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Our concern to increase service efficiency has led us to develop, based on our long-term experience, two online platforms dedicated to HR specialists.
APTITUDE HR is an integrated platform of human resources management (HRMS - Human Resources Management System) that meets the flexibility requirements of the modern HR management models. It has a modular structure based on the field-specific processes. Tailored to the real needs of any organization,

APTITUDE HR supports the following activities:
- Organizational structure management
- Recruitment and selection management
- Competency assessment through questionnaires, multiple choice tests and assessment centres
- Staff hiring and administration
- Timesheet management and holiday planning
- Compensation management
- Performance management
- Development programme planning and implementation
- Corporate travel management
- Financial management of service contracts
- Internal control and auditing
- Operational parameters and performance indicators reporting

The application’s modules enable operational efficiency of all major activities of human resources management, and offer practical support in monitoring and automating all phases of the employee lifecycle from recruitment through to exit. The platform is 100% web based, information is centralized and functions are self-service, both for employees and managers. APTITUDE HR uses an advanced security system with role-based access control and passwords and can be hosted on the users’ own servers or delivered as SAAS (software as a service). The platform allows simultaneous management of employees across multiple companies (holding entities) and offers flexibility in managing different employment modalities. APTITUDE HR also enables integration with other applications via export/import and advanced work process customization and parameterization in compliance with the user company’s internal procedures. The application is available in both Romanian and English and, upon request, can be adapted to accommodate the most used European languages.

APTITUDE HR is readily tailored to suit the customer’s business requirements due to the high degree of adaptability and easy implementation. The platform has wide applicability regardless of industry or business volume and the application is being constantly developed to keep up with the market dynamics and the evolution of the HR management sector.
For more interesting information on this top-quality product, we invite you to visit our website at http://www.aptitude.ro . Feel free to ask any questions you may have (contact details are available on site).

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  1. 1. It’s not just what we know about HR is also how we use IT...A web-based standardized yet flexible HRMS to be used as a service. APTITUDESmart Human Resources Management Recruiting and Selection Organizational Design On-boarding and Contract Management Employee Data Management Time and Attendance Tracking Employee Status Change Employee Termination Performance Evaluation System Training and Development
  2. 2. It’s not just what we know about HR is also how we use IT...APTITUDE smart hrWe are a proactive HR services provider...We believe strategy is a people issue… That’s why we deliver the right models to make strategyhappen. Our products are focused on technical innovation that drives enterprise transformation.As an HR End-to-End Service Provider we combine business-oriented frameworks, IT strategyexpertise, development tools and deployment techniques to build solutions...…flexible stillstandardized, easy to manage solutions to support different HR models: Payroll processing,Personnel leasing, Centralized locations, Shared services, Outsourcing.We have designed an HRMS (HR Management System)…We called it APTitude…IT answers the flexibility requirements of the human resources management models thatevolve in the market. We have built modules based on actual services in the attempt toanswer specific needs:? Management Organization? and Selection Recruitment? Personnel Administration? Time and Attendance Tracking? and Benefits Compensation? Management and Development and Performance? ReportingThe web based functionalities provide additional value added components to our service deliverymodel or directly to application clients, based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model .It’s not just what we know about HR it’s also how we use IT...Being an actual HR player in a changing workforce market, guarantees that we are a partner with a practicalperspective: we are experienced in balancing whats possible and whats truly useful. Whether you requireassistance with creating your company’s IT strategy for HR activities, turning that strategy into solutions orproviding actual operational support, our service offerings can be tailored to suit your exact needs. We use thepower of relationships in everything we do from helping clients use technology to reduce costs and increaseefficiency, to crafting solutions that promote innovation & growth.Industry expertise: Communications & High Tech, Consumer & Retail, Banking & Finance, PharmaProcess expertise: Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service,Procurement, HR, Sales, IT. ...a web-based standardized yet flexible HRMS to be used as a service.
