Cure yeast infection why birth control pills can cause yeast infection


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Cure yeast infection why birth control pills can cause yeast infection

  1. 1. ==== ==== For more information please go to: ==== ==== Birth control pills, stress, imbalance in hormonal levels and sexual activities all encourage and trigger yeast infections. Both men and women suffer from yeast infections, where women are more prone to yeast infections than men. Though it is possible to treat yeast infections with over the counter medication, it is better to prevent yeast infections by avoiding its triggers. As yogurt has lives cultures of L. Acidophilus, it is beneficial in prevention of yeast infections. If you don't like yogurt, you could also try out L. Acidophilus that is found in pill form. It is readily available in health food stores and in large grocery stores. It is not advisable to take birth control pills for long periods as its long term use causes yeast infections. Sometimes, changing of the brand of birth control pills helps control yeast infections; so speak to your health care professional about this. Both partners have to be treated for yeast infections Both sugary foods and alcohol increases formation of yeast, and thus a yeast infection. So if you eliminate sweets from your diet, and reduce your alcohol consumption, you find it possible to reduce the chances of yeast infections by 90%. Yeast infections will not stop unless both partners are treated for it as the infection can pass from one partner to the other. It is also for this reason that unprotected sex is not at all advised during a yeast infection. Condoms have to be used, and if required a lubricant to overcome dryness. After a yeast infection, you can prevent another infection by throwing away old underwear or by sterilizing underwear. Normal washes in a washing machine are in no way effective in sterilizing underwear. It is necessary to soak underwear in a bleach solution, boiling it and then steam ironing it for complete sterilization. And if you use a cervical birth control device, ensure that it is sterilized to prevent yeast infections. Avoid antibiotics and steroids whenever possible As sanitary napkins do not let the vaginal area to breathe, it is better to use tampons during the menstrual cycle. Similarly, chemicals should be avoided in the vaginal area as chemicals can lead to allergic reactions, which in turn triggers a yeast infection. If you are suffering from a yeast infection that is not limited to the vaginal area, and has spread throughout the body, then you could consider taking an oral fungicide. These oral fungicides are
  2. 2. effective in treating both internal and external yeast infections. Try to avoid taking antibiotics and steroids, unless really necessary. This is because they both can change the internal balance of the body. If it is necessary to take antibiotics or steroids, you could consider using a vaginal yeast cream to treat the first signs of yeast infection you see. Women are more prone to yeast infections just before a menstrual cycle, in times of stress and during pregnancy. This is because this is when the hormonal changes in the body is unbalanced. So this is why women have to pay special attention to their bodies in these situations to maintain a good balance between excessive and insufficient yeast in the body. Emily Omay is an expert on yeast infection. Visit her site RIGHT NOW for the best natural cure for yeast infection you will ever see. If you want to know how to cure yeast infection, Emily can help you out. Go there now - Article Source: ==== ==== For more information please go to: ==== ====