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Evaluation Evaluation Presentation Transcript

  • EvaluationA2 MediaAlex GibbonSoap OperaTrailer The Groveaq091759
  • Link To Blog...http://alexgibbonsmedia.blogspot.com/Link To RoughCut Trailer...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi7W3hMkpBA
  • Planning...Before our group began planningour final piece we were given thetask on filming a short sequencein college lasting approximately30 seconds to help ease us intothe idea of creating our own soapopera. We first each watched a different soap opera and chose a scene to replicate ourselves. We chose scenes from Hollyoaks, Coronation street etc and attempted to make them our own. Link to our first in college trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-aiuwNflos
  • Planning... What are the interests of my target audience?Audience profile Teenagers 14-21, Male & Female Mood Board
  • Planning... Scripting: Before acting out our soap opera trailer we first had to come up with character names, storylines and scripts. This allowed us to plan the scenes and discuss what lines would work well in certain situations.
  • Planning... Tyson’s character has a name James’ character played the role which we felt reflected his of a nervous buyer. We felt that identity as a drug dealer. We in keeping with the stereotype also came up with a costume and conventions of how this sub that anchored the role he group look we dressed James in way playing. All black with a a similar manner only not as baseball cap, leather jacket dark coloured to connote who and hoodie created an was the veteran in this intertextual link to his dark James sequence. way of living.Craigs character played the role of a guywho was secretly seeing someone knowing Characters Jack and Charlotteshe was already with someone else. This role played the role ofwas difficult to anchor with costume ideas so couple that appearwe therefore stayed neutral and dressed him Max & to be doing just fine. However,like the everyday teenager. Craig characteralso has a secret dark side in the soap that the Sophie Charlotte acts out the role of a sort ofaudience should look out for. Max and Sophie were the goody girl but is soap operas main characters actually cheating so it was vital for them to on boyfriend Jack. stand out. However as they Jack costume is were a couple they also had that of a well to dress in a similar costume. dressed teenager This we did by using an emo subculture costume so they who has a car and what appears to be Jack & Craig were a distinctive part of the everything going Charlotte trailer. for him.
  • Q1. In what ways does your productuse, develop or challenge existingcodes and conventions? In coming up with a media product I was put into a team of highly skilled media students. When designing my product we had to consider how our camerawork and mis en scene would challenge existing codes and conventions. Controversially I, myself had to consider the editing and sound and how they developed/challenged existing codes and conventions.
  • Evaluation Question 1.Our first sequence/storyline was in an establishing medium long shotwhich we decided to use to represent the genre of the sequence. Wedecided to use this scene and shot type as we felt it related to thestereotype of what popular drug dealing scenes take place, in our soapopera it was in a rundown alleyway of a back road. The alley’s walls wereold and the floor was a mixture on broken pieces on concrete and rubble.This represented the characters roles in relation to James being in piecesand resorting to drugs. In using an establishing shot we were also able torepresent power and status. For example, in this shot Tyson appears as alarger character compared with the nervous James. This creates a deepermeaning in getting the message across to the audience of who is incontrol.When planning this scene we had not come across a drug dealingsequence in this sort of mis en scene in our background research,therefore we had to come up with the setting our self. In looking back wefeel as though this mis en scene was perfect in developing existing codesand conventions to how a stereotypical drug dealing scene would takeplace.
  • Evaluation Question 1. Our second sequence /storyline consists of a heartbreak scene by where Charlotte is at home with Craig after what appears to be some sort of behind closed doors cheating scene when her boyfriend Jack unexpectedly turns up as he’s leaving. In the first section of this sequence we decided to use a pan shot when the two characters are walking out of the room to make the audience feel as though they are stood in the position of the camera. We then continued the pan into an establishing over the shoulder shot of Jack who walks through the front door. This combined with a zoom in on Jacks face allows the audience to truly feel the emotions given off when he discovers this hugging scene. When the camera did zoom in it was vital that we kept the conventions on a close up shot that would result from the zoom. This meant making sure the characters face was centre on screen and correctly aligned so the audience felt the full force on his feelings.
