layout. The layout on my magazine is in a unique style to a real magazine which is challenging because I have only used one image and mainly text. In a real life magazine you would normally expect to see an editors letter or more images that link to the page numbers to inform the reader what that certain page provides. To keep the readers of my magazine active and up to date with my magazine , I have used an idea of a real life convention from a pop magazine, such as a pug that promotes the idea of subscribing to the website to receive automatic updates. I think this is challenging towards other forms of magazines as this is a common convention therefore it is important that I make it stand out along with the magazine itself against other magazines to keep the product popular in the market and keep the audience following the up coming issues. I have put the website name in white as it detonates the purple background behind it and also the black font that informs what the pug contains. It is important that I have made the website stand out because it needs to stand out from the other features on the page is it contains more detail about the magazine and also links the readers on how to subscribe.
    29. 29. Comparing my magazine to a real media magazine, there is developed and challenging differences towards my magazine contents page and this one from ‘We love Pop’. There is a lot more detail on this contents page with a lot more images fitting in with the features and certain pages. There is a consistent house style used on this page which is an important form of media products as it makes the page look more sophisticated with a structured layout. There is also a large use of anchorage as each other allows the others colours to contrast each other and show off each highlighted section. This is a challenging for my media product as I have stuck to the same tone of colours, if I was to create my contents again I would try to use a more range of colours but still allow them to contrast each other. A clear comparison is shown here between my title, and We love pop’s title. In my media product, my contents page is shown in a more formal layout as my audience is older than We love pop’s as their style is more informal. I think this is a developing skill to my product as although my audience is still older, it is till important to grab their attention to what is available in the magazine, therefore my title should be developed and challenged by adding a more detailed font or a more informal title as it would be a joke with the reader making them feel comfortable with the writer of the magazine as their is a friendly welcome. From looking at this main feature on the contents page, I have shown that my media product develops forms and conventions from ‘We love pop’ contents page as I have taken the idea and extended it myself by creating a main feature that links to the image on my page. By doing this, I have used creative skills such as reflecting off a real media product, and extending it by producing it to my piece of work and learning the conventions of what is suitable for a contents page that is provided in a contents page.
    30. 30. To complete my task, I lastly created a double page spread containing the main feature that was presented on my contents page. This double page spread features an interview of a pop artist ‘Nicki Minaj’. In this double page spread, I used a range of fonts and styles of text to separate the headings, sub titles, and main text. By doing this, I again stuck to a consist house style that connected to the other pages in my magazine such as my front cover and the contents page. I thought that using a tone of purples detonates the main image as there is a purple theme to the image itself, and it is important to make everything fit in with the main image that I have used as it is the only visual image that draws the attention to the topic of the page. It is important that I set the layout in a particular layout to allow the reader to freely read the linear text clearly. This is a developed skill from a real media product such as double page spread from a pop magazine as it is important that the main page is clear to read and keeps the audience’s attention into the magazine. In real magazines, you expect to see the masthead the largest and boldest piece of text. As a convention, it is culture to start reading from the top left, my masthead showing the name of the artist this page is focusing on, I have developed real media skills by putting it in the top left corner to straight away to tell the audience who the interview is about. Here in this pop magazine, a pun is used to make the heading stand and grab the readers attention, whereas I have created my heading in a more direct and formal style.
    31. 31. I have used a dropped cap as a convention to show the reader it is the start of the text. An example of a dropped cap in a real pop magazine. This pull quote that I have used as a convention of a real product entices the audience and persuades them to read the magazine such as this page. A multiplatform encouraging audience participation. This is similar to my multiplatform convention as it is encouraging the audience to go online to their website. This example of a pull quote shows an example of the person speaking about someone else in second person, whereas my pull quote connects to the image from the person in the image about themself.
    32. 32. I have used a range of features and conventions to make my magazine stand out and unique from any other pop music magazines that would be placed on a stand in a shop. I have used certain features and conventions to persuade my primary audience to pick up and by my product. For example, I have created a bold masthead at the top of my page to catch the audience’s eye and entices them to pick up the magazine and see what this magazine features. Also as I have used a feminine colour, it straight away implies that this product is targeted for females. As the image of the star is quite low down from the top of the page, you would not be able to see her eyes if this magazine was to be placed at the back of the shelf, therefore this is something that i would need to think about and improve on to help my product stand by showing the star’s eyes to catch the audience’s eye that they recognise the star. My star that is presented on the front of my magazine welcomes the reader with a positive welcome as she is naturally smiling. Showing a positive facial expression is important as it is the first visual image that the audience see and gives them first thought on the magazine so it is important that the reader feels comfortable with the magazine to be able to read it. Also seeing the star smiling, persuades the audience to scan the magazine to find out who this star is, and then hopefully purchase the magazine. As this is a facial shot, focusing on the upper body and face, it emphasises the eye contact with the audience. The girl’s eye contact is facing straight forward at the reader mesmerising them to look straight at the star on my magazine. Also if someone was walking past my magazine on a shelf the powerful eye contact draws the audience’s attention over to the magazine.
