Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in america and around the world


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Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in america and around the world

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information please go to: ====Obesity is not just a problem of adults. These days many children are also obese. Obesity inchildren is measured through the percentile body mass index instead of the body max index whichis used for adults. According to obesity statistics, childhood obesity has tripled in the last threedecades and childhood obesity is on the rise until now. The dangers of childhood obesity are alsoincreasing. This is the reason why many childhood obesity grants are being given to severalorganizations. These organizations usually do a lot of studies and researches to come up with thebest ways to prevent and treat childhood obesity.Causes of childhood obesityThere are several causes of childhood obesity. Just like in adults, improper eating habits are alsoa major factor. Children who are fond of eating junk foods and fast foods will probably becomeobese. Excessive snacking is very common among children these days. Parents sometimes donot have the time to prepare healthy snacks for their children. Instead, parents just buy processedand prepared snacks for their children but these are usually rich in fats and sugar which causesobesity. Children also do not eat their meals. Instead they choose to eat in between meals whichis also a contributing factor to weight gain. The fast food diet is also very common among children.Another cause of obesity in children is the lack of exercise. Children these days prefer watchingTV or playing computer games instead of going out to play outdoor activities. Because of this,calories are not burned and thus they are converted to fats. Many children do not participate inphysical activities such ac sports. These factors can all lead to obesity in children.Family, genetics and environmental influence can also cause obesity in children. Some childrenare born into families which are prone to obesity. Some children are also affected by maternalconditions such as gestational diabetes which can also lead to obesity. In addition, when a childgrows in a family or environment wherein the adults do not have healthy eating habits, the childwill probably become obese.PreventionThere are many ways childhood obesity can be prevented. Promoting a healthy diet will definitelyhelp. Many organizations support healthy food campaigns to help parents and children becomehealthier. Parents play an important role in preventing obesity. Parents should be good rolemodels to their children. Mothers should prepare healthy snacks and food for their children. Inaddition, they should monitor their childrens eating habits. Encouraging children to becomeinvolved in physical activities will also help.Parents should do outdoor activities with their children such as playing sports, walking and hiking.
  2. 2. Children and parents should join obesity prevention programs. Some schools and organizationsalso offer childhood obesity counseling. Parents with overweight children should encourage theirchildren to be counseled. Remember, obesity is not just a physical problem; it is also an emotionalproblem. For children who are already obese, there are many childhood obesity solutions they canchoose from. However, even with the presence of these solutions, preventing the occurrence ofobesity in children is still much better.James has been writing articles about health issues for over 5 years. Please visit his latest websiteabout Obesity at Obesity Articles, with information relating to Childhood Obesity, and with ideasand discussions that anyone suffering from this condition would be interested in.Article Source: ====For more information please go to: ====