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Aprill Smith Presentation

  1. 1. 6th Grade Language Arts<br />Writing a Five Paragraph Basic Essay<br />Tutorial and Workshop<br />Instructor - Ms. Smith<br />Hope Elementary School<br />
  2. 2. Click Me!! <br />Instructions<br />Click the left button on your mouse to move through each lesson.<br />Click the smiling picture to hear discussion from the instructor.<br />Click the forward arrow button to go to the next page in the workshop. (May not appear until all activities have been completed for each section)<br />Click the backward arrow button to go to the previous page in the workshop.<br />Try it!<br />Click Smiley Face icon on this page!!<br />
  3. 3. Click Me!! <br />The Writing Process<br />C<br />Brainstorming<br />Essay Outlining<br />Writing<br />Reviewing and Editing<br />
  4. 4. Click for Free writing Sample!!<br />Click Me!! <br />Brainstorming<br />Brainstorming is for you as a student and no one else will see it.<br />Write down topics that interest you.<br />Be creative<br />Free writing is a great way to brainstorm.<br />Activity:<br />Take a blank piece of paper<br />Write non stop for three to five minutes about your topic.<br />This is a sample free writing exercise for you as a student. In this process do not worry about spelling or punctuation. This is only for your aid. Think about your topic and try to write ideas relating to your topic. My sample topic is “the things I like to do” I like to read and travel and write and watch movies. I also love to research history. I love books they are my favorite things because they take me to new places. I also love history. I research my family history almost every day.<br />
  5. 5. Click Me!! <br />Outlining<br />Supporting Ideas<br />Adventure/Mystery<br />Jane Eyre<br />Learn about new places<br />Sample Outline<br />Main Idea<br />Reading<br />Review your brainstorm ideas<br />Organize your thoughts<br />Essays should be 5 paragraphs<br />Develop 3 main topics relating to your essay topic<br />Develop 3 supporting ideas for each main idea<br />Use a visual aid to graph your essay diagram<br />Click to see an outline sample<br />Topic<br />My Favorite Things<br />Supporting Ideas<br />Experience new things<br />Meet new people<br />Blue Ridge Mountains<br />Main Idea<br />Travel <br />Supporting Ideas<br />Gone With the Wind<br />Classic Movies<br />Fantasy<br />Main Idea<br />Movies<br />
  6. 6. Click Me!! <br />Writing - Introduction<br />Intro paragraph Example:<br />My name is Aprill Smith and I have three things I love to do (Sentence 1 - Intro).I love to read (Sentence 2 –Main Idea 1). I love to watch movies (Sentence 3 –Main Idea 2).I love to travel (Sentence 4 –Main Idea 3).My three favorite things are varied and interesting and include reading, watching movies, and travelling (Sentence 5 - Conclusion).<br />Essays should always have 3 main parts:<br />Introduction = 1 paragraph<br />Body = 3 paragraphs<br />Conclusion = 1 paragraph<br />Total = 5 paragraphs<br />Note: Each paragraph should have at least 5 sentences.<br />Click to see a writing sample<br />Refer to your outline as a guide.<br />Most important step in the process.<br />Guides you as a writer and tells your reader what you will write about<br />Introduces your topic and main ideas<br />An intro sentence<br /> <br />Main Idea 1 sentence<br />Main Idea 2 sentence<br />Main Idea 3 sentence<br /> <br />Concluding sentence<br />
  7. 7. Click Me!! <br />Writing – Body Section<br />Body paragraph Example: Topic 1<br />Reading is my favorite past time (Sent. 1 - Intro).I read several different genres but adventure is my favorite (Sent. 2 –Supp. Idea). One of my all time favorite books is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. (Sent. 3 –Supp. Idea ).Reading takes me to places I will probably never get a chance to see like the deserts of Africa or the mountains of China. (Sent.4 -Supp. Idea).Reading can open new worlds to people and this is why I love it so much.(Sent. 5 – Supp. Idea).<br />Each Body paragraph should have at least 5 sentences:<br />Introduction = introduce one of your main ideas<br />Supporting Sentences = describe your supporting ideas<br />Conclusion = conclude your paragraph and supporting ideas<br />Click to see a writing sample<br />Refer to your outline as a guide.<br />Your Body Paragraphs should relate to your three main topics<br />Include at least one paragraph per main topic.<br />The paragraph should include at least 5 sentences.<br />A main idea 1 intro sentence<br /> <br />Supporting Idea 1 sentence<br />Supporting Idea 1 sentence<br />Supporting Idea 1 sentence<br /> <br />Concluding sentence<br />
  8. 8. Click Me!! <br />Writing – Conclusion<br />Refer to your outline as a guide.<br />Summarizes your essay<br />Restate your main topic and theme<br />The paragraph should include at least 5 sentences.<br />Conclusion paragraph Example:<br />Listing your favorite things is a great way to stay focused. (Sentence 1 - Intro).I love reading because it opens up new worlds for me (Concl. Sent. 2 ). I love to watch movies because I enjoy being entertained (Concl. Sent. 3). I love to travel because I can discover new places (Concl. Sent. 4).Although my three things are varied and interesting they all have one thing in common - adventure (Concl. Sent. 5).<br />Conclusion should have at least 5 sentences:<br />Introduction<br />Concluding Sentences = conclude your main ideas<br />Conclusion = conclude your paragraph and main topic<br />Click to see a writing sample<br />A conclusion intro sentence<br /> <br />Conclusion for Main Idea 1<br />Conclusion for Main Idea 2<br />Conclusion for Main Idea 3<br /> <br />Concluding sentence<br />
  9. 9. Click Me!! <br />Reviewing and Editing<br />Tips<br />Wait 24 hours before reviewing your essay.<br />Edit your essay for readability, punctuation, and spelling separately.<br />Have a friend or parent read your essay.<br />Review, Edit, Review, Edit<br />Reviewing is as important as writing<br />Spell check, Grammar check, and read your own essay!!!<br />
  10. 10. Click Me!! <br />Remember…<br />This is a basic model. Use it until you are comfortable and then you can customize it.<br />Use the tools available to you and follow the model for a great essay.<br />To get started:<br />Choose a topic<br />Choose 3 main ideas<br />Outline your essay<br />Follow these steps and your writing should be a breeze.<br />
  11. 11. 6th Grade Language Arts<br />Good luck!!!<br />Instructor - Ms. Smith<br />Hope Elementary School<br />