    33. 33. I feel that advertising a prize in a pun is my unique selling point to persuade my audience to pick up my magazine as it allows the audience to feel happy that they get something back in paying for the magazine. Also as it is a multiplatform creating audience participation, my audience can have fun by entering a competition to win something that the magazine has put together. This way, it makes the reader feel proud of themselves if they win, and enforce them to by the magazine again in the next issue to enter another competition. I have advertised this competition inside a pun, as it stands out as something important and something to focus on against the other feature on the page, therefore the shape and colour change of this pun will persuade the audience to stop and look at the front cover and then look inside the magazine to find information of getting something for free. A feature that will stand out for the audience and persuade them to buy my magazine against other pop magazines is my discount feature for the most popular high street store for the young people that my audience is targeted at. This again is a unique selling point for my product as it will catch the audience’s eye, that the magazine is giving back a gift of a discount to a popular shop. This also makes my magazine stand out because it is a feature that conveys value of money which is important for young people during this day, therefore teenagers will want this and it shows attention that my magazine cares about my readers. I have kept the price as low as possible to allow my readers to keep up with the weekly addition. The price is £1.99 which is a convention that will persuade my audience and encourage them to buy my magazine more than other pop magazines as from research, other pop magazines are usually £2.50/£3.50, therefore if the price is the lowest and a suitable price, it will satisfy my audience to keep on buying my magazine. Throughout my magazine front cover, I have used a variety of text sizes and fonts to separate the most important features. I have done this by putting a banner around the headings of important information such as the ‘Exclusive’ that features the main story of the magazine. Separating different texts allows the audience to comfortably read my magazine as each feature stands out to notice which one is the most important so the reader is directed towards the features that they are looking for. This is addresses the audience as it is important that the page is clear so they are happy reading it and feel comfortable on what they are looking for.
    34. 34. Also, keeping to a consistent house style of the colour purple, helps the audience recognise the magazine by responding to this certain pop magazine when they see the colour. Therefore as keeping use of this colour on each page, it keeps the brand idea as when the audience see the masthead of my magazine in the shelf in shops, they know that this is ‘Focus’ magazine recognising my Brand ID. Also by using similar fonts on my front cover to show detail on the different features help keeps the brand ID because the readers will recognise the writing if they see it somewhere else. It would make the readers feel comfortable reading the text if they recognise the text and allow them to clearly see and know that the text belongs to ‘Focus’
    35. 35. Banner Strapline Cover star Eye contact Masthead Unique selling point Shot type Pun Extra Image Font type Anchored text Features Pull Quote Barcode Price and issue number
    36. 36. Gender, Age and Artist Gender: My magazine is aimed primarily at females who enjoy pop music and fashion. It could also be aimed secondly at males who are family member or friend who share the same music taste and pick up the magazine. As my magazine is a hybrid – genre, my star is dressed quite fashionable but casual which is what my audience want to see. Age: The target audience for my magazine is mainly older teenagers/young adults such as 16+. The cover star is aged 16 which helps promote my magazine as it encourages the audience to seek the fashion and music that the star is into and relate and be like her. Artist: The genre is Pop. This is presented through the cover stars clothes and facial expression. It can also be presented through the artists that relate to pop music inside the magazine.
    37. 37. The word ‘first’ draws the readers attention as it implies something new that has been placed on the market and nothing has been shown like this before. As it is at the top of the page, it will stand out when placed on the shelf and will be the first thing the audience sees and draws them towards the magazine. The word ‘miss’ is in bold so it attracts the reader that it is limited and persuades them to buy the magazine to find out what this means. This feature stands out as it is ‘Exclusive’ meaning that it is limited to this magazine and is important to this magazine as it is ‘one and only’. The colours of the pun and the text imply different and new as you wouldn't expect yellow and purple together, it is shown as something new, therefore shows the image that this story is something new that you wouldn't expect to see before because it is ‘Exclusive’ This picks up the audience’s attention to see something new. The pun shaped in an arrow pointing to inside the magazine directing the reader inside the magazine to find this information to ‘Win’ something. The word ‘Win’ is in capital letters and a dark pink that contrasts the lighter pink background to grab the reader to read it. The darker colour on the lighter colour makes the text look more interesting.
