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1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
1.11 population   revision
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1.11 population revision


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • Choose and area and make an exam question relating to this. Pass the exam question to another group and they must answer it.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Population - Revision
    • 2. WHIST • Split your pack into 2 • Ask you partner a question • IF THEY GET IT RIGHT – they take your card and place it on the table • IF THEY GET IT WRONG – you give them the answer and place it at the back of your questions • The person with the most cards at the end is the winner
    • 3. Assessment feedback • What mark have you got? • How could you have got more marks? • What techniques do you need to improve upon?
    • 4. Test Description Questions DESCRIBE: Very narrow top at only 13 males at 90 and over Significant bulge in the males at working age 25-34 at 412 whilst there are only 279 at 35-39 Relatively broad base at approx 420 Indentation at 35-39 Comment: Below average health for UK, could be living facilities or lifestyle Migrants have moved in at working age They have settled to have children which creates a wider base Youthful population
    • 5. Test Description Questions
    • 6. Test Description Questions
    • 7. Impact on Social Welfare - Audley • 1. Benefits - unemployed and disabilities • 2. Fitness facilities – health projects – health walks re:fresh schemes • 3. Social cohesion council workers to integrate communities – football matches • 4. Language services – learn how to speak English, more T.As at primary schools • 5. Police – crime rates
    • 8. Impact on Social Welfare - Whalley • 1. Benefits – elderly prescriptions • 2. Transport – Subsidised travel for the elderly into Blackburn or Clitheroe • 2. Historical attractions – subsidised by the Government
    • 9. Population change Fertility Population growth Causes Measurement Enumeration district Censuses Explosion/Implosion Less developed/ developed Mortality Demographic Transition Model Population Structure Age/Sex in UK Demographic Transition Model Ageing population Migration Population & resource balance Migration Social, economic, political effects Case study comparison Rural/Urban population change Inner city UK rural settlements Rural European/NonEuropean case study Rural service decline Optimistic/ Pessimistic approaches Using census data Sustainable development Social Welfare Population policies
    • 10. Love & Hate • Love and Hate – Set in Audley