Team Building


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Team building benefits

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Team Building

  1. 1. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Home Introduction Why Team Building Michael Jordan Team Culture Building a Team
  2. 2.  Home Introduction Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team
  3. 3.  Home Introduction Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team Group Activity Time: 20 Min
  4. 4.  Home Introduction Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team Note Down 10 Common Things Among you
  5. 5.  Home Introduction Why Team Building  Introduction Team Culture  Building a Team Why Team Building?  Creating Team Culture  Building A New Team
  6. 6.  Home Introduction Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team
  7. 7.  Home Introduction  Employee involvement is creating an Why Team Building environment in which people have an impact Team Culture on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. Building a Team  Employee involvement is not the goal nor is it a tool, as practiced in many organizations.  Rather, it is a management and leadership philosophy about how people are most enabled to contribute to continuous improvement and the ongoing success of their work organization.
  8. 8.  Home Introduction Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team
  9. 9.  Home Introduction  Organizations are working on valuing diverse Why Team Building people, ideas, backgrounds, and experiences. Team Culture  In a teamwork environment, people understand Building a Team & believe that thinking, planning, decisions & actions are better when done cooperatively.  Teamwork makes the workplace more enjoyable.  Teamwork helps employees to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses.  Teamwork improves work quality & productivity  Teamwork creates effective collaboration with all team members.
  10. 10.  Home Introduction Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team
  11. 11.  Home Introduction To make teamwork happen, certain powerful Why Team Building actions must be taken. Some of them are: Team Culture  Executives should always communicate the Building a Team clear expectation from the team members.  Executives must maintain teamwork even when things are going wrong and the temptation is to slip back into former team unfriendly behavior.  The team members talk about and identify the value of a teamwork culture.
  12. 12.  Home Introduction  Providing training in systematic methods so the Why Team Building team expends its energy. Team Culture  Holding department meetings to review Building a Team progress, to obtain broad input, and to coordinate shared work processes.  Use ice breakers and teamwork exercises at meetings. These activities are limited to some minutes, but they help participants laugh together and get to know each other – a small investment in a big time sense of team.
  13. 13.  Home Introduction Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team
  14. 14.  Home Benefits Introduction Why Team Building  People in every workplace talk about building the Team Culture team, working as a team, and my team, but few Building a Team understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team.  Get upper-management support  Define the purpose of your team  Select team members  Share the overall purpose  Create the team mission statement and goals  Determine core team issues  Establish team norms  Decide job responsibilities
  15. 15.  Home Important Questions Introduction Why Team Building  Some of the important questions for Teambuilding are: Team Culture  Clear Expectations: Did you clearly communicated Building a Team its expectations for the team’s performance and expected outcomes?  Context: Does your team understand how the strategy of using teams will help the organization attain goals?  Commitment: Do team members feel the team mission is important? Are team members excited and challenged by the team opportunity?
  16. 16.  Home How to Begin Team Building? Introduction Why Team Building  There are three main components in any teams work: Team Culture Building a Team  Goal: Create result oriented team goals and objectives.  Methodology: Work out the team collaboration methodology.  Resources: Figure out time, budget, computer facility, educational tools and administrative support.
  17. 17.  Home Qualities of a Good Team Member Introduction Why Team Building 1. Communicates openly and honestly, is Team Culture trustworthy. Building a Team 2. Deliver against team goals, even when different from individual interests. 3. Develops co-operative relationships. 4. Values and respects differences in ideas, assumptions, experience and culture. 5. Gains appropriate commitment to ensure delivery, avoids over-consultation.
  18. 18.  Home Team Building Tips Introduction Why Team Building  Tell: the supervisor makes the decision and announces it Team Culture to staff. The supervisor provides complete direction. Tell Building a Team is useful when communicating about safety issues, government regulations and for decisions that neither require nor ask for employee input.  Sell: the supervisor makes the decision and then attempts to gain commitment from staff by "selling" the positive aspects of the decision. Sell is useful when employee commitment is needed, but the decision is not open to employee influence.
  19. 19.  Home Team Building Tips Introduction  Consult: the supervisor invites input into a decision while Why Team Building retaining authority to make the final decision. The key to a Team Culture successful consultation is to inform employees, on the Building a Team front end of the discussion, that their input is needed, but that the supervisor is retaining the authority to make the final decision.  Join: the supervisor invites employees to make the decision with the supervisor. The key to a successful join THANK YOU is when the supervisor truly builds consensus around a decision.  Delegate: The key to successful delegation is to always build a feedback loop and a timeline into the process. The supervisor must also share any "preconceived picture" for the anticipated outcome of the process.
  20. 20. Team Roles Home Reception Introduction Legal Advisor Why Team Building Team Culture Building a Team Team Leader Admin Public Relations Officer Social Media IT Manager Logistics Manager
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