  3. 3. It’s not just what we know about HR is also how we use IT... ...a web-based standardized yet flexible HRMS to be used as a service.APTITUDE smart hr WHAT DO COMPANIES NEED TO COMPETE IN THE FUTURE? WHICH HR PROCESSES DRIVE THE MOST OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT & COST SAVINGS? we know how... Transforming HR into a strategic partner Improving Managing talent Non core HR Admin Mobility admin Payroll High leadership Training admin Developmen Recruitment admin Managing change and cultural transformation Data management Managing Financial Improving Enhancing Demographics reporting performance Importance Discipline & Future importance employee management and Commitment grievance admin Employee Strategic value Becoming a Non compete learning High Competency mgmt • surveys Organization Managing work-life Pension & Medium benefits admin Managing Balance Training Performance Delivering on Globalization Measuring HR and Low content management HR performance recruiting and employee performance measurement development Time and Staffing Managing Release mgmt Training attendance Diversity Relevance today needs Restructuring Compensation Release Potential for The organization Managing corporate and benefits Cost Savings Induction social responsibility planning Recruitment Coaching High Providing shared services HR Strategy source & Workforce and outsourcing HR Low High planning incl. selection Medium Low Mastering HR processes expats Career planning Core and of Low strategic High Current capability Low importance Low Improvement Potential HighOur systems allows HR mangers to focus on Mastering HR Processes The delivery of HR information and services is By using APTITUDE, you will be free of much of the day-more strategic activities through an on-line, To be perceived favorably by senior management, HR undergoing a radical change. It is easy to underestimate to-day transaction processing that used to consume your functions must systematically assess and improve all basic HR the impact of the technology on this field. For years, we time. The system covers most of the routine processes.strong, empowered system that addresses all processes. To increase efficiency and effectiveness, they heard about the way information systems would change It is a time of opportunity for those willing to work in newtransactional activities and enables growth and should carefully consider shifting service or administrative HR, but we saw little real change. With the advent of the ways, and a time of risk for those mired in the past.development. functions to outsourcing companies or shared service web, many of the promises of technology can be APTITUDE is a framework for successful process centers. delivered. Your business requirements are being met. reengineering providing best practices based support.Challenges to come Delivering on Recruiting and StaffingCompanies in Europe will face five particularly critical HR As skilled labor becomes harder to obtain, company loyaltychallenges in the near future: managing talent, managing decreases, and traditional means—such as newspaper WHERE HR STAFF MEMBERS SPEND THE HIGHEST WHY SHOULD YOUR COMPANY USE APTITUDE AS Ademographics, becoming a learning organization, managing advertisements and Web pages— lose effectiveness, HR mustwork-life balance, and managing change and cultural renovate its current recruiting and staffing processes in NUMBER OF HOURS RELIABLE SUPPORT TOOL? Payroll-related activities 18% To enable HR to be more strategictransformation. Corporations that can meet these challenges cooperation with the line managers. In particular, HR HR administration 14% To reduce the number of points of contact for employeeshead on will build and sustain competitive advantage. executives should focus on internal staffing, since, Benefits administration 13% To establish clear accountability for HR service deliveryMeeting the five critical challenges looming on the horizon surprisingly, corporate executives consider it a common area Leave of absence management 5% To deliver cost effective HR servicewill be a herculean task for HR executives— but it is not the of weakness in HR. Transforming HR into a Strategic Partner Recruitment and selection 12% To drive standardized HR service deliveryonly one they face. If they hope to gain the trust of senior Training and development 7% To improve serviceexecutives, HR executives must also get the fundamentals of Top executives expect their HR managers to Compensation management 6% To reduce administrative coststhe HR function right. Top corporate leaders rated the demonstrate business acumen, pragmatism, and Regulatory and compliance 7% To streamline services by reducing process steps, approvalsperformance of their company’s HR function most highly efficiency while supporting cultural change and Employee relations 12% To increase employee satisfactionwhen they perceived that it was mastering HR processes, increasing overall skill levels at the company. The HRdelivering on recruiting and staffing, and transforming HR into Risk management 6% department also must measure its performance againsta strategic partner. qualitative, quantitative, and financial metrics.