  • Evaluation Question 1.The music I decided to use was an instrumental backing track of ‘Kings ofLeon’s’ Radioactive. This version of Radioactive had no lyrics. The reason Ichose the version that had no lyrics was because I felt that it may distractviewers from the visuals and diegetic sound. The song consisted of steadybeats and occasionally sped up, I felt that using and making the most ofthis sudden change in tempo would allow my audience to feel bothexcitement and concern all in the space of my trailer. The change intempo would also anchor the images on screen. One section of my trailerconsisted of a fight scene between drug deal Tyson and buyer James. Thiswas an ideal point to edit the music around this point so that the fatstempo matched the intensity of the violence. Later on in the trailerSophie gets a phone call telling her that Max has been involved in a fatalcar accident. The presented an ideal opportunity to exploit the section ofthe song where the tempo slows down. This require pin point editing andtiming and would ideally play into my audiences’ emotions.
  • Q2. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and your ancillary?Our Poster Our first ancillary was to create a poster to advertise our Soap Opera. In designing this we first had to use technologies such as a high pixel camera, a tripod, lights and a green screen to capture each image perfectly. We decided to take small group and two shot photos so that our storyline was connoted through an image. We had images on Craig, Charlotte and Jack together anchoring their narrative. Tyson and James together anchoring their drug dealing narrative and finally Max and Sophie at the front to show they are the main characters and have the main storyline.
  • Evaluation Question 2.When it came to editing and producing theposter we used a software called Photoshopwhere we could cut our images to be exactlywhat we wanted. After cropping the photosdown to the image we wanted we thenneeded to arrange them in a way that wouldfit them all in with enough space but also toretain the separate storyline. We thereforechose an arrow formation with Max andSophie at the from being the main characters.The placed Tyson & James and Jack, Charlotte& Jack either side of the main characters.When editing the images we made Tyson’scharacter a darker fade and dressed him in allblack to reflect his dark personality. Once wehad positioned our stars we had to choose abackground which we felt best suited the misen scene of the soap opera and the intertexuallink in relation to characters. We decided touse a brick wall background as it connotes thatthe soap is one of the street. We chose a wallthat had been run down to link into thepersona we were trying to create.
  • Evaluation Question 2.Our final two aspects of the poster we need to address were the name of the showand the branding of the channel it would be shown on. Our station branding wasrelatively simple, we just needed to locate an E4 logo with no name or time on itand edit into the bottom corner of the poster. We placed it in the bottom rightcorner as after our research into poster found that this followed convention. Ourown branding in terms of the name and how we would show it was more difficult.We had to select a colour, font, size and the positioning that would work perfectly.We chose a colour that would stand out but that wouldnt be too bright to distractthe audience from the images. We used a red colour with a black effect over the topto do this. The font we chose was an urban graffiti style font to assist incommunicating to our audience that this was a street based soap opera and sowould anchor our genre. Our final task with the soap name was positioning thisagain we did whilst following conventions so we placed it at the top of the posteraway from character faces.
  • Evaluation Question 2.Our Second ancillary was tocreate a TV guide front cover.To do this we were able to useboth our pictures and picturesfrom other group so the coverdidn’t look like a one showmagazine. In creating our ownit was vita we followed Our TV guideestablished conventions of cover to go hereother magazines such as‘Whats on TV’ and ‘TVChoice’. All TV guide frontcovers and designed to looktrashy and cheap, wetherefore had to replicate thisin the cover we would becreating.
  • Evaluation Question 2.In piecing it together we again followed the conventions of established magazine by placingbright buttons with prices slightly un-centred, the title of our TV guide in the top rightcorner and our main stars right in the middle of the magazine with other picturesrepresenting other soap moulded around the cover stars. Accompanied with the cover starswe needed a heading in big bold letters with a sub heading underneath either asking aquestion or delivering a shocking pieces of drama from the soap relating to the characters
  • Q3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?Once I had completed my soap opera trailer it was shown to an audience of A levelmedia students who after, gave me some constructive criticisms on what I couldimprove and make more engaging. This helped me get an insight of what teenagerswho I was ideally targeting for my trailer look for in a soap opera. Questions thatwere asked were pointers such as, was the dialogue clear? Were there a variety ofshot types? Is it clear what is happening at all points? (Etc).
  • Evaluation Question 3. An interesting suggestion I received was the flip the trailer on its head and use the opening sequence at the end. This, when I was editing the trailer I contemplated, but was unsure on what would be more interesting and engaging to my audience. Therefore, hearing it off my audience themselves confirmed that maybe I should Swap opening sequence indeed change the order of the sequence. All parts of with ending sequence? my trailer were analysed, including my music which plays a key roles in anchoring and making a good trailer. The song I used was a backing track of ‘Radioactive’, the reason I chose this was because the tempo was faced an as a result increased tension. However, as my audience pointed out there is a sequence in my trailer where a bombshell is dropped, this sudden change in feeling is in the shape of a car accident. Here my audience advised me to change and add in a second song to change the feeling so that all emotions are felt come the end of the trailer. This addition of another, possibly, slow and heartfelt track would anchor the images coming from the accident sequence.
