Travel Spot Affiliate Presentation 2010


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TravelSpot.US, a division of the OneTravel Partner Network, is an industry leader in offering scalable private-label travel solutions that allow Affiliate Partners to build their own comprehensive online travel website.

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Travel Spot Affiliate Presentation 2010

  1. 1. Private Label Preferred Partner Program<br />
  2. 2. Who are we?<br /><ul><li>TravelSpot is a division of the OneTravel Partner Network
  3. 3. OneTravel is one of the oldest and most recognized Online Travel brands in North America
  4. 4. OneTravel was a pioneer in the online environment with over 18 years of experience
  5. 5. OneTravel currently accounts for over 4 million unique visitors per month
  6. 6. OneTravel is a d/b/a of WK Travel, based in Las Vegas, NV</li></li></ul><li>Private Label Program<br /><ul><li>TheTravelSpotprogram enables you to build your own Private Label Travel Channel
  7. 7. Start your own online Travel Channel
  8. 8. Excellent opportunity to monetize on your traffic
  9. 9. Online Travel is a $100b industry
  10. 10. Earn maximum revenue through two revenue components</li></ul> (a) High payouts upon bookings (as opposed to consumption); you earn on each booking/ticket<br /> (b) Mark-up facility for higher earnings ( based on a cap threshold)<br />
  11. 11. Travel Products via Our Partner Program<br /><ul><li>TravelSpot is an industry leader offering scalable Private Label travel solutions
  12. 12. TravelSpot offers a wide array of travel products that include: Flights, Hotels, Cars, Activities and Insurance
  13. 13. Preferred Affiliate Partners are provided with the tools to build their own comprehensive travel website to maximize online revenue</li></li></ul><li>Product Highlights<br /><ul><li>Over 300 million airfare combinations with more than 300 airlines worldwide
  14. 14. More than 85,000 hotels in over 400 cities worldwide
  15. 15. High discounts on car rentals
  16. 16. Activities with more than 5,500 tours and excursions in over 75 countries
  17. 17. Extensive travel insurance products
  18. 18. Travelspot offers ALL major scheduled carriers for best possible flight options and pricing
  19. 19. TravelSpot offers several different banner/widget images to choose from
  20. 20. TravelSpot offers 24/7 customer service</li></li></ul><li>Flights<br /><ul><li>TravelSpot.US offers the best available air fares for domestic or international travel, with over 100 fare options for each search.
  21. 21. The TravelSpot.US Partner Network Program offers over 100 million airfare combinations including more than 20 million consolidator net fare options on over 400 airlines worldwide with savings up to 60%.
  22. 22. The TravelSpot.US flight-booking-engine has the ability to book over 40 low cost carriers in Europe and Asia with fares starting at just USD$10. Through TravelSpot.US' booking engine you are instantly linked to the most comprehensive fare data bases available from multiple GDS' and numerous consolidator fare databases in a single query and thus your earning potentials are endless.</li></li></ul><li>Car<br /><ul><li>The TravelSpot.US Partner Network offers a wide selection of all types of cars with all major car rental companies in virtually every city and airports throughout the world.
  23. 23. The TravelSpot.US car-booking-engine will provide you with access to discounted rates with savings as high as 35% off published rates.
  24. 24. There are literally hundreds of different available car types, ranging from "green - environmentally friendly" to exotic automobiles, which Affiliate Partners may offer to their customers at competitive daily and weekly rental rates.</li></li></ul><li>Hotel<br /><ul><li>The TravelSpot.US Partner Network Program offers access to more than 85,000 hotel properties in over 400 cities worldwide with savings up to 50%; featuring highly competitive rates in all hotel categories.
  25. 25. Drawing comprehensive content and incredibly low rates from some of the industry's largest hotel-consolidators, the TravelSpot.US hotel-booking-engine will provide you with a link to rates of up to 40% savings off published rates and last minute inventory during even the busiest periods during which traditionally demand is very high.
  26. 26. With access to a wide selection of properties, including deluxe five star resorts, vacation villas and tourist class hostels, the TravelSpot.US hotel-booking-engine will accommodate every type of travel request in locations around the globe. </li></li></ul><li>Travel Insurance<br /><ul><li>The TravelSpot.US Partner Program offers Travel Insurance Products in cooperation with our insurance partner Seven Corners dedicated to providing affordable travel insurance and emergency assistance services to protect your customers’ valuable trip itinerary and provide the peace of mind while traveling.</li></li></ul><li>Program Highlights<br /><ul><li>Cutting edge technology with robust booking engines (air, hotels,cars,insurance, and activities)
  27. 27. Easy implementation and choice of featured product segment ie.(Air Only)
  28. 28. Competitive commissions
  29. 29. Payouts on tickets/bookings sold
  30. 30. Mark-up features for added revenue
  31. 31. 24/7 multi-lingual customer support service
  32. 32. Full 24/7 access to tracking and real-time reporting