  4. 4. It’s not just what we know about HR is also how we use IT...APTITUDE smart hr WE FOCUS ON THE HR OPERATIONS EFFICIENCY based on the employee life cycle management...100% Web-based design? ? role-based security AdvancedFully hosted? ? self-service (ESS) features Employee? design that enables customersMulti-entity Manager self-service (MSS) features ?manage multiple companies business units Wizards based workflow ??Full data exchange capabilities ? customization capabilities Advanced?Single sign-on ? Changes tracking and audit trailsWhile the basics of the model are standardized for all business segments globally, there areelements of the model which offer some flexibility. In these cases, we capture your input andfeedback on these elements so that we can further develop/validate the operating model andunderstand service differentiation requirements for your segment/function.EMPLOYEE LIFECYCLE Recruiting Onboarding Time & Appraisal Status change Development Termination Attendance & TrainingAPTITUDE IN-SCOPE PROCESS AREAS (MODULES) Organization New hire Employee data PE forms Internal Employee Employee modeling integration administration management recruiting development dismissal plan management Job profiling Papers Time and Feedback Employee Training Employee management attendance collection history portfolio account tracking tracking management closure Recruiting Selection Induction Payroll Ranking Appendixes TrainingManagement preparation management enrollmentComponents/ modules are available both as stand alone applications and as integrated system. APTITUDE canalso be fully integrated with payroll applications (e.g: WIZ Salary) ...a web-based standardized yet flexible HRMS to be used as a service.
  5. 5. APTITUDE smart hr RECRUITINGA component of the APTITUDE suite that supports recruitment services andimproves hiring efficiencyRecruitment & selection process is the he first phase of the employee life-cycle. Aligning the organisation rolerequirements with prospective hire capabilities is critical not only for a “best fit” but also to integrate the new hirewith the companies training and development program from day one. Today’s business environment changed therecruitment challenges of previous years. With budgetary restrictions and restructuring, the key is to identify thebest solution that assists in strategic long terms process and cost management benefits to the recruitmentfunction.APTITUDE Recruiting module is a SaaS recruitment software that helps companies manage the entire hiringprocess from requisition to job offers and helps cut down hiring cycle-time, reducing the cost of hiring. Themodule features intuitive, easy to use pages for every phase in the recruiting process, allowing employees andexternal applicants to apply for jobs online. With built-in applicant tracking, recruiters and managers can focus onthe most important result—identifying and hiring the right talent quickly.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSTailored authorization process and role-based Control Your Recruitment Pipelineaccess Get a clear picture of your recruitment pipeline at all points of time. See details of open positions, vacancies, candidatesResume database management - manage in process and pending offers at a single glance as soon asunlimited resumes you log in.Job templates library Leverage Existing ResumesCustomizable job application Create your own, easily searchable resume bank. StoreCustomizable job search hundreds of thousands of resumes with our module. Improve Recruiter EfficiencyEmployer management module Reduce time spent by your recruiters on tasks withMulti-user, client-server architecture - all productivity tools such as the resume data base, offersrecruiters see the same information at the same templates, auto generated task lists, duplicate detectiontime system and built in calendar. Free up recruiters time so thatWorkflow automation - automated processes they can focus on newer ways to attract top talent. Search Easily for the Right Candidates(screening, selection, acceptance, joining) Find relevant candidates quickly and accurately with ourModular and Configurable powerful and user friendly search engine. Search throughSophisticated filtering and ranking tools resumes based on actual years of experience, location, skills,Duplicate management educational qualifications or any other keywords.Reporting & candidate history management Increase Hiring Productivity Automate, accelerate and streamline your approval process to reduce administration and improve time to hire. Get the Bigger Picture Analyze your sourcing effectiveness, time to hire, time to fill and other vital signs for a deeper insight into whats working and whats not in your recruitment process. Get instant reports of recruitment status and performance. Track Recruitment Expenses Track overall or position wise recruitment expenses using our modules budgeting facility.
