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  • Make sure those who brought a device to ROOM 104 are able to connect to the wireless Internet. The wireless Internet is named JavNET2… NOT JNET.
  • Make sure those who are attending the workshop online able to hear and/or speak during the workshop.
  • 08 BFF Workshop Feb 22

    1. 1. Blackboard Feature Friday Feb 22BFF workshops are B.Y.O.D. (bring your own device) and will be held in room 104 from 12 to 1:00PM. 1
    2. 2. Room 104ParticipantsConnect to the campusWIFI by selecting theJavNET2 wireless SSIDin your WIFI setup.Note: Once connected youmay be prompted todownload and installSafe•Connect.Safe•Connect is a networkaccess control technologyused by the university.
    3. 3. OnlineParticipantsUse the Saba CentraAudio Wizard to fine-tune the performance ofyour speakers andmicrophone prior to aSaba event.If you are experiencingaudio problems, pleasecontact Ms. CynthiaFarias, VideoConferencing Coordinatorat 361-593-2858
    4. 4. ALLParticipantsDo you have a sandboxcourse for Blackboard?Obtain a sandbox course onthe Blackboard trainingsever by submitting a ticketto the iTech Help Desk.Login to JNET.tamuk.eduClick Tech HelpEnter Email and PasswordClickRequest a sandbox course
    5. 5. AssignmentsAssignments (digital dropbox) area form of assessment thatautomatically adds a column tothe Grade Center.Use the Grade Center to assigngrades and give feedback to eachstudent. 5
    6. 6. 6Workshop Objectives Tolearn how to create and manage assignments in Blackboard using the Assignments tool. 1. Creating and editing an assignment 2. Grading an assignment 3. Returning corrected assignments 4. Assignment submission problems 5. Cleaning up assignment files
    7. 7. 7What is the Assignments tool? The Assignments tool allows you to create assignments to be submitted to a digital dropbox. When creating an assignment you can include a description, attach a file (such as a rubric or example file), set a due date, identify a point value for the assignment. When using the assignments tool to create assignments you can manage the grades and feedback for each student separately.
    8. 8. Assignments 49 Student View of an Assignment
    9. 9. 9Why should I use this tool? Instructors can use an assignment to distribute files Assignments students needed to complete the assignment. Students can easily submit files to their instructors for grading Assignmentsare tied directly to the Grade Center. A grade column is automatically created in the Grade Center when an Assignment is created. Assignment files can be quickly deleted using a simple batch process when theyre no longer needed.
    10. 10. 10Teaching Tips Download student file submissions as a ZIP file Assignments and review the assignments off-line. You can then enter the grades online in the Grade Center. Ifyou use special characters to name your assignment created with Assignment Tool (Assignment #1, for example), you wont be able to download all the student files at once. Naming conventions for assignments should be consistent
    11. 11. 11Recommendations Provide clear expectations and detailed instructions. Assignments Consider an ungraded warm-up assignment to familiarize them with the tool. Include which file formats, such as DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS, JPG, GIF, PDF you will accept for the assignment Keep file names short and simple (8 – 10 characters) when requiring students to name files a certain way.
    12. 12. Creating andediting anassignment 12
    13. 13. 13Creating an AssignmentStep 1, 2, 3
    14. 14. 14Creating an assignmentStep 4 of 5
    15. 15. 15Creating an assignmentStep 5 of 5
    16. 16. 16Creating an assignmentBlackboard On Demand Video This video shows how to create a new assignment.http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r9/movies/Bb9_Course_Content_Create_Assignments.htm
    17. 17. 17Editing an assignmentHow to edit a previously created assignment1. Navigate to the learning module containing the assignment.2. Click the dropdown menu to the right of the assignments name and select Edit.3. On the Edit Assignment page, make the desired changes.4. Click Submit.
    18. 18. Grading anassignment 18
    19. 19. 19Grading assignments Whenan assignment is created, a column is automatically added to the Grade Center. Anassignment that has been submitted, but not graded, is indicated with a green exclamation mark. This is the needs grading icon. You can access assignments that have been submitted by students and need grading from: Needs Grading page -OR- Grade Center
    20. 20. 20Grading assignments offlineBlackboard On Demand Video This video shows how to download assignments from the Grade Center to grade them offline.https://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies/bb91_assignments_downloading_assignments.htm
    21. 21. Returningcorrectedassignments 21
    22. 22. 22Returning assignments Once you have assessed a student’s assignment, you can return it to the student for their review. Under the Control Panel, click Grade Center > Full Grade Center. Locate the column / row for the assignment you want to return, hover your mouse over the cell, click the arrow that appears, and choose View Grade Details. Click the Grade Attempt button to the right of the attempt you want to grade (or click View Attempts). Under Section 3 Grade Current Attempt, enter the grade, add any feedback to the user, and attach the corrected file. To attach the corrected assignment, click Browse My Computer, select the file, and click Open.
    23. 23. Assignmentsubmissionproblems 23
    24. 24. 24When students name their filesSuggest the following Filenames should only contain letters, numbers, underscores, hyphens, or periods Replace blank spaces with underscores or hyphens Do NOT use pound signs (number signs #), asterisks (stars *), question marks (?), dollar signs ($), or diacritical marks in a file name. Using any of these can cause serious problems.
    25. 25. Cleaning upassignmentfiles 25
    26. 26. 26Cleaning up assignment filesBlackboard On Demand Video This video shows how to delete graded assignment files from the grade center.http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies/bb91_grade_center_clean_assignment_files.htm
    27. 27. AssignmentToolTerminology 27
    28. 28. 28ADAPTIVE RELEASE:The Adaptive Release tool enables you to customizethe release of content to control when and to whomcourse content is available. You can create a rulewhere students must satisfy the criteria to gain accessto an assignment -OR- where students must attain acertain grade on an assignment to access othercontent.ATTEMPT:An attempt is a specific submission of a test or anassignment.
    29. 29. 29COURSE LINK:A Course Link is a shortcut to an existing area, tool, oritem in a course. You can add Course Links to aContent Area, Learning Module, LessonPlan, folder, the Course Menu, and within some tools.For example, if you have created all assignments intheir own Content Area, you can create Course Linksto individual assignments in other areas of thecourse, such as in a unit folder, weekly ContentArea, or Learning Module. A Course Link has aspecial icon in the course area.
    30. 30. 30DISPLAY AFTER/UNTIL:You can set assignments to display on a specific dateand time and to stop displaying on a specific date andtime. Select the Display After and Display Untilcheck boxes to enable the date and time selections.Type dates and times in the text boxes or use the pop-up Date Selection Calendar and Time SelectionMenu to select dates and times. Display restrictionsdo not affect an assignment’s availability, only when itappears.DRAFT:A draft is a version of an assignment saved by auser, but not yet submitted for grading.
    31. 31. 31SCORE ATTEMPTS USING:When multiple attempts are allowed for anassignment, you can edit the assignment’s GradeCenter column to change which attempt is used asthe score in the Grade Center. For example, if youhave allowed students to submit an assignment morethan once, you can select Edit Column Information inthe assignment column’s contextual menu. On theEdit Column page, select which attempt to use for thescore in the Score attempts using drop-down list. Thedefault is Last Graded Attempt. If you do not edit thecolumn, the Grade Center automatically uses thegrade of the last attempt when more than one attemptis allowed.
    32. 32. 32Official Blackboard Documentation  Download the PDF at http://ondemand.blackboar d.com/r91/documents/Blac kboard_Learn_9.1_Getting _Started_with_Assignment s.pdf
    33. 33. Questionsand Answers 33