A2 Media: Suggested ways to present each question of your a2 coursework evaluation


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A2 Media: Suggested ways to present each question of your a2 coursework evaluation

  1. 1. Suggested ways to present each question of your A2 coursework evaluationQ1: How did you USE, DEVELOP or CHALLENGE codes andconventions of real media products? - Compare your soap/music video to real examples within your sub/hybrid genre. - To frame your answer and show the examiner what you have been studying, show first of all the basic codes and conventions of the genre and your sub-genre. - Show a screenshot from a real soap alongside your version, with colour coded annotations for similarities (using), differences (development) and subversions (challenge) - Do this several times for your trailer to show the depth of your research and understanding of the genre - Do the same for your poster and front coverThe best ways to present this question are either in a PowerPoint, ora short film with a script where you talk the examiner through allyour points and give evidence.Example short film from last year (A Grade)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WweS4m708-s&feature=player_embedded
  2. 2. Q2: How effective is the COMBINATION of your main and ancillarytexts? - How convincing are the links between all three of your products? Same characters and representations, storylines, character names, soap name and channel needs to be consistent - Front cover needs to do all this AND match the sub- genre of TV magazine you are making e.g. needs to closely follow the conventions of TV and Satellite Week - Poster needs to do all this AND match the conventions of your channel and institutionBest way to present this is using Prezi.If you don’t want to use Prezi, you could make a mind map inPublisher using JPEGS, screenshots and numbered bullet points toshow the examiner your thought processes and the consistenciesbetween all three pieces
  3. 3. Q3: What have you LEARNED from audience feedback? - Feedback from drafts and how you acted on it to make more professional products - Copy and paste feedback so it is all in the same post and demonstrate how you used it and what you learned - OR print screen and insert feedback into a blog post as JPEGs so the examiner can see the actual feedback, THEN show what you have learned. - OR as a series of interviews in iMovie: show original footage, have an audience member read feedback off cue card, the show amended footage with notes saying what you learned. - PowerPoint for ancillaries could work but isn’t very creativeBest way to present this is in the blog as a post or series of posts, orin iMovie as a number of short interviews.
  4. 4. Q4: How did you use TECHNOLOGIES in the research and planning,construction and evaluation stages? - Best way to present this is, first of all LIST the technologies you have used and which part of the coursework you used them for. • Garageband • Keynote • Photoshop • iMovie • Publisher • Blogger • PowerPoint • YouTube/Vimeo • Stills cameras • HD cameras • DSLR cameras for photography and filming • Green screen • Slideshare • TwitterFor software and technologies you used in the Mac Suite, do a seriesof short screen recordings.For all other software and technologies, print screens andPowerPoints that show your processes will work, like you did foryour AS magazine.