  6. 6. APTITUDE smart hr ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGNA component of the APTITUDE suite that supports customized yet flexibleorganizational structureIn an uncertain business environment under time pressure, the ability of an organization to coordinateinformation, resources, decisions and actions among its employees has a significant effect on organizationalperformance. Consequently, a proper balance among information acquisition, designation of decision hierarchy,resource allocation, and action coordination, in short, a proper organizational design, is critical for businessperformance.Organizational design module provides an intuitive and concise method to create and communicateorganizational structure to executives, employees and senior managers. It comprises of a very simple and intuitiveuser interface that allows easily search, locate, navigate and get essential contact information of employees andmanagers and find out reporting structure and hierarchy of an organization. It is an HR solution used to createcorporate organizational structures. It allows you to automatically examine your current employees informationin an outlined format.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSInstant visual access to organizational chart Cost managementView company hierarchies by position, department, Costs with personnel can be accurately budgeted incost center, business unit etc. financial forecasts.Automatically organizational chart creation Resource managementCan configure your organizational design using a 7 Control the need for growth and/or reduction oflevel structure internal staff size.Easy to use creation tools Up to Date InformationDatabase fields and levels can be added to When data changes in the system, the changes areoganizational chart. automatically cascadating.Extensive export/import possibilities Reduced AdministrationMultiple Reporting Hierarchies Theres no need to re create design each time theAllows you to create charts based on multiple organizational structure changes. As long as thedefined reporting relationships defined, e.g. underlying database is kept up to date, thefunctional, legal, administrative structure is automatically updated to best fit theOrganisation Planning data.Move people, positions or whole departments, add Integrated Securityor delete jobs or even create entire new branches, Access to sensitive information can be restricted,without affecting the database. based on the roles of access in the database. ForAdvanced Searching and Select example, salaries and other sensitive informationEasily locate employees or positions within your can be hidden from all except power users and lineorganizational structure and filter employees using managers.the organizational chart search option. Improved Data Accuracy The module allows you to view this hierarchical data in a clear format, that makes it easy to see any gaps or inaccuracies.
  7. 7. APTITUDE smart hr ONBOARDINGA component of the APTITUDE suite that supports new hires integrationand significantly decreases the time to production..This module is designed to manage the actual hiring process for the new employees and the onboarding processfor the leased employees, providing one point of contact no matter the HR model that the company hasimplemented. With one single application then user can handle different employment contract types anddifferent hiring procedures.The labor contract, together with all the others papers that need to be filled in, are automatically generated fromthe system, while the content of this forms is always available, in a standardized, easy to use format that enablesReporting capabilities.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSMultiple Workflows Employee RetentionHandles alternate onboarding paths based on the Retention needs to be a proactive strategy thatlocation or job title of a new employee starts during the hiring processOnboarding Checklist Less Manual Status TrackingVisibility to onboarding tasks and their status Onboarding tasks are often the responsibility ofacross the organization individuals widely distributed across anForm Builder organization; creating visibility saves time & instillsConstruct forms with multiple columns and accountabilitysections to electronically capture employee Workflow Flexibilityinformation; the system also manages the changes Not all employees follow the same onboardingin the format of the forms path, despite similarities in many of the steps andConfigurable Hiring Pages activitiesAssemble contract detail pages to capture and Process Standardizationcommunicate onboarding information Mistakes from manual coordination are eliminatedEmail Alerts Seamless IntegrationSystem generated notifications encourage timely APTITUDE provides the capability to bi-directionallytask completion integrate via web-services with disparateStand-Alone Application applicationsAlthough tightly integrated with APTITUDE Reduced CostsRecruitment Model, the module Duplicate work is minimized and efficiency is is designed to integrate with any front-end hiring improvedManagement system ComplianceWeb-Services Enabled In addition to standardizing processes, APTITUDEXML integration capabilities automatically requires the completion ofIntegrated key performance indicators to measure compliance related materials such as corporateprocess performance documents, enrollment forms and employmentData quality reporting agreements. Visibility and Control By tracking the process, assigning ownership of tasks and providing checklist access to process participants, users have complete visibility into areas of over and under-performance with the ability to make owners accountable.
