Overturn the Culture of Violence and Rape


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  • In a system that makes human beings its most lucrative commodity there is no regard for the environment
  • Mary Turner was 19years old, 8 months pregnant. An abusive, vicious white plantation owner was allegedly shot by an African in 1918. Scores of African men were lynched and murdered by white mobs. Mary Turner spoke out when her husband was brutally murdered. White mobs shot her multiple times, cut the still living baby out of her body and stomped on the baby’s head.
  • Overturn the Culture of Violence and Rape

    1. 1. Overturn the culture ofviolence and rape!Solidarity with African Liberation!Uhuru Solidarity Movement
    2. 2. Uhuru Solidarity Movement underleadership of the Chairman OmaliYeshitela• And the African People’sSocialist Party• Seeing the world throughthe eyes of the enslaved!
    3. 3. Rape is sexual violence• Against women,children and men• In a context ofcolonial violence
    4. 4. Undercapitalism:sexualviolenceagainstwomen andchildren isentrenchedIndigenous protest
    5. 5. Catholic Church: rape ofchildren is endemic
    6. 6. Lawsuits, exposures of rape ofchildren by priests may bewhy the pope resigned
    7. 7. Pope Benedict said in 2010:―In the 1970s pedophilia wasseen as something fully inconformity with man and evenwith children.‖
    8. 8. Catholic Church played a major rolein genocide, slavery, colonialism!• Genocide ofIndigenous people• Divided up SouthAmerica for Spainand Portugal• Played a large rolein the slave trade
    9. 9. Sexual violence is rampant inschools and sports
    10. 10. Sexual violence is part ofadvertising
    11. 11. Capitalism wasborn usingsexual violenceas one of itsweapons ofwar, genocideand colonialism
    12. 12. Capitalism was founded bythe rape of whole peoples
    13. 13. The rape of whole continentsbringing wealth to Europe & U.S.
    14. 14. Columbus & his men rapedIndigenous women
    15. 15. One of Columbus men wrote:―I captured a very beautiful Carib woman,whom the said Lord Admiral (Columbus) gaveto me and with whom…I conceived desire totake pleasure. I wanted to put my desire intoexecution but she did not want it and treatedme with her fingernails in such a manner that Iwished I had never begun…I took a rope andthrashed her well…Finally we came to anagreement.‖
    16. 16. Rape was part of genocideagainst the native people
    17. 17. Along with the genocide of theNative people
    18. 18. Genocide and slavery: thepedestal on which we live
    19. 19. Sand Creek Massacre,Colorado
    20. 20. White soldiersrapedIndigenouswomen, cutout sexualorgans to useas saddlehorn coversand hat bands
    21. 21. The continent ofAfrica was raped:human beingsforced intoenslavement:laboring for free forcenturies
    22. 22. Europe turned African people into awarren for sale of human beings
    23. 23. African enslavement is thefoundation of U.S. wealth,power & capitalism
    24. 24. Capitalismwas bornfrom theenslavementof Africanpeople andthe genocideof theIndigneous
    25. 25. America isheld up by afoundation ofgenocide &slavery
    26. 26. White people sit on a pedestalof enslavement and genocide
    27. 27. African women were raped bywhite slave masters!But it wasn’ta crime:Slavery waslegal
    28. 28. Children of raped enslavedwomen
    29. 29. After importingAfrican peopleabolished in1808,slave mastersforced Africansinto ―breedingpens,‖ sold theirchildren
    30. 30. Thomas Jefferson rapedenslaved Sally Hemmings at 13
    31. 31. African women were lynchedand sexually mutilated
    32. 32. White women participated inviolence against African andIndigenous
    33. 33. White women have had thepower of life and death overAfrican men: accusations of rape
    34. 34. White girlsposed in frontof slaughteredAfrican men
    35. 35. Emmett Till murdered by whitemen for supposedly looking ata white woman
    36. 36. US army—men and women—participate in sexual and otherviolence against oppressed
    37. 37. My Lai massacre: US soldiers gangraped, murdered women, babies inVietnam
    38. 38. US soldiers rape and murderin Afghanistan
    39. 39. Kenya liberation struggleagainst Britain 1950s• Hundreds of thousands of womenraped, with glass and hot water bottleskicked into their vagina, along withsnakes and rats• Trial going on now.• Records of sexual violence take up 6football fields.
    40. 40. 7 million people murdered inCongo in past 10 years
    41. 41. Millions of women raped in U.S.war against people of Congo
    42. 42. The proxy armies invading andmurdering people in Congo aretrained, financed by the U.S. –Obama and Clinton!
    43. 43. Congo has 87% of the world’sreserves of ColtanColtan is used for all computersand cell phones
    44. 44. Black women raped by guardsin prison
    45. 45. Police containment: waragainst the African community
    46. 46. Over 7.25 million people inprison or probationOver half are African!
    47. 47. There are more Africans inU.S. prisonsThan were enslaved in 1850!
    48. 48. One out of 8 of every personsin prison in the entire worldis an African in the U.S!
    49. 49. The African People’s SocialistParty freed Dessie Woods!• Imprisoned inGeorgia for killing awhite man who triedto rape her• ―Free DessieWoods! SmashColonial Violence‖
    50. 50. In U.S. 96% of reportedrapists are white
    51. 51. …But 85% of men in prisonfor rape are African!
    52. 52. African people are killed bypolice every day in the U.S.
    53. 53. Whitepeople have22 times thewealth ofAfricanfamilies inthe U.S.today!
    54. 54. This isn’t racism.This is colonialism.The political and economicdomination of people by aforeign power for economic gain.
    55. 55. So wewonder whywe live in aculture ofviolenceand rape
    56. 56. End rape, sexual violenceand all violence of theimperialist state
    57. 57. Everywhere people arestruggling to end the violenceof the U.S. and Europe
    58. 58. We must join the resistance of thepeoples of the world againstimperialism and parasitic capitalism
    59. 59. We are the Uhuru SolidarityMovement under the leadership ofthe African People’s Socialist Party
    60. 60. Africa is the richestcontinent in the world inresource wealth!
    61. 61. Africa’s land, minerals and laborbelong to African peopleeverywhere
    62. 62. Not European & U.S.governments and corporations
    63. 63. The Uhuru Movement organizesAfrican people around the world
    64. 64. Organizing for liberation,reparations, economic power
    65. 65. Africans are one peopleworldwide
    66. 66. Join the movement tochange the world: we mustbe organized!
    67. 67. Solidarity with reparationsto African people!