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Smartphones & Tablets

  1. 1. Why You Need toAdd Smartphonesand Tablets to YourLearningEnvironment Aaron Puley Parent and Student Engagement Consultant HWDSB
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  5. 5. iTouch / iPhone / iPod / Android With more and more students carrying iTouch, iPhone, and Android devices, the question often comes up….. How can I use these devices to benefit the student’s learning and to accompany my program and curriculum?
  6. 6. The iPod Classroom News segment about an iPod touch program in Fluvanna county, VA.The iPod touch has a huge amountof potential in the classroom torevolutionize the way students learnand teachers teach. 472
  7. 7. The iPod Classroom 5:4 2
  8. 8. NFB Films
  9. 9. Productivity:Notetaking, documenting, scrapbooking,checklisting
  10. 10. Productivity:Notetaking, documenting, scrapbooking, checklisting
  11. 11. Evernote
  12. 12. Egretlist:To Do List, Checklists, Assignments
  13. 13. Documents To Go Premium • Docs To Go is the only app with viewing and editing capabilities for Word, Excel, & PowerPoint
  14. 14. iBlogging • iPhone and Android apps for bloggers are carving out a niche in the mainstream blogging world. Its not far when bloggers would adopt to a new vogue – iBlogging.
  15. 15. Wordpress
  16. 16. Tumblr
  17. 17. Tumblr Teachers Students • Engage / stimulate • Can post blogs in a students in creative variety of way environment (audio, video, text, etc.) • Facilitate learning in a • Opportunity to be digital environment creative (customizable) • Develop • Posting is seamless oral, visual, and writing (bookmarklet allows skills in one platform posts from websites) • Online, paperless • Can use Smart Phone
  18. 18. Tumblr Lesson Ideas • Field Trip / Scavenger Hunt (document the trip in words, images, and video) • Research – post links, commentary, and ideas • Journaling / Book + Reading Logs • Anything really!
  19. 19. Twitter
  20. 20. Dragon Dictation
  21. 21. Dragon Search
  22. 22. Dropbox
  23. 23. Dropbox
  24. 24. Google Mobile
  25. 25. Google Earth
  26. 26. Lino
  27. 27. 30 Benefits of Ebooks Ebooks… PastoreCopyright © 2008 by Michael1. Ebooks promote reading. People arespending more time in front of screens andless time in front of printed books.2. Ebooks are good for the environment.Ebooks save trees. Ebooks eliminate theneed for filling up landfills with old books.Ebooks save transportation costs and thepollution associated with shipping books
  28. 28. 4. Ebooks, faster to produce than paper Ebooks…books, allow readers to read books aboutcurrent issues and events.5. Ebooks are easily updateable, for correctingerrors and adding information.6. Ebooks are searchable. Quickly you can findanything inside the book. Ebooks are globallysearchable: you can find information in manyebooks.7. Ebooks are portable. You can carry an entirelibrary on one DVD.
  29. 29. 10. Ebooks defy time: they can be delivered Ebooks…almost instantly. Ebooks are transported toyou faster than overnight shipping: in minutesor in seconds.11. Ebooks defy space: ebooks online can beread simultaneously by thousands of peopleat once.12. Ebooks are cheaper to produce. Thus,small presses can attempt to compete withmedia giants.13. Ebooks are cheaper to buy.
  30. 30. 14. Ebooks are free. The magnificent work of Ebooks… the classics atProject Gutenberg, and other online publiclibraries, allow readers to readno cost.15. Ebooks can be annotated without harmingthe original work.16. Ebooks make reading accessible to personswith disabilities. Text can be re-sized for thevisually impaired. Screens can be lit forreading in the dark.17. Ebooks can be hyper-linked, for easier
  31. 31. 21. Ebooks, with their capacity for Ebooks…storage, encourage the publishing of bookswith many pages, books that might be tooexpensive to produce (and purchase) inpaperback.22. Ebooks -- without outrageous DRMschemes -- are made for sharing. Ebooks canbe quickly duplicated, and then distributed tostrangers or given to your friends. Worry nomore about your loaned books that will neverbe returned.23. Ebooks empower individuals to write and
  32. 32. 25. Ebooks posted online encourage Ebooks… accuracy --comments, corrections, and feedback -- whicheliminates mistakes and improvesespecially important when dealing withscientific and technological issues.26. Ebooks allow publishers to publish (andreaders to read) works by a larger number ofauthors, and works on a wider variety oftopics. Critics of traditional book publishing(such as Jason Epstein and Andre Schriffin)state that economic pressures have reducedand limited the number of authors and topicsthat traditional publishers will now produce.
  33. 33. 28. Ebooks help paperbook publishers to sell Ebooks… for free, haspaperbooks. Cory Doctorow has explainedthat the giving away of ebooks,helped to sell the paperback editions of hisstories and novels.29. Ebooks are evolving. As technologydevelops, ebooks may contain new features.For example, a book of recipes may contain arecipe calculator to figure how much maplesyrup is needed to bake 200 cookies. Anebook that prepares you for the GRE couldinclude an interactive test. An ebook aboutpolitics might allow you to click a link and
  34. 34. Book Readers
  35. 35. Stanza
  36. 36. Amazon Kindle
  37. 37. eReader
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Some Sites to Check Out• iPod touch. Touching student lives in the classroom. – mID=16472• iPods in the Classroom. –• The iSchool Initiative – =104980&title=The_iSchool_Initiative