Diet and obesity it all comes down to the food for the obese


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Diet and obesity it all comes down to the food for the obese

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information please go to: ====Obesity is defined as having a body mass index of 30 or more. This condition is considered as anepidemic in first world countries such the US. Even poor countries where thousands are sufferingfrom malnutrition have their share of obese people. According to recent studies, there are over300 million people worldwide who are obese. Statistics also show that more than 300,000 peoplein the US die every year because of obesity. Unfortunately, it seems like the increasing rate ofobesity in many countries will continue. This alarming situation is brought about by several factorsalthough unhealthy diet is the main cause. Diet and obesity go hand and hand because what weeat will definitely affect our weight.Causes of ObesityAs mentioned above, there are several causes of obesity. These are metabolism, environment,medical or psychiatric condition, genes, culture and lifestyle. Genes can cause obesity based onrecent studies done. People with two copies of the fat mass and obesity associated gene (FTOgene) are more at risk to obesity. In addition, some theories such as the thrifty gene hypothesisassume that some ethnic groups are more at risk to obesity.Culture, behavior, environment and lifestyle can also cause obesity. These four factors are usuallyinterrelated. A sedentary lifestyle can be affected by the culture, environment and behavior of aperson. This is the reason why most children whose parents are obese will probably becomeobese in the future. Lack of exercise and physical activity greatly contributes to people becomingobese.Diet and ObesityDiet and obesity are interrelated because whatever we eat and drink will have an effect to ourbody. Normally a person just needs 3,500 calories per day to function properly. The problem ismost people these days consume more than 3,500 because they eat foods which have highcalories. Sweets, sodas and fast foods are a few examples of calorie-rich foods that people love toeat. Most people think that obesity is caused by too much fat consumption. Fat especiallysaturated fat can indeed add more pounds however; it is the intake of too much carbohydrate isthe main culprit of obesity. Diet and obesity are definitely connected so people should watch outfor what they eat. Even babies these days can become obese. The fact that people these daysprefer eating fast foods, sweet foods and processed foods instead of fruits and vegetablesdefinitely contribute to the dramatic increase of obesity rate.PreventionSince the connection between improper diet and obesity has been established, it is therefore
  2. 2. necessary for individuals to change their diet into a healthy one. Eating healthy such as eatingmore fruits and vegetables is recommended instead of processed foods. In addition, avoidsweetened drinks because they contribute greatly to the calorie pile up. Eating regularly is alsobetter than eating in between meals. There are many possible options when it comes to regulareating. Some dietitians recommend small frequent meals (5 meals) everyday instead of three bigones. Some people also say that not eating after 6 pm is also very effective. Obese people canalso ask their doctors for a weight loss plan. Aside from dieting, exercise as much as possible toburn your extra calories. A 30 minute exercise everyday is recommended.James has been writing articles about health issues for over 5 years. Please visit his latest websiteabout Obesity at Obesity Articles, with information relating to Diet and Obesity, and with ideas anddiscussions that anyone suffering from this condition would be interested in.Article Source: ====For more information please go to: ====