Apwa CV Branch Project of Merit 2012


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Apwa CV Branch Project of Merit 2012

  1. 1. Project of Merit 2012The Coachella Valley Branch of the Southern California Chapter of APWA seeks to recognizeoutstanding public works projects or programs completed between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.The Coachella Valley Branch Project of Merit has been established to: • Recognize outstanding capital improvement projects and public works programs within the Coachella Valley; • Share good ideas displayed in these projects and programs with the members of the Coachella Valley APWA Branch; and • Showcase the variety, caliber, quality, nature and breadth of work performed by the agencies and or the consulting partners for projects delivered for the public within the Coachella Valley.To nominate a project for the Coachella Valley APWA Branch Project of Merit, please submit thisform along with the requested information to the Project of Merit Committee at either of theaddresses listed below. Upon receipt of this form, a committee member may contact you or theproject contacts listed below to discuss this submittal.Name of Project: ______________________________________________________________Nominator Agency/Company: ____________________________________________________Nominator Contact: ____________________________________________________________Phone: (______)________________ Email: ___________________________________Award Category: ______________________________________________________________Project Responsible Agency: ____________________________________________________Agency Project Manager/Contact: ________________________________________________Phone: (______)________________ Email: ___________________________________Consultant Project Manager (If applicable): _________________________________________Phone: (______)________________ Email: ___________________________________Submit Applications to:Brad Donais Nick NickersonRBF Consulting NAI Consulting74130 Country Club Drive, Suite 201 68955 Adelina RoadPalm Desert, CA 92253 Cathedral City, CA 62234
  2. 2. Project of Merit 2012Coachella Valley APWA BranchAward Categories (Check All Involved):  Street and Transportation  Public Facilities and Buildings Street Improvement Library Bridge Civic Center Pedestrian Facility Corporate Facility Streetscape/Landscape Community Center Urban Renewal Parks and Recreation Facilities  Traffic Congestion/Mitigation  Water and Wastewater Traffic Calming Water and Reclaimed Water System Signal Improvement/Innovations Sanitary Sewer Treatment and System Pedestrian Safety Irrigation Water System Congestion Management Drainage/Flood Protection Groundwater Recharge  Public Works Management Pavement Management  Creative and Innovative GIS Energy Conservation Solid Waste Management NPDES Programs Public Works Website Public Involvement Non-Motorized Plans Project of Merit Award will be given to those projects that the Committee deems outstanding in any of the above mentioned categories. In any given year, not all categories may have a Project of Merit awarded. Each submittal package should address the following areas to the extent applicable in the supporting project submittal documentation.  Project/Program Description and Goals;  Unique project/program aspects;  Demonstration of meeting the project/program goals;  Positive impacts to the community as a result of the project;  Innovation in use of technology and/or management applications;  Integration of aesthetics and visual appeal;  Safety improvements or enhancements;  Cost effective design solutions;  Challenging environmental considerations;  Community outreach during design and/or construction;  Design and construction completion dates contained within the contracts, and addressing all time extensions;  Original construction contract cost, addressing Change Orders and impact to budget and completion;  Additional considerations to bring to the attention of the review panel.
  3. 3. Project of Merit 2012Coachella Valley APWA BranchSelection Criteria: Projects or programs submitted for consideration should be unique oroutstanding in one or more of the following areas:  Project Performance: Achieved the project goals; delivered on schedule; demonstrated cost effectiveness; cooperation amongst agencies, consultants and contractor; and public involvement & awareness.  Unique Aspects: Innovative features through the planning and execution of the project/program that sets it apart from other similar projects/programs.  Quality of Life: Results in a positive impact to the community including residents, businesses and visitors; sustainable features and environmentally sensitive solutions; provides a new or improves and existing service to the community.Eligibility: To be eligible for nomination, a project or program must have been “substantiallycompleted” and available for public or agency use between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Ifthe project has multiple phases or segments, then “substantially completed” will be construed asthat point when the final phase or segment if 90% completed and available for public and/oragency use.There is a maximum of one award per category, per agency, per year. There is no limit to thenumber of submissions per agency, but each project or program may only be nominated once ina single category.Nomination Process: Nominations must be submitted by an APWA Member or MemberAgency, active in the Coachella Valley APWA Branch. Award nomination packets areavailable at the General Membership Meeting as well as via email from either Brad Donais(bdonais@rbf.com) or Nick Nickerson (nnickerson@naiconsulting.com) upon request. Aseparate application must be used for each project submittal. Applications will not be returned.Submission Requirements: Each nominator shall submit four (4) color hard copies of thesubmittal package. The package shall include the Nomination Form, a brief project write-up,program materials and color pictures of the project. Supporting documentation is limited to 2pages (doubled sided) or 4 pages (singled sided) on 8.5” x 11” paper, exclusive of photographsand the nomination form.The submittal packages shall be sent to either:Brad Donais Nick NickersonRBF Consulting NAI Consulting74130 Country Club Drive, Suite 201 68955 Adelina RoadPalm Desert, CA 92253 Cathedral City, CA 62234Deadline for Submittals: All nominations must be received at either of the two addressedlisted about by August 3, 2012, by close of business.Award Notification: Successful nominators will be notified before the end of August 2012.Award Presentation: Project of Merit Award winners will be formerly announced at theNovember APWA General Membership Meeting.Questions: Please call either Brad Donais (760-776-6132) or Nick Nickerson (760-323-5344).