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APT360 is an online 360-degree feedback platform developed by APT Group, one of the top Romanian providers of human resource services. APT360 offers support for organizational assessment and development initiatives regarding:
• Regular employee performance appraisals
• Core competencies gap evaluation
• Downsizing assessment
• Leadership ability evaluation
• Inter-functional evaluation
• Team assessment
• Pre-employment background checks
• Internal satisfaction surveys
• Management evaluation

Process steps
1. Determine the competency model to translate job profiles into relevant competencies (for employee assessment) or define reference performance standards (for process, product/service, department assessment)
2. Build effective questionnaires by listing the identified competencies/ performance standards with their respective descriptions
3. Select relevant audiences for each type of assessment and collect the contact information of the respondents
4. Collect feedback – define evaluation parameters, time constraints, build customized invitations, collect feedback, send reminders
5. Generate real-time reports, compare and consolidate results
6. Build action/development plans and support the decision-making process

Key features and benefits
• Speed and efficiency. APT360 is a highly flexible, intuitive and user-friendly system, with virtually no administrative overhead required. Setting up the feedback model, managing the data collection process and generating the reports are done in a matter of days.
• Custom questionnaires. Clients can use APT’s proven competency library or import their own content. APT360 uses a mixture of rating scale and open-ended questions that allow raters to comment on the appraisee’s strengths and areas for development.
• Maximum reach. APT360 collects feedback from the full range of stakeholders (managers, peers, subordinates, suppliers, customers), no matter where they are located. The 360-degree feedback system ensures complete anonymity and confidentiality of the information obtained.
• Meaningful reports with maximum impact. With a standardization rate of over 75%, APT360 provides a set of accurate, comprehensive and meaningful reports to enable sound decision-making.
• Support in developing specific action plans to improve performance and enhance the competitive edge

APT360 is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 360-degree feedback system, but it can also be used as a self-service tool by customers.

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    APT360 APT360 Presentation Transcript

    • ?
    • In crestere Invartit Suisuri si in cerc Obstacole coborasuri Activitate curentaConfuzie Inainte si Trecere inapoi la alt nivel
    • …si extremde putin TIMP PENTRU REZOLVAREA LOR
    • Provocarile din perspectiva capitalului uman Identificarea Evaluarea talentelor in functie abilitatilor de Verificarea leadership si de nivelul referintelor management competentelorcandidatilor in procesul de recrutare
    • Provocarile din perspectiva capitalului uman Evaluarea Evaluarea modului Evaluarea graduluiperformantelor de lucru in echipe de satisfactie angajatilor angajatilor
    • Abordarea APT360Platforma care sa permita:- Colectare de feed back on line- Colectare de feed back de la mai multe categorii de audiente (180 sau 360)- Procesarea automata a datelor- Generarea automata a rapoartelor individuale- Generarea automata a rapoartelor comparative- Pastrarea datelor de la o sesiune de evaluare la alta pentru crearea unui istoric
    • O platforma web profesionala pentru sondaje, evaluari si diagnosticari, carepoate sustine eficient atat colectarea defeedback cat si procesarea si raportarea complexa a datelor culese.
    • APT360 este o platforma flexibila, prietenoasa si usor de administrat care vaasigura controlul si urmarirea permanenta a procesului de evaluare pe parcursul tuturorpasilor, de la determinarea obiectivelor pana la realizarea planului de actiune.
    • ConstruireDeterminare Colectare Interpretare Plan de chestionare obiective feedback informaţii actiune relevante
    • Determinare obiective• evaluarea performantei generale a angajatilor• evaluarea nivelului de competențe• evaluarea abilitatilor de leadership si management• controlul referintelor pre-angajare a candidaților• evaluarea gradului de satisfactie fata de initiativele interne• evaluarea echipelor
    • Construirechestionare relevante
    • Construirechestionare relevante
    • Colectarefeed back
    • Colectarefeed back
    • Colectarefeed back
    • Interpretare informatii
    • Interpretare informatii
    • Interpretare informatii
    • Plan de actiune• Managementul talentelor• Centre de dezvoltare• Managementul planurilor de succesiune• Diagnoza organizationala• Programe de leadership• Proiecte de restructurare