Pakistan telecommunication
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  • 1. Pakistan telecommunication network 1PTCL
  • 2. Presented by: Anam Afzal(02) Aqsa Omar (07) ChandniSaleem (10) 2PTCL
  • 3. vision  To be the leading Information and Communication Technology Service Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and maximizing shareholders' value'. 3PTCL
  • 4. Mission  To achieve vision by having: An organizational environment that fosters professionalism, motivation and quality An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious Services that are based on the most optimum technology "Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service Sustained growth in earnings and profitability 4PTCL
  • 5. Core values 5PTCL Professional Integrity Customer Satisfaction Teamwork Loyalty to the Company
  • 6. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is a mega corporation and a leading telecommunication authority in Pakistan provides telephonic and internet services nation-wide backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure manages and operates around 2000 telephone exchanges across the country the 62% shares remains under the management of government-ownership of state- owned corporations (SOEs) of Pakistan. 26% of shares and control was sold to Etisalat Telecommunications and the remaining 12% to the general public in 2006 under an intensified privatization programme. 6PTCL
  • 7. 7PTCL
  • 8. Strategies 8PTCL Implementa tion of ERP Management in today environment Focus strategy Quality awareness program Business strategy
  • 9. Implementation of ERP in T&D  ERP is useful from standardization and lower maintenance to easier and greater reporting capabilities, typically kept in one database.  The project has been given the. ERP is useful name Project A-SURE, where A=Agility, S=Security, U=Unity=Reliability, E=Excellence; these are the objectives of this project.  For company, ERP means a system that will hold data across the whole enterprise of PTCL / Paknet / Ufone.  .When the ERP system is installed, greater agility in meeting the needs of customers, suppliers and staff should be possible. 9PTCL
  • 10. Training &Development  Orientation is given to new employees according to :-  manual/forum  Policies  Rules and Regulations of the organization.  kind of Duties and responsibilities to be performed.  tell him/her about Routine Task of company.  Tell him/her about work and also do Communication to colleagues and immediate boss. 10PTCL
  • 11. Types of Training  On the job training  Of the job training 11PTCL
  • 12.  On-the job Training:  It includes learning by observation of their higher level of employees such as  Training by supervisor  Training by colleagues  Learning by doing  Off-the job Training:  For off-the job training PTCL have training centers  PTCL training centre  ITC academy Islamabad  From recent 3 years their own former or existing employees give training to new employees and after training they also evaluate the difference in performance. 12PTCL
  • 13.  Compensation:  PTCL provides compensation to their employees according the work or task or goal he/she has achieved in the company .  Facilities  PTCL provides Different facilities to their employees such as  Free internet service  Free telephone facility at office and home  Transport facility  Medical facility  Accommodation facility 13PTCL
  • 14. Business strategy  As the Ptcl growing its position as the leading ICT service provider and a profit leader, a five year Strategic Master Plan for the Company, targets, timelines and ownerships was developed by the PTCL management  Defining yearly targets on market shares  various voice and data services  Restructuring of the organization  formulation of IPTV  Triple Play and converged services  Investment strategies such as Assets Management for risk diversification and improved Return on Investments. 14PTCL
  • 15. Quality awareness program  In order to create quality awareness and skills improvement of PTCL staff, a 3-year QA plan has been made.  The project is scheduled from March 2007 to December 2009. Following four types of programmes are under the work plan:- • Installation Quality Standards • Quality Auditor Course • Companywide Quality Awareness • ‘Train the Trainer Programme’ offered to the faculty of training canters. 15PTCL
  • 16. Focus strategy  PTCL through diversification and assorted products and services could retain its fundamental presence in the Telecom Sector.  Introduction of DSL Broadband services across major cities with plans to include more cities in times to come will enhance the revenue base of PTCL.  Stiff competition from other cable based broadband service providers and local cable operators still persists. 16PTCL
  • 17. Management in today's environment  PTCL recently launched three brand new packages for its consumers.  But where every other telecom in the country is slashing its call rates and finding other ways to make money, PTCL has actually increased its rates!  While almost brilliant in their design, the new packages can and will inflate your telephone bill quite a bit. 17PTCL
  • 18. supplier  Input TIP from Haripur  internal inputs also from Siemens  Erickson  Huawei outdoor optical fibre system from Z-T china including DSL facility. 18PTCL
  • 19. 19PTCL
