Social Recruiting - Peek at 2015


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The future of talent acquisition is now! Mobile, Social and everything in between.

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Social Recruiting - Peek at 2015

  1. 1. Social Recruiting:Talent Acquisition in 2015 Alex Putman Director of Global Talent Acquisition Case-Mate February 28, 2012 @alexputman
  2. 2. AgendaMobile Recruiting o Mobile Overview o Mobile Apps o QR codes o Augmented RealityTalent Communities o Where are the candidates? o What is a Talent Community? o Build & Maintain Your Community!Recruitment Marketing o What is it? o Targeted Strategies o Branded Pages o Pay Per Click
  3. 3. What Do You Imagine?“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein What do you hope to accomplish from social recruiting? o Enhance the candidate experience? o Build/Grow/Farm a Talent Community? o Engagement? o Find candidates?
  4. 4. Mobile Recruiting
  5. 5. Mobile Recruiting Always on, always with us, always connectedIn an average 1 week period ___% of mobile users will: • 81% browse internet • 77% use a search engine • 48% watch a video • 63% access a social network • 39% use in bathroom • 33% use while watching tv • 70% use while in a store • 74% make a buy decision based on info from smartphone • 95% use to find local info • 71% of mobile search is due to seeing an ad • 42% people click on mobile ads
  6. 6. Mobile Size
  7. 7. Mobile Internet Growth
  8. 8. Mobile Use
  9. 9. Mobile Phone Use Breakdown
  10. 10. Future of Mobile• 91.4 million mobile internet users in US today.• This will jump to 132.5 million / 41.5% percent of the U.S. population by 2015, according to eMarketer• CareerBuilder has seen more than a 270% increase in page views on its mobile website, Android app, and iPhone app from March 2010 to March 2011.• CTIA-The Wireless Association projects that 270 MM US residents use some sort of mobile device (89% of the total population)• A recent study conducted by Mobile Recruiting News reported that 95% of Smart Phone owners would “consider job seeking on their mobile.”How can you prepare:• Create an app• Optimize your site for mobile
  11. 11. Mobile Apps
  12. 12. PepsiCo Case StudyAt a glance, PepsiCo is focused on connecting andengaging, beyond just a job search. Some of thefunctionality of the “Possibilities” app include: o PepsiCo Twitter feed o Content for why, the people, the brands, FAQ’s, and ways to connect with Recruiters. o Scanning their brands with a stickybits partnership o The Feeds from the lineup of PepsiCo blogs o PepsiCo YouTube o Geo-location job search functionality
  13. 13. More Apps19M monthly visit 15k monthly visits
  14. 14. QR CodesWhat is a QR Code?2 dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned using any smart phone.This code will then be converted into a piece of (interactive) text and/orlinkHow can I use it in recruiting? o Drive traffic to career portal o Provide positive candidate experience o Create memorable content o Saves visits to mobile device Looks expensive and technical?
  15. 15. Augmented RealityWhat is Augmented Reality?Why scan a code when we can scan objects, images, face, logos, etc. in theirnatural form and then get redirectedGoogle Goggles• Scan a business card for easy input• Scan logo’s for mobile informationLinkMeMobile• Images instantly become hyperlinks, encouraging consumers to interact.MobiusWorld• Facial recognition
  16. 16. Talent Communities Build a Community of Talent
  17. 17. Where Are People “Socializing”• Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn)• RSS Feeds• Aggregators (Indeed, SimplyHired)• Virtual Worlds (SecondLife)• Video (YouTube, Vimeo)• Podcast (• Blogs (WordPress, Blogger)• Micro Blogs (Twitter, IM, Texting)• Wiki’s• Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Digg)• Location Based Social (Foursquare, FB Places)
  18. 18. Talent CommunitiesWhere do you get your best hires? o Employee Referrals o “little black book” o Pipeline o Passive SeekersWhat is a Talent Community?an environment consisting of people who can shareideas for the purpose of career networking or socialrecruiting of candidates
  19. 19. Benefits of Talent Communities• Easy to reach qualified candidates• Candidates engaged to your business• Less dependence on traditional job boards• Less money spent on job advertisements• Increased interaction with potential candidates• Provide insight and clarity of your organization• Better quality of applicants to job openings• Creates a talent pipeline for future job openings• Attracts passive candidates
  20. 20. How to Build A Talent CommunityTurn your “careers” page into a central hub for: o Past (“alumni”) employees o Company “fans” o Leased employees o Interested candidates o Recruiters o Hiring managers o Current employees Best Practices: o Incorporate tools for communication and interaction to drive conversations in your talent community. o Provide an exclusive look into your organization, its employees and the culture behind the company. o Use video, multimedia, photos, testimonials
  21. 21. Maintain Your Talent CommunityWhen you start engaging candidates through a talentcommunity, it’s important to continue to provide value ona regular basis.Ways to do so:o Send updates or an e-newslettero Providing “VIP” information on new job openings and internship programso Create contestso Provide information via blog postso Communicate and connect via social media.
  22. 22. Recruitment MarketingYes, the Talent Department is a BRAND!
  23. 23. What is Recruitment Marketing? Recruitment Marketing is attracting applicants to your brandAttraction Via:o Talent Communitieso Mobile campaignso Targeted postingso Referralso Social Mediao Advertising Remember: You are marketing your companyTalent BrandRecruitment marketing is unique in that a company has the opportunity todevelop a sub-brand that encompasses employee lifestyle – what we call a talentbrand.
  24. 24. Where to Begin• Clear understanding of your talent brand and what type of candidates you would like to attract.• Not everyone who is qualified for a position will be a good fit for your company• Once you know whom you want to attract, you can start o Build out email campaigns o Social job promotions o Developing a community based career site that is geared toward the type of applicants desired.
  25. 25. Organizational Involvement Involve everyone in the company TiVoo sends a separate recruiting email twice a month to all employees o providing hiring updates o interesting articles o referral incentives.o Each email includes a specific, personalized message, usually a story or anecdote about a referral
  26. 26. Targeted Social Strategies• Orbitz has developed a unique social recruiting strategy based on targeting passive candidates.• The company cultivates a number of leads through o Social media o Newsletters o User groups o Sourcing o On-campus events at high schools and universities worldwide
  27. 27. Social Recruiting ATS• Social Recruiting Platform• Facebook “Work With Us” app• Develop social recruiting campaigns• Interact on all major social platforms• Everyone in company is a recruiter• Sourcing tools: integrate paid, non paid and Boolean search.• Reporting o What’s working, who is referring etc…
  28. 28. Branded Pages
  29. 29. LinkedIn
  30. 30. Glassdoor
  31. 31. Pay Per Click
  32. 32. What is PPC?• Pay Per Click is just like it sounds: o Pay when your job is clicked o “bid” on key words you want to use o Choose by o Location o Age o interest
  33. 33. Targeted PPC options Almost 1 billion users 140 million users 72 million unique visitors annually660 million unique visitors annually
  34. 34. Job Boards vs Aggregators* - comScore Media Metrix, August 2011
  35. 35. Contact Alex Putman | Director of Global Talent @
  36. 36. Credits’s 2011 Social Recruiting Report – www.jobvite.comcomScore Media Metrix, August 2011