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Aptira presents OpenStack Load Balancing as a Service at Banglore India OSUG meetup 22 06 2013
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Aptira presents OpenStack Load Balancing as a Service at Banglore India OSUG meetup 22 06 2013



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  • 1. LBaaSLoad Balancer as a Service
  • 2. dguitarbite@aptira$ whoami● dguitarbite on IRC and WWW● Jr. Cloud Engineer @ Aptira● OpenStack Contributor (docs)● Noob Hacker● Google dguitarbite for more ...
  • 3. Contents○ Overview○ Features○ Architecture Overview○ Current Implementation○ Future Roadmaps○ Q n A
  • 4. What is LoadBalancing?Load Balancing is method for distributing workloadsacross● multiple computers/clusters● network links● CPUs, Disk Drives etc.to be more preciseyour Cloud ...for● optimizing resource use● maximizing throughput● minimizing response time● avoiding overload
  • 5. Why Load Balancer for OpenStack ?○ Availability○ Scalability○ Manageability○ Monitoring
  • 6. Features○ RESTful○ CLI○ Horizon Dash UI○ HA Proxy Solutions○ Support for Devstack
  • 7. More on Load Balancing● Load Balancing between VMs● Session Persistence● Health Mon (TCP, HTTP)● Automatic Device Selection (Currently Only VMs)● Sticky Sessions● Dynamically adding/removing VMs to LB● Graceful Exclusion of a VM from LB● Health Monitoring and High Availability● SSL offload/acceleration
  • 8. Architecture● Modular Structure● Drivers● Standard API(openstack-common)
  • 9. Design &Implementation
  • 10. Grizzly Implementation○ HA Proxy Process per VIP○ VIP on same subnet○ NAT only○ No Support for Multi-Network Nodes○ No HA Support
  • 11. Plan for Havana○ Multi Vendor Support○ Tenant API○ Network Topologies○ Service Types to specify required service○ Out of Box Solutions○ Default Open Source Load Balancer Driver
  • 12. Future RoadMap○ next-gen unified API for tenants & cloud admins(PayPal, Atlas,Mirantis and Amazon ELB)○ Tighter Integration with OS○ Support for HA○ Resource Limits○ Auto-Scaling○ SSL Termination○ Drivers for more LBs○ Software Load Balancers on Demand○ Server Farm Monitoring and Statistics
  • 13. ThankYouAnyQuestions?Photo Credits :http://www.seemsartless.com/photos/full/rock-balance.jpghttp://openclipart.orghttp://search.creativecommons.org/License:This work is licensed under the CreativeCommons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Toview a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/.