  33. 33. Admin Suite with features to setup and market your site, run reports</li></li></ul><li>We offer high and competitive Commissions (upon booking)<br />Rates based upon respective sites as of 6/22/2010 <br />
  34. 34. Potential to Earn High Revenue (Sample)<br />
  35. 35. Types of Sites Offered<br /><ul><li>TravelSpot offers you several templates for private label site with your header and footer of your website to maintain the look and feel of your website.
  36. 36. TravelSpot offers you the option of an iFrame
  37. 37. TravelSpot offers you the option of using the webserives to build your own customization
  38. 38. TravelSpot offers you to purchase your own website as well</li></li></ul><li>Sample Sites<br /> Fare Max<br /> Omega World Travel<br /> Skoarder<br /> Cheap Airlines<br /> Gondola Resorts<br /> TripDio<br /> Go Traveling<br /> Flyers Advantage<br />
  39. 39. Technology and Services <br /><ul><li>Complete in-house developed solutions with proprietary software
  40. 40. Team of highly skilled web developers and IT professionals
  41. 41. Advanced fare and rate data base management
  42. 42. 95% process automation
  43. 43. Credit card fraud protection and prevention (currently 99.99% accurate, vis a vis industry average of 90%-93%)
  44. 44. Quality control to ensure accurate and safe booking
  45. 45. Air XML feed provided for high volume accounts only </li></li></ul><li>Do I qualify to become an Affiliate Partner? <br /><ul><li>Answer yes to the following to see if you qualify to become an affiliate partner:
  46. 46. Do you have high traffic to your website and want to sell travel?
  47. 47. Do you currently have a website that sells travel?
  48. 48. Do you have a consumer database over 5000 to market to?
  49. 49. Do you have a webmaster?
  50. 50. Do you market your site online via banners, cpc, ppc, seo/sem and social media, email blast, enewsletter, blogs ?
  51. 51. If you answer yes to the following you are qualified to become an affiliate partner.</li></li></ul><li>I qualify ! <br />How do I sign up to become an Affiliate Partner?<br />Sign up online at<br />Or Affiliate Sales /Ecommerce Partnership Contact: <br />Anthony Bowen, CTC – Director of Ecommerce Partnerships<br />TravelSpot A division of One Travel - WK Travel, Inc.<br />1050 East Flamingo Road, Suite S302<br />Las Vegas, NV 89119<br />Tel: 1-212-763-0538 x 90096 <br />E-mail:<br />
  52. 52. Welcome Letter as an Affiliate Partner <br />Once you are approved as an affiliate partner based on the qualification checklist answering yes to all questions. <br />Also based on a random quality control check by our staff via the phone. <br />WHAT YOU NEED TO DO<br />An email Welcome Letter will be sent to you with instructions to send us you HTML header and footer codes within seven day of receipt of the email.<br />To allow us to build your affiliate link.<br />
  53. 53. My Affiliate Link is ready, what I have to do? <br /><ul><li>A letter will be sent to you with your affiliate link, password to access the admin section of the site.
  54. 54. Also with instructions on what to do to setup the account on your site.
  55. 55. As well as instructions on creating Banners and Widgets to market your site.</li></li></ul><li>Access the Affiliate Admin Section <br />Affiliates will have admin access to the<br /> following:<br /><ul><li>Affiliate Summary Report
  56. 56. Access your account
  57. 57. Site Tools
  58. 58. Run Reports
  59. 59. Support for affiliates</li></li></ul><li>Admin Affiliate Summary Report <br /><ul><li>Affiliate Summary Report
  60. 60. To see sales based on
  61. 61. Date range or Product Segment
  62. 62. Generate report to see
  63. 63. Bookings, Commission, Hits
  64. 64. Export report to PDF, XML, CSV, TIFF, Excel, Web Archive </li></li></ul><li>My Account Admin Section <br /><ul><li>Affiliate My Account Section
  65. 65. To manage
  66. 66. Edit your account
  67. 67. Add / Edit multiple users
  68. 68. Manage Password</li></li></ul><li>Site Tools to help set up & market your site <br /><ul><li>Create various Web Banners under Site Tools Section go to choose Get Marketing Media.
  69. 69. Create various Booking Widgets under Site Tools Section go to choose Get Search Form
  70. 70. Choose Site Configuration/ follow easy steps to modify your site</li></li></ul><li>Site Tools to help set up & market your site <br /><ul><li>Various Banners
  71. 71. Various Booking Widgets </li></li></ul><li>Site Tools to help setup or modify your site <br /><ul><li>Site Configuration/steps to setup your site</li></li></ul><li>Web Banners to market your site <br /><ul><li>Banners provided with HTML code and affiliate ID to drive traffic to your site directly.
  72. 72. Promote your affiliate site on key areas of your website and by placing web banners and Widgets on various sites to advertise </li></li></ul><li>Booking Widget to market your site <br /><ul><li>Booking Widgets provided with HTML code and affiliate ID to drive traffic to your site directly.
  73. 73. Promote your affiliate site on key areas of your website and by placing web banners and Widgets on various sites to advertise </li></li></ul><li>Setup and Support Contact <br />For more information about setup and support<br />Contact: Tom Spagnola, Senior Vice President <br />TravelSpot A division of One Travel - WK Travel, Inc.<br />1050 East Flamingo Road, Suite S302<br />Las Vegas, NV 89119<br />Tel: 877.795-4701<br />E-mail:<br />
  74. 74. Thank you! <br />Thank you for your interest in TravelSpot<br /><br />