    38. 38. Tabs draw the audience in to the magazine as it directs the audience where to go in the magazine therefore they can easily flick through to find the feature that are looking for. A subscribe box identifies that the magazine wants to keep in touch with their readers, and also allows the readers to keep updated automatically by signing up to the online website. The arrow shape of the pun directing into the magazine is an image of directing the readers to be part of the magazine by signing up. The white font contrasts the purple background as it is the most important piece of text in that box that the readers can get hold of and find out more about the magazine on the website. Page numbers in chronological order help order the pages out and allow easy access to certain pages as each feature is allocated to a certain page number. The font is the same colour as the masthead on the front cover. This creates brand identify as the reader will be familiar with this font. I have placed this masthead in the top left corner as it is a culture to start reading from the top left.
    39. 39. The multiplatform allows audience participation as the reader can ‘get involved’ with the magazine and other fans through the advisement of their website. This piece of text is the largest and boldest on the page to imply that it is the most important as it informs the reader who the article is about. The dark purple colour is a suitable colour as it contrast the lighter purple behind it. The grey box allows the reader to know where and who took the images so that they can give praise to the editor. The pull quote and the main image work together as the purple and white font work well with the image colours. This adds more detail to the page and gives an insight on something that inspires the artists on the page, which may inspire the reader.
    40. 40. •A repetitive colour scheme of Purple, White and Black. •Purple is mainly a feminine colour but for such as older girls 16+ that my magazine is aimed for, we usually represent pink as a feminine colour but you would usually find pink in a magazine that is for younger females. •I have used a lot of light and dark purple throughout my magazine. •The light purple contrasts the dark purple.
    41. 41. Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
    42. 42. I used this ‘Move Tool’ to allow me to drag and create the size of my main image to fit the page.
    43. 43. This tool aloud me to create my banner that is shown at the top of my magazine. I dragged the box from the corner of the page to make the size of the banner. The banner is placed in this section here. By clicking on this coloured box on the tool bar at the top, I can chose the colour that suits my magazine.
    44. 44. On Microsoft Word, I clicked on this ‘Insert’ tab, that gave me the option of inserting shapes and tables onto the page. The shape tab allows me to chose which shape I want to make the border of my picture. By dragging anywhere on the page, I can decide how big or small I want the shape to be. I can change the colour of the shape by using ‘Shape Fill’. I thought this shape suited to be the border of my picture as it is the same shape. To paste the shape on to Photoshop, there is a drop down menu which I can paste my shape. Same again with this picture. To get this shape onto my magazine on Photoshop, by right clicking, the menu comes up to copy the shape.
    45. 45. As this box is important as it informs the reader who took the image, I placed the box over the image to indicate that this box is connected to the picture By dragging the layer that is highlighted above the ‘layer 1’ it allows the main image to stand behind the grey box.
    46. 46. I created a background to make my page look more exciting. Highlighting this tool allows me to create my background. The colour chart allows me to pick a colour for m background.
    47. 47. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression to the full product?
    48. 48. Aquinas Magazine Music Magazine From researching and learning about the different codes and conventions about real magazines, I have been able to adapt to my skills and improve to create a music magazine from learning the basics to create my Aquinas magazine. I feel that my work has progresses massively since learning more advanced skills in Photoshop.
    49. 49. My first design is a lot less detailed compared to my real design as there is a lot less relation towards the image and the colour as I did not think about the conventions that were needed to create a magazine. The magazine seems quite plain as I did not add the conventions that were needed to make the magazine look eye catching and detailed, such as banners, extra images and a pull quote. However it does include a pun which makes the magazine and the text that is advertised more appealing.
    50. 50. Technologies used: •Photoshop •Microsoft Publisher •Digital Cameras
    51. 51. A clear strap line to encourage readers to read inside... A button that stands out against any other text on the page indicating that it is an important image. The white text stands out on the black background. The change in font colour draws the attention of the reader towards the different features as each colour of the text which contrast each other which is a denotation. It also adds a more exciting colour scheme to the magazine. The creative shape of the pun makes the page more exciting, and grabs the readers attention at the text inside the shape that the magazine is trying to promote. I have used Anchorage to overlap the letters in the masthead to draw attention to the name of the magazine.
    52. 52. The cover star’s eyes are looking directly at the camera. I have used this image to show that the star is confident and not afraid of the camera. As the star is smiling, it shows she is happy and draws the readers curiosity into the magazine to find out why. The photo has a dull plain background which implies a negative space, but also allowing the features to look big and bold drawing attention towards the promotion.
    53. 53. The image is taken too far away, and the camera is looking slightly up at the her making the reader feel intimadated. I think that this picture is suitable for my magazine as the girl is more less in the centre. Also she is smiling showing a positive welcome for the reader, and is giving direct eye contact showing confidence. As this is a mid shot, it allows the reader to focus on her facial expression. I feel that the camera shoot is too far away on the girl, therefore there is no concentration on her facial features.