Are diet shakes an effective method of changing your body


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Are diet shakes an effective method of changing your body

  1. 1. ==== ====For Healthy Alternative - Click below ====Diet shakes have become one of the most common methods of dieting. You can buy pre-mixedmeal replacement drinks in cans. You can choose powder mixes to stir-up your own shakes. Youcan discover a dizzying array of flavors and brands on the market. The real question, are they aneffective way to lose weight and improve your body?The Research Is In on the Shake Diet Craze In several interesting studies meal replacements,particularly the meal replacement shake, has been shown to be highly effective. The studiesinclude:Dr. Heymsfields Study at the University of ColumbiaA Study Composed of US Army VolunteersDr. Dana Rothackers Study of Long Term EffectivenessIn all three studies the meal replacement diets exceeded the results of traditional low fat diets. InDr. Rothackers study the results were virtually identical for the shake users and low calorie dietersthrough the early stages of the diet. At the end of one year the story changed. The users of mealreplacement shakes retained their weight loss, while other dieters regained their weight.Why Are Diet Shakes Effective? A meal replacement program takes the guess work out of dieting.Instead of measuring or guessing at the proper amount of food for each meal you have a pre-measured meal.The secondary benefit comes in the balance of nutrition. A meal replacement shake contains abalance of calories, fiber, and nutrients to fit your life. The amount of vitamins and mineralscontained in the diet shake normally exceeds the nutritional content of comparable meals of equalcalories.Choosing the Proper Diet Shakes Can Make All the Difference The success of a shake diet can bedependent on your choice of shakes. It is not necessarily an issue of brands, but more an issue ofchoosing a shake to meet your nutritional needs. Common styles of shake diets include:Diet Shakes for Losing WeightMeal Replacement Shakes for Higher EnergyProtein Shake DietIn the case of someone doing hard physical exercise, including weight training, you would need toconsider higher protein shakes. Your body will require the additional protein to rebuild muscle from
  2. 2. your intensive workouts. You may need to consider shakes with higher amounts of calories to fuelyour workouts instead of leaving you feeling weak.Athletes commonly add protein enriched diet shakes to their days. They increased protein,vitamins, and energy gives them an intensive boost and helps rebuild their bodies without addingextra pounds of fat.The Pros and Cons of the Diet Shakes The pros of meal replacement shakes can be easilysummarized:Ease of DietingAdequate Source of Vitamins and MineralsGood Source of ProteinEffective sustainable weight loss.The cons of using a meal replacement program are even shorter:Lack of high quality fiber.Some shakes are high in sugar content.Does not retrain your normal eating patterns.If you choose to use diet shakes as part of your weight loss plan evaluate different brands andtypes of shakes carefully. You can find shakes from a wide range of companies including:Slim FastAtkins DietHerbalifeMuscle MilkDr. SiegalSouth Beach DietThis is just a short list of popular companies. Compare their ingredients, prices, and value tochoose the best diet shakes for you. By choosing the right shake to match your lifestyle andnutritional needs you can start a successful diet. It is one diet option you should consider.Visit here for great ideas about diet shakes, snacks or even to learn about diet patches and wanting to lose weight.Do you know what Glutathione is? If not, you need to learn about how this tiny complex element is your bodies master antioxidant andwhy it is so critical to your overall health!
  3. 3. Article Source: ====For Healthy Alternative - Click below ====