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Using the Law of Attraction
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Using the Law of Attraction


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Using the Law of Attraction by April Morris …

Using the Law of Attraction by April Morris

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  • 1. Welcome! “Putting The Law of Attraction Into Action” by: April Morris #1 Trusted Authority on Product Innovation, Speaker, Creator of THINgloss.
  • 2. What You’ll Learn:
    • Recognize the power of thoughts and words
    • The science of The Law of Attraction
    • The 3 step formula for deliberate attraction
    • The #1 “Block” that keeps you from getting what you want
  • 3. My Story:
  • 4. The Idea
  • 5. How did I do it?
    • Skill/Knowledge
    • Relationships
    • The Law of Attraction
  • 6. The Science of The Law of Attraction Everything in the universe vibrates to a precise frequency. You are always moving toward something and it is always moving toward you
  • 7. I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative.
  • 8. Words that describe evidence of the Law of Attraction…
    • Out-of-the-blue
    • Coincidence
    • Fate
    • Karma
    • Fell into place
    • Luck
    • Meant to be
  • 9. There are only two vibrations: Positive and Negative Each one of us sends out either a positive or negative vibration (signal) through your thoughts, words, moods and feelings. “ He gives off a good vibe”
  • 10. The Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration you are offering by giving you more of the same.
  • 11. Positive Joy Love Excitement Abundance Pride Comfort Confidence Affection Negative Disappointment Loneliness Lack/Scarcity Sadness Confusion Stress Anger Hurt
  • 12. 3 Words causing you to attract what you don’t want
    • Don’t
    • Not
    • No
    Don’t get mad Don’t worry I’m not blaming No rush, no worry Don’t forget Don’t be late Don’t slam the door I don’t want my clients to cancel
  • 13. Simply ask yourself “So, What do I want?” Don’t hesitate to call -------------------------------------- Call me soon Don’t Panic -------------------------------------- Stay Calm Don’t be late ------------------------------------- See you on time Negative Statement “ So, What do I want?” Positive Statement
  • 14. 3 Step Blueprint for Deliberate Attraction:
    • Identify Your Desire- Be clear about what you want.
    • Give Your Desire Attention- Shift your attention, energy & focus to what you want.
    • Allow it- The speed at which your desires come to you depends on your belief/allowing.
  • 15. Areas where clarity is beneficial:
    • Career
    • Money
    • Life partner relationships
    • Friendships
    • Work Relationships
    • Business Clients
    • Business Referrals
    • Education & Health
  • 16. Homework: Read or Watch: “ The Secret”
  • 17. Bob Proctor “The Secret”
  • 18. Jack Canfield “The Secret”
  • 19. Lisa Nichols “The Secret”
  • 20. First Step: Create a Vision Board (class)
  • 21. Any Questions? Contact April Morris: [email_address]