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Oprah winfrey1

  1. 1. OPRAH WINFREYOprah Winfrey s full name is Oprah Gail Winfrey .
  2. 2. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS!1.Black history hero is Oprah Gail Winfrey .2. Oprah Winfrey was born on January , 29 19543. Oprahs place of birth is Kosciusko , Mississippi.4. half-brother: Jeffery (died of Aids in1988) half -sister: patria (died of drugs addiction 2003) half sister: patrica(still alive)
  3. 3. 5. Oprah had 2 parents .The names are Vernon Winfrey a coal miner , Vernita Lee ,a house maid .6. Oprah is living in a $ 50 million dollar home in Montecito , California which she purchased by making offer to the owers even though it wasnt for sale!7. Oprah is a successful woman . She had a humble start on her television show host .then after Oparh got use to it lots of people came on her show . Oparh Winfrey show ,Attarcting million of veiwers were getting great reviews . She opened lots of kinds of charitys for her own country.
  4. 4. 8.Oparh Winfrey is a hard worker and very successful black female.She is a very common woman that she help her own country with opening lots of charitys.9.Oparh has not passed away.10.No she has not passed away,she is alive today .
  5. 5. • When Oprah visted india. she wear a sari everybody wasso impressed that Oprah wearing a sari.That when shewent own her show she me Bachchan household at endof January 112012 for new talk show.
  6. 6. •This a picture of Oparh holding a baby kola inQueensIsland. She went on June 2010.
  7. 7. •Oparh Winfrey met USA President Obama and hiswife Michelel.USA Persident were going to a dinnerparty with Oparh.
  8. 8. •Oparh Winfrey made a school in Africa. So the kidscan learn. This is a picture of Oparh reading with akid.
  9. 9. • This is a picture of Oparh holding a child and helping his family.
  10. 10. • This is a picture of Oparh sealing approval. That means Oprah like every cultral in the world .She said I give islamofascism the Oprah seal of approval.
  11. 11. • Oprah made a school for girls.This is a picture of group photo of girls and Oprah.
  12. 12. • This is Oprah .This picture is young Oprah .
  13. 13. • Oparh is meeting Aishwarya Rai and husband .
  14. 14. • Oprah is with out make up .
  15. 15. • This is Oprah in India .She visited in TAJ MAHAL . When she in was in India she met the president.
  16. 16. • This picture is Oprah’s husband. His name is Stedman Graham . He is a teacher .
  17. 17. • This is a picture of Oprah’s daughter. Her name is Gabby Douglas .
  18. 18. • This picture is about Oprah’s best friend . Her name is Gayle King . Gayle King have been visting lots of places with like Camping. They have been playing golf together.