  8. 8. APTITUDE smart hr EMPLOYEE DATA MANAGEMENTA component of the APTITUDE suite that automates and standardizes theprocesses of collecting and updating HR data (legal and business)Today’s organizations are driven by the capabilities of their employees. Management requires significantinformation about its human resources to make crucial business decisions . And then there are statutoryrequirements to maintain employee data. This module is all about pertinent, standardized information related toeach employee such as employee addresses, roles within the organization, as well as personal and financialinformation. In addition, you can track an employees progress, illness, or vacation days, as well as retaininformation regarding the employees previous employment and education. The employee record can be linkedto the appropriate user. Self Service capabilities are available to be included as part of your internal HR procedureand working process.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSEmployee Details Quick data entry and search of employeeHere you can capture employee personal and informationprofessional details. When linked with Self Service, this Easy interface to enter employee data allows HRinformation can be updated by employees themselves executives to speed up data entry and update ofwith appropriate approvals built into the system. employee data.? Record employees personal details (multiple Consistency of information addresses, dependents, photograph, passport, visa, Instant access to data and a variety of management tax ids and other confidential ids, prior job history, reports, including CEOs dashboard, make HRIS an etc.) invaluable decision support system for the entire? Manage multiple employee relationships like organization. manager, reviewer, dotted manager, head of Data Gap Reports department etc. Our data gap reports allows you to quickly find missing? Record qualifications and training information, employee data to enable you to update it before it? Manage benefits information, becomes critical.? Record beneficiary information, Security of Data against breach/ loss of data? Store personal documents. As APTITUDE is installed on secure servers and backedEmployment Records up regularly, your employee data is safe from anyAllows you to manage the employment related security breach or hardware failures. Further onlyinformation about the employee that includes: authorized employees can access the employee data? reward & discipline records, Employee with a multiple level login available.? Promotions, role changes and transfers, Employee Access a centralized employee information hub? attendance and time records information, Employee Efficiently manage your employees core HR? travel records, Employee information, automate common HR processes, and? Manage resources allocated to employee, meet compliance with one easy-to-use solution.? Manage employee probation period and Give greater depth to your view of employees automatically notify confirmation details. Go beyond traditional HR data. Let employees share richEmployee Hierarchy/ Organization Chart profiles to improve collaboration.This feature allows you to view employee relationships Make strategic talent decisionsin a graphical mode including their pictures, details and Provide business leaders a more complete view ofreporting structure. employees to make better business decisions that successfully impact execution.
  9. 9. APTITUDE smart hr TIME & ATTENDANCE TRACKINGA component of the APTITUDE suite that automates and standardizes thetime collection and approval processes based on your rules.Our Time & Attendance Tracking solution is a 100% web-based application that offers a fast, easy andcustomizable method of automating a company’s time attendance monitoring system.This module is designed to deliver the functionality and flexibility to enforce your HR, payroll, and union policiesacross the organization. Using its functionalities organizations align their workforce to meet their business goals,control labor costs, and improve workforce productivity and satisfaction. The Time & Attendance Tracking modulevalidates and processes employee interactions according to your specific HR and pay rules for calculating payrates, overtime, shift differentials, and meal deductions, so your payroll is correct, painless, and on-time everytime.The self-service features increase employee satisfaction by enabling them to manage and view timesheets,request time-off, view time-off balances, and check work schedules by simply using a web browser. Automaticrouting ensures the approving manager receives the right timesheets, time-off requests, and other employeeinteractions.The module automatically ensures compliance with corporate policies, union rules, and complex regulations suchas SOX as information is entered. This ensures your employees work within designated limits, detailed time andlabor audit trails are maintained, employees are paid properly, and risks are mitigated.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSReal-time validation of time and attendance Control labor costsDaily flagging of exceptions Enforces policiesEmployee & manager self-service Comply with confidenceUser and role-based security Improve workforce productivityIntegration with existing payroll & HR systems Reduce costly payroll errorsDetailed audit trails of all time and labor Improve efficienciesinformation Increase payroll accuracyThe Time & Attendance module can be fully integrated with the payroll system that your company uses. Employeedata related to job title and actual working parameters can be initialized in APTITUDE, enabling the employee andmanager self service features. The system can then be set to generate monthly or event weekly payroll calculationinput data files that will be automatically integrated into the payroll application. PAYROLL SYSTEM one time initialization APTITUDE on time payroll calculation PAYROLL SYSTEM