  • 20. strength  Largest operational network and infrastructure within ICT (Information Communication Technologies) segment.  An integrated Monopoly  Market leadership in Local loop, Wireless local loop (WLL) and fixed telephony.  PTCL (Ufone) is market challenger in GSM segment  Competitors still depend on PTCL network either directly or indirectly  Experienced Telecom Resources 20PTCL
  • 21. Weakness  Not been able to nurture its growth around customer services oriented strategy  Internal organizational and business processes issues  Monopolistic culture has further added to its complexities  Over employment & low productivity.  Slow decision making including external interferences. 21PTCL
  • 22. opportunities  Have vast infrastructure and real estate assets which can be leveraged further.  Global connectivity reliability has been improved.  PTCL is expanding the long distance and infrastructure side through spreading out two sea-me-we submarine cables.  Partnership with new entrants in a deregulated environment. 22PTCL
  • 23. Threats  Increased competition in long distance continues to exert pressure.  Exposure to market competition  Migration to Cellular Networks  Ability to Attract & Retain Quality Professionals  Reduction in International Settlement Rate taxable revenue base 23PTCL
  • 24. promotion  Advertizing  Sales promotion  Personal selling 24PTCL
  • 25. Advertizing  In promotional mix, PTCL’s main stress is on advertising in print and electronic media.  PTCL periodically places its advertisements in print media on services like  H/Qs hotline0800-44544  Caller line identification (CLI)  Voice Messaging Service  Digital Facilities  PTCL Prepaid Calling Cards  Inquiry 17  Complaint 18, phone bill cards prepaid telephone etc to remind the customers of these services. Sometimes, corporate ads are also released to print media to mark special occasions.  PTCL’s Commercials on “Prepaid Calling Card”, “CLI”, “Voice Messaging”, “Digital Facilities” etc are also broadcast immediately on electronic media as reminders to customers 25PTCL
  • 26. Sales Promotion  PTCL charges 1/3rd rates on national calls from 06:00 pm – 07:00 am and local calls are free from 11:00 pm to 06:00 am to promote the usage of its telecom network.  Moreover, PTCL offers special rate packages on special occasions like Ramadan Package and EID package, which offer customer reduced rates for specific timings.  For Example, In EID Package PTCL charges half rates from 6:00am - 6:00pm and quarter from 6:00pm – 6:00 am to attract customers to use its telephone service.  These rates result in increased revenue for PTCL and also facilitate the customers to talk to their near and dear ones on these special occasions on affordable rates. 26PTCL
  • 27. Personal selling  At the moment, PTCL’s Customer Services Centres are playing the role of sales outlets.  Customers can market telephone calls; send fax messages from these Customer Services Centres.  They can also get connected their telephone bills and get duplicate bills from these outlets. 27PTCL
  • 28. 28PTCL
  • 29. Products  Landline  EVO wireless broad band  Broad Pakistan  IPTV service (smart tv)  V – fone  Statellite communication 29PTCL
  • 30. Landline  PTCL landline has always been a part of family and providing services from generations.  PTCL gives its customers highest quality at very affordable rates along with attractive packages and Value Added Services to choose from. 30PTCL
  • 31. EVO Wireless Broadband  PTCL EVO 3G Wireless Broadband is Pakistan’s fastest wireless internet which offers its customers – “superior 3G internet experience”.  PTCL EVO gives its customers the advantage of nationwide roaming with seamless internet connectivity across Pakistan. PTCL 31
  • 32. Broadband Pakistan  Launched in 2007, PTCL Broadband Internet has acquired over 1 Million Broadband customers in over 2000 cities and towns across Pakistan.  PTCL made the broadband technology affordable by lowering the barriers to entry, by geographically bringing the service within the reach of a common user across Pakistan PTCL 32
  • 33. IPTV Service (Smart TV)  PTCL entered the media sector on 14th August 2008.  PTCL SMART TV service using its state of the art Broadband network employs the IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) technology.  Branded as ‘PTCL Smart TV ’, the service includes Interactive Television, Broadband and voice telephony all at the same time on PTCL’s telephone line.  Currently PTCL Smart TV offers its viewers 125 live channels and over 500 Movie titles through its Video- on Demand service. • The service is available in more than 50 cities across Pakistan PTCL 33
  • 34. V-fone PTCL 34  PTCL also continues to be the largest CDMA operator in the country with approximately 1.4 million Vfone customers.  It gives the liberty of payment in both prepaid and post-paid options.  It offers fixed wireless telephone for your homes & business International Network
  • 35. Satellite Communication  PTCL has Intelsat Standard Earth Stations near Karachi and Islamabad.  These installations provide the diversity for International voice connectivity and also work as Hub for domestic satellite users.  There are four Intelsat Standard B Earth Stations at :  Islamabad,  Gilgit,  Skardu and  Gwadar. PTCL 35
  • 36. Corporate responsibility  PTCL employees donate One-Day salary for IDPs.  Donation to SOS Villages  Scholarships for Persons with Disabilities  Collaboration with Universal Service Fund (USF)  Donation to Earthquake victims in Baluchistan  Donation to Benazir Income Support Program  Sponsoring Event at LUMS PTCL 36
