Ed Hardy social media competitive analysis


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Ed Hardy social media competitive analysis

  2. 2. Overview• History and origin• Ed Hardy social channels• Activity snapshot• Observations• Competitive analysis
  3. 3. History and origin• The label is based on Don Ed Hardy’s tattoo art and print making background• In 2004, Christian Audigier licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line• The clothing line is plays on people’s aspirations and is premium in nature and branding
  4. 4. Social channelsChannel Facebook Twitter Instagram iOS app INVITING – INFORMATIVE - ILLUMINATING – REWARDING – Driving Loyalty Brand hygiene & Spreading advocacy Nurturing opinionRole Support leaders Seasonal promos Feed from Facebook Seasonal Promos Create your own tattoo Vintage features and Instagram: Vintage Features artRole & content Tattoo features Vintage features Tattoo features Share cards and New product features Tattoo features Polls/Discussions artwork created on Seasonal promos social networks Polls/DiscussionsEngagement Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer engagement: High engagement: engagement: Low engagement: High to Moderate moderatePerformance Fans: 1,721,644 Followers: 8,738 Followers: 342 Reviews: 3.5 stars Talking About 16,288 Engagement rate: 0.9%
  5. 5. Content snapshot - FacebookSales and promotional Vintage gallery posts have Ink of the week postsposts get good engagement slightly lower engagement – perform very well and– over 2000 likes, about 1000 likes, comments there is an improvementcomments and shares on and shares on each of them. when the post copy inviteseach of them. a response.
  6. 6. Content snapshot - TwitterTwitter posts are an automatic duplication of the These types of questions and engagement-pollsFacebook posts interspersed with Tweet polls are a regular feature on Twitter. Images from theand questions using Instagram images. Official Ed Hardy account are used for these posts.
  7. 7. Content snapshot – InstagramProduct/Sale posts Poll, Question, Discussion – Vintage Ink celebrates thegenerally use existing these posts are published to founder of the Ed Hardyimages from Facebook and Twitter and are a form of clothing line and hishighlight sale items or new engagement for the audience. connection to tattoos andreleases. tattoo art.
  8. 8. Overall observations• Facebook: This is the primary social channel for the Ed Hardy brand and the main avenue for conversation between the brand and the audience. Content includes a mix of promotional posts, vintage features and tattoo art features• Twitter: The content for Twitter feeds off the Facebook page currently. There are also poll/discussion images that are published from Instagram to build conversation. The brand could utilize Twitter to a greater extent with more frequent posts and a separate content strategy• Instagram: Content topics are consistent with Facebook and Twitter. Polls and discussion images are pushed to Twitter as well. The brand’s presence on the channel is new (started earlier this year) but people have been tagging their photos with #edhardy and the brand should look into engaging with and activating this audience group who does not yet follow the official account presence• App: The app works well for the target audience allowing them to connect with the brand by creating their own tattoo designs and sharing them with friends
  9. 9. Competitive analysis
  10. 10. Top clothing Facebook pages The Top 5 clothing pages worldwide• The top 5 clothing brands are a mix of luxury and mass consumption brands – Burberry to H&M. There is a strong female focus for all the brands in the Top 5 – Victoria’s Secret, ZARA.• Ed Hardy is at #48 globally The top pages in Retail/Consumer and brands performing Merchandise similarly are New Look (female focus) and Billabong (surfing and outdoor sport focus)
  11. 11. Competitors’ analysisHere are some other clothing brands that have a marketing style thatis similar to Ed Hardy’s or are speaking to the same target audience:• Affliction• True Religion
  12. 12. Social channels – AfflictionChannel Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube INVITING – REWARDING – ILLUMINATING – REWARDING – Driving engagement Promoting the brand Inside look Nurturing opinionRole leaders Collection launches Promotions and Behind the scenes Branded ambassadorRole & content Athlete features contests Artwork in progress content Artist features Athlete features Designs in progress Behind the scenes Behind the scenesEngagement Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer engagement: High to engagement: engagement: High engagement: Low to moderate Moderate moderatePerformance Fans: 178,360 Followers: 21,296 Followers: 3,273 Views: 7,847,281 Talking about: 2,700 Subscribers: 3,766 Engagement rate: 1.5%
  13. 13. Content snapshot - Affliction Twitter: Content includes athlete features, artwork, Instagram contentFacebook: Instagram:Content includes designer artwork, Content includes behind the scenes,athlete/ambassador features, artwork and culturally relevant postsbehind the scenes, new collectionlaunches and online shoppromotions YouTube: Branded content featuring sponsored musicians, athletes, behind the scenes
  14. 14. Social channels – True ReligionChannel Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr YouTube ENGAGMENT – UPDATE – staying ILLUMINATING – REWARDING – INFORMATIVE - Driving interaction current Building brand Nurturing opinion Brand hygiene &Role history leaders Support Collection launches ‘Live’ event tweeting Brand content Influencer interviews Branded content Editorial features Content from Inspiration Behind the scenesRole & content Influencers Facebook and Celebrities ambassadors Promotions Tumblr New collections Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer ConsumerEngagement engagement: High to engagement: engagement: Low engagement: Low to engagement: Low to moderate moderate moderate moderatePerformance Fans: 875,392 Followers: 17,355 Followers: 796 - Views: 26,793 Talking About: Subscribers: 86 13,506 Engagement rate: 1.5%
  15. 15. Content snapshot – True Religion Twitter: Content includes sponsored event tweets, content from Facebook & TumblrFacebook: Pinterest:Content includes new collection Content includes collections, stylelaunches, sponsored events, inspirations and celebritiesinfluencers, editorial features Tumblr: Content includes Interviews, behind the scenes images, blogger features
  16. 16. THANK YOU.