  • Evaluation Question 3.Another piece of feedback I receivedwas off my teacher who advised me ona shot I use at the end of the trailer. It isthe accident scene and I pan up to thedriver’s side, however, I do not showthe audience the drivers face andinstead cut the scene just before hisface is revealed. My teacher has advisedme to show his face to create drama. Iwill therefore consider changing thefinal shot in order to create a shockeffect. Before I hand this in I will show itagain to my audience and ask themwhich version they prefer as this will In my trailer this shot thenconfirm which sequence I should go cuts at this moment towith another piece of footage. This is where I have been advised to carry on the pan and show the drivers face.
  • Evaluation Question 3. A final piece of feedback I received was to include a sequence I originally left out as I felt the camera work and acting wasn’t the required standard. Controversially I have been asked to first include it to see how the audience react to its quality but also because this short sequence has relevant information regarding the storyline of the soap opera. In talking part in this audience feedback exercise I have learnt valuable pointers about what my audience truly wants to watch, I have had advice on including a second song to helpA section of footage I have anchor differencing images and to change thenot included showed the two order of my sequences to assist in beginningcharacters Max & Sophie the trailer with shocking footage to hopefullycuddling. I have been advised instantly interest them. Once I have fulfilledto include this short piece of these feedback ideas I will ideally have a trailerfilm to help my audience which my audience will enjoy.understand their relationship
  • Q4. How did you use media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning andevaluation stages?Construction:When it came down to constructing our soap opera trailer we neededtechnologies such as a recording camera, a tripod stand and amicrophone to help record voice overs such as the phone call.The camera itself assisted us in getting all of our vital shots, from handhelp shots to mounting it onto our tripod and filming tracking shots.The zoom on the camera lens enabled us to get up close and personalshots on characters to drain out every emotion given off. The cameraitself also had a built in microphone which enabled us to record everypieces of dialogue without using a separate piece of technology.The tripod allowed us to track, pan and maintain focussed shots oncharacters. Making sure each character was in focus on every shotwas vital in intriguing the audience. If the shots were blurry myaudience would be unsure on what is happening and becomeuninterested in the sequence.The microphone we only used after we had finished filming to provideus with a voice over phone call we could dub over during the editingprocess. Took us no more than a minute and was easy to upload ontothe computer and extract the audio.
  • Evaluation Question 4. Research: Before we went out and hot our footage we had to do some background research. This involved accessing technologies such as YouTube to look up and watch other soap opera trailers and episodes so that we had an idea of what existing codes and conventions we would be following in recording our trailer. Also when researching we were asked to set up our own blog so that we could publish various pieces of established soap opera conventions for each of us to see. Not only did this develop our existing knowledge on creating our own trailer but it also provided us with ideas for our own. Another part of our research was a practical assignment in completing a preliminary task. This (as previously discussed) involved us being put into our group and told to replicate 3-5 scenes out of an established soap. This gave us an insight into how it would feel to direct and produce our own trailer for the very time. After filming our preliminary task we were told to upload it to YouTube were we could receive some feedback to help us on our final trailer.
  • Evaluation Question 4.Planning:When planning our soap opera trailer we first createdour own storyboards. This gave us a chance to sitdown and discuss and plan out as a group how eachsequence would take place. This meant that onshooting day we would know exactly what we weretrying to capture in the time we had. The assistance ofsetting up our own individual blog helped as well. Itmeant that any work each of us did at home byourselves, we could share online via our blogs for therest of the group to see, comment and advise on whatwe could change or improve. The blog also allowed usto publish existing products from YouTube so that ifwe found a piece of footage from an established soapopera we could send a link to our group mates anddiscuss how we could use and develop some of theconventions demonstrated.
  • Evaluation Question 4.Evaluation:When it came down to evaluating my soap opera trailer I wasgiven the choice of a PowerPoint, prezi presentation or a voiceover interview with visual aids. I chose to do a PowerPointsimply because it was what I did last year for my musicmagazine so I was familiar with the approach I had to take andthe way it needed to be laid out.
  • Link To Final Trailer...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhS496qNODQ