  • 37. Services Ptcl divide their services into two parts: - 1. Services for consumers 2.Services for corporate customers 1- Services for consumers These services are basically for the common users(Individual/home users) those use telephone in their home/work place and they are basically non business users. New telephone connection PTCL is presently the only telecom company, who provided fixed-line telephony in the country. So whenever, any Private business concern or any individual needs a new telephone connection for provision of telephone service. PTCL 37
  • 38. Value added services:  Caller Line Identification (CLI) Calling line Identification (CLI) allows customers to identify the caller before picking up the phone receiver.  Prepaid calling cards PTCL calling card is the most popular choice of millions of customers all over the country.  E-Bi lling payment Billing system is a part of customer services.PTCL launched a new billing service which is available through “ PTCL Calling Card” This is another service from PTCL. This service is basically providing billing solutions for the users PTCL 38
  • 39. Digital facilities PTCL offers a variety of features to digital exchange customers like:-  Hotline  Abbreviated Dialling.  Call Waiting  Don’t Disturb  Call Transfer on (a) Busy (b) No Reply (c) Immediate  Wake up call  Absent Subscriber  Code Barring PTCL 39
  • 40. Services for corporate customers • PTCL is striving hard to facilitate its valued corporate customers at each level of service. • PTCL offers a host of unmatched services to suit the needs of the Corporate Customers. Other business specific services include • 0800-Toll free number, 0900-Preminum rate services, VPN-Virtual Private Network, Audio Conference Service, Digital Cross Connect (DXX), ISDN (Policy), Teleplus (ISDN/BRI), Digital Phone Facilities/ Modification Charges, UAN, UIN. PTCL 40
  • 41. White Label Services • PTCL White Label Services are focused on speed and simplicity at minimal apex. • This will enable our customer to offer their own branded WLL, DSL etc to customers nationally, together with an array of key support services. PTCL 41
  • 42. Subsidiaries Ufone • Ufone (Pakistan Telecom Mobile Ltd) a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTCL commenced its operations on 29th January 2001 as a GSM 900 service provider. • it has expanded its coverage and customer base at a rapid pace and established itself as one of the leading cellular service providers in Pakistan. • Ufone is now considered to be one of the most active, aggressive and innovative players in the mobile sector of Pakistan. PTCL 42
  • 43. Key Accomplishments  Ufone has always played a pivotal role in the development of the cellular market in Pakistan.  For the most part, it has been a step ahead in introducing innovative products to the market.  Ufone was a pioneer in launching the GPRS services and Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) in Pakistan,  and lead the way in introducing Post-paid GPRS international roaming and prepaid international roaming for these services in the Pakistani market Telecommunication Authority (PTA). PTCL 43
  • 44. Performance • The customer focus and best offering has allowed Ufone to build a subscriber base of over 24 million in less than a decade. • Ufone has network coverage in 10,000 locations and across all major highways of Pakistan. • Ufone also offers Pakistan’s largest GPRS & BlackBerry Roaming coverage available with more than 233 Live Operators across 126 countries. Brand • Ufone changed the image of mobile phones from a luxury only affordable by the elite, to a necessity affordable by the common man. • Ufone increased its focus on the youth segment (which comprises 50% of the population), with the Prepay brand. • By designing market focused products, Ufone’s brand team launched aggressive campaigns, which further increased the brand equity. PTCL 44
  • 45. International Coverage • Ufone provides International Roaming facility with more than 307 live operators in more than 140 countries. • Ufone has GPRS roaming agreements with several international operators and also provides prepaid roaming facility to selective destinations. Customer Service • Ufone is proud to have an efficient and friendly customer service through 23 company-owned Sales & Customer • Service Centers and nearly 250 franchisees across the country. Network Coverage • Ufone has network coverage in more than 10,000 locations across the country. PTCL 45
  • 46. CONCLUSION PTCL accountings and financial system for planning and controlling the activities are satisfactory. Privatization of company would improve the working of organization and its overall efficiency. New partnership Eitisalat is trying to enhance PTCL status in the Telecom sector and further strengthened the existing strong bands of friendship between Pakistan and UAE. PTCL must have to introduce automation in its processes and improve MIS system. In wake of change of corporate orientation from engineering to commercial each employee will have to change his attitude the way he works accordingly. PTCL will have to open up to reality and the changed world outside to grab business share. New challenges require new approach from PTCL. Everyone will have to gear up to achieve better customer satisfaction. PTCL 46
  • 47. PTCL 47