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Ensuring Virality Of Marketing
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Ensuring Virality Of Marketing


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This was a presentation made by Nirmal Palaparthi at the Digital Marketing 2.0 conference on 7 April at Amara, Singapore.

This was a presentation made by Nirmal Palaparthi at the Digital Marketing 2.0 conference on 7 April at Amara, Singapore.

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Ensuring Virality of Marketing Nirmal Palaparthi Digital Marketing 2.0 Conference 7 April 2009, Singapore, Asia
    • 2. Warning! If you’re not above 18 years old, you may leave this room now! Virality: The act of content on the web being spread by users sharing it, bringing new users to the original content and therefore adding additional utility.
    • 3. Feel free to doze off...
      • Traditional Agencies: caught in a time warp
      • Cost of the Last Mile
      • Predictions in the “downturn”
      • ROI 2.0
      • Basic Principles
      • Apple mantra #3
      • What to do after this presentation
    • 4. Traditional Agencies: caught in a time warp
      • Antiquated concept: fee based on media bought
      • High dependence on creativity and copy
      • Shy away from redefining business models of clients
      • Do not understand the philosophy of web 2.0
    • 5. 42: Elements of a good viral clip...
      • Edginess
      • Surprise factor
      • Originality
      • Sexiness
      • Pop Culture
      • Emotion
      • Topicality
      • Allowing for water-cooler conversation
      • Branding
      • But then, what’s the difference between regular advertising and viral marketing?
    • 6. Cost of the Last Mile
      • Matt Harding, ex multimedia game developer
      • 39 million views on YouTube
      • 84% stride chewing gum
      • 0.25% Visa
    • 7.  
    • 8. Big Company Syndrome
      • CMO Claims 3% “conversion” rate of “923” views
      • = 28 hits on website!!
      • YouTube is not equal to Viral!!
    • 9. Predictions in the “downturn”
      • Move over Traditional Media, digital marketing has viral reach!
            • Engadget and the iPhone
      • Move over Standalone Software products, Mashups deploy in internet time!
      • Marketing Accountability will drive budgets towards Social Media channels
    • 10. Viral Marketing 1.0
      • According Joseph Carrabis,
        • “ The completely controllable part of viral marketing is based on mathematics and deals with the following questions: ”
          • How many individuals does the campaign need to start with (seed)?
          • How fast will the campaign spread (propagation factor)?
          • How will the campaign spread (vectors)?
          • How large a group is required to sustain the propagation (viral burden)?
          • What is the campaign's goal (maintenance factor)?
          • How large a group is required to sustain the campaign once the goal is achieved (threshold point)?
          • At what point is the campaign too successful (saturation point)?
    • 11. It is not about the ad!
      • Viral advertising is sexy, but where is the money??
        • Hits on website is just not the metric
      • Take the water to the horse
        • TwitterHawk
      • Add value to the consumer
        • Amazon, SMART PADALA
      • Virality of Value
        •, Appexchange
        • Talk.Support.Energize.Embrace
    • 12. OPPORTUNITIES SPAN ACROSS CUSTOMER TOUCHPOINTS Product Design and Improvement Communication Design Quality Control Corporate Communications Search Engine Marketing Campaign Management Customer Experience Touchpoints
    • 13. Web2.0 tools that can be leveraged
      • Lucene or Google :: web 1.0
      • Ning or Facebook :: web 2.0
      • Laconica or Twitter :: web 2.5?
    • 14. The Facebook vs. Twitter debate
      • Facebook is growing at 100%, Twitter is growing at 1100%
      • Facebook connects people, Twitter connects entities
      • Facebook’s power is amount of data layers, twitter’s power is lack of data layers
    • 15. ROI 2.0
      • Do not measure with a sliding scale
        • Pause, Measure, go to Plan B if required
        • Cloud computing allows for variable infrastructure
      • Do not do all the heavy lifting yourself
        • The Blogger is your new Agency
          • the 1:10:100:700 rule
      • Leave something on the table
        • The Carrier needs an incentive
    • 16. Basic principles
      • #1 Spread Value, not... Viruses
      • #2 Park at hubs that connect diverse people
      • #3 You need to know when to fan the flame
    • 17. Empower early adopters it could be fun!
    • 18.  
    • 19.  
    • 20. Word of Mouth in action
      • Star Trends Apparel Corp. organized a warehouse sale that they spread through word-of-mouth marketing.
      • This company sells overrun goods imported from US and UK and is located in Bulacan, Phillippines.
    • 21.  
    • 22. Star Trends: Reasons for Success
      • Hygiene factors
        • Strong Copy
        • Strong use of Imagery
        • Honesty is the Best Policy
      • Exclusivity empowerment
        • Do not forward Clause!!
      • Word of Mouth Fuelled by the Bloggers
    • 23. Effective Viral Strategies 2.0
      • Understand the Blogger Animal
        • Listen, Profile
      • Leverage Social Graphs
        • Call History
      • Think platform
        • Buttons, Widgets, Browsers
      • Think Device
        • iPhone, Wii, Xbox, SMS
    • 24. Follow the Leaders
      • Here is my top 10
    • 25. Fractal is a leading provider of customer intelligence to consumer-oriented businesses. Fractal's solutions help companies across the globe drive competitive advantage through a deeper understanding of their customer base, and using this understanding to drive intelligent interaction with customers. United States +1 201 633 8728 Rest of the Globe +65 6443 1926 India +91 22 6704 2444 Kaleidoscope SOCIAL MEDIA ESP ESP.MD001 TM ESP