  10. 10. APTITUDE smart hr EMPLOYEE STATUS CHANGEA component of the APTITUDE suite that automates and standardizes thechanges that occur as part of the employee life cycle and beyond.An employee status change is any action which would affect the pay status, position, location, unit FTE, fundingsource, or employment status. Examples include transfers, reassignments, resignations, retirements,terminations, changes in terms of employment (hours worked per day or days worked per year), changes in thefunding source of a position.It is clear that managing personnel change is often so complex that not even the most comprehensive and flexibleof HRMS application-centric workflows can accommodate it. APTITUDE Suites Employee Change Managementmodule ,solves these problems by offering customers flexibility and choices above and beyond the static,application centric workflow found in most HRMS systems. Managers access the module through the ManagerSelf Service portal, and can initiate any number of actions you may define: Promotions, Terminations, Change ofInformation, Pay changes, Lateral moves, Relocations, Title changes, Job responsibility changes, Skills andeducation changes. There is no limit to the number of actions that can be managed. Upon submission, the systemlaunches a process to automatically route the request through the necessary reviews and approvals, sendingemail updates to the originating manager as it works, and upon final approval, affecting the necessary changes tothe back end system.?You can automate process tasks that are completely outside of your HRMS application.? approvals are based on your business rulesReviews and? approvals may be users outside of your HRMS, and can even be people outside of yourReviews andorganization, in case of leased personnel.?You can manage change for non employees.?You can integrate with any system you need to.As status changes are made, an ongoing status history is automatically recorded. This enables you to monitor andreport on the status of the employee over their career.In case of termination, this module allows you to record both the termination reason and the termination type.You can group terminations for reporting to isolate trends and identify problem departments and managers.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSReal-time validation Control HR costsApproval routing Enforces policiesEmployee & manager self-service Comply with confidenceUser and role-based security Improve workforce productivityIntegration with existing payroll & HR systems Reduce costly payroll errorsDetailed audit trails Improve efficienciesDocument management Increase payroll accuracy
  11. 11. APTITUDE smart hr EMPLOYEE TERMINATIONA component of the APTITUDE suite that automates and standardizes theseparation proceduresEmployee exists are natural part of the employee life cycle. Whether caused by voluntary resignation, retirementor company induced termination, employee terminations need to be efficiently managed by HR. Employeeseparation needs to be handled with sensitivity, discretion and speed so that exits can happen without burningbridges with the employee. With APTITUDE termination module, the entire separation process happenssmoothly. Valuable insights about the organization from departing employee are received through exit interviewsthat help the organization reduce future attrition.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSEmployee exit checklist management Organizational perspective:The module allows visibility on separation Manage employee separation.procedure and tasks and their status. Manage succession planning.Automated and discreet workflow Termination process standardization.Automatically routes departmental clearances for HR perspective:departing employee. Allows both employee Define separation workflowsinitiated as well company induced separations. Set policies for employee separation and noticeElectronic tracking periods.The client have visibility on process and completed Create a smooth process for correction offorms employee data.Form builder Increase payroll accuracyConstruct forms with multiple sections to Employees and Managers perspective:electronically capture information about Manage leave against notice period.employees. Get timely clearances of dues.Quick data entry of employee informationEasy interface to access existing employee dataallows HR executives to speed up data entry andupdate of employee data.Time savingConsiderable savings in process management andthrough timely payroll data correction.A comprehensive terminations management module‚ with extensive possibilities of defining terminations typesand more. It caters for all request and is able to display information on leave entitlement‚ balance‚ history etc. Itsignificantly make more efficient all leave related procedures‚ eliminates paperwork and saves costs.
  12. 12. APTITUDE smart hr EMPLOYEE APPRAISALA component of the APTITIDE suite that automates and standardizes theemployee evaluation process without the paperwork or processingAnnual performance appraisals are not meant to be a paper chase - a mandatory exercise that creates a snapshotof some impressions of the supervisor about a subordinates work. Instead, they should be a collaborative effortthat builds on open communication and constant feedback. Thus, investing in goal setting should be a two-waycommunication: employees who have advanced input into their own career development will typically buy in tothe suggestions much more readily than when those goals are imposed from above. No matter how "perfectlywritten" these goals are on the actual performance appraisal form, theyll be useless without ongoingcommunication throughout the review period.APTITUDE Appraisal module offers a unique opportunity to link specific leader behaviors to organizationalperformance and for individuals to find out how their bosses, their colleagues, their direct reports, their fellowteam members, their internal and external customers, and their suppliers perceive their use of these behaviors. Itenables mapping of role KPIs as well as role competencies to ensure goal alignment. As an automated system, itimproves performance through frequent reviews and feedback to the employee and gives time to managers tocorrect performance in time.The Appraisal module is tightly coupled with the Development & Training module to create a comprehensiveemployee capability development system.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSEasy online forms Speed and Efficiency:Multiple formats available Setting up your feedback model, administering theMultiple evaluations per year responses online and then the delivery of reportsStore multiple years will take days rather than weeks.Competency Integration Quality Questionnaires:Automated goal alignment Choose our tried and tested models or tailor oneJob Description Integration for you using one of the richest banks ofComprehensive Scoring competency models available.Business Driven Weighting Maximum Reach:Learning tools Rarely do we get quality, standardized feedbackTime saving manager features from the full range of stakeholders. Now allTime saving HR admin features audiences can complete the questionnaire easily.Email notifications Maximum Impact:Ranking capabilities Well-presented reports are delivered by our team of facilitators and coaches. They know how to deliver feedback to maximize buy-in and stimulate change. Minimum Administration: We deliver questionnaires anywhere in the world, at any time with minimum risk of administrative errors and a hassle-free process to make best use of your time.
  13. 13. APTITUDE smart hr DEVELOPMENT AND TRAININGA component of the APTITIDE suite that automates and standardizes thetraining & learning processes in companyThe Development & Training module is a comprehensive learning management system. A training managementsoftware that enables companies to gather training needs, manage the training nomination, registration andfeedback process. This module complements the Appraisal module, both part of the Performance Managementsystem, to create a comprehensive employee capability development system.An effective training management system is essential to talent development in any organisation. A good trainingmanagement system is one that is able to develop employee capabilities to cover gaps between role competencyrequirements and individual capabilities as well as develop new employee skills required for changing businessneeds.FEATURES BUSINESS RESULTSTraining program inventory Higher ROI from training spendsCreate a database of internal and external training Links role competency requirements to individualprograms mapped to competencies required and and maps gaps to relevant training programs forlink them to employee types, functions, locations focused training spendsFlexible feedback forms Better calendar planningCreate program specific feedback forms that would Saves considerable training staff time otherwisebe automatically administered at configurable time wasted in training need identification, planning,intervals and addressed to trainees and their scheduling and coordinating trainingsmanagers. Transfers ownership to employee and managersPowerful training calendaring Self-service training need requesting, nominationTraining managers can plan the training calendar and program registration ensure greater ownershipbased on training needs and view the impact of of trainingcalendar planning decisions on training budget. Effective feedback resultsAutomated training program notifications Effective training evaluation with automaticManagers and trainees get automatic notifications training feedback collection and post-trainingwhen requested programs become available with evaluationsnomination and registration actions. Cost controlTraining record: Generates reports to track training costsAutomatic linkage to employee folder of all trainingneeds, programs attended (or missed) and trainingevaluation and feedback.The key to optimizing training spends is an alignment between training and skills needs and gaps. Feedback on theimpact of training plays a key role in fine tuning training programs over time. HR should be spending time in thisalignment and fine tuning of training programs not spending it on chasing participants, managing registrationsand constantly following up for feedback.
  14. 14. Growt_ & P_ofit Using APTITUDE your company will figure this out