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Sample Marketing Plan_ULO

  1. 1. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2Year (20xx-20xx)Summary of Key Elements What are the “unique” goals for ULO’s viral marketing content and plan?o What does your ULO want to accomplish in the next year – brief overview Branding Press opportunities Viral video ideas and concepts (one paragraph detailed) Press Partnerships – marketing, press/pr, e-zines and how they will beutilized Include in every plan – Utilize Market America’s network for stronginitial seeding of viral content Music campaigns – free releases, singles, plan for social media integration Use of unique and innovative new products and product lines – i.e. MA& Lifestyle merchandising – the POWER of that concept and how it can beapplied to the ULO specifically and their “brand image” Enable quick and higher return through products that enable theability to build share of customer/fanbase rather than based ontraditional marketing of an artist to market share (enableshigher profit margin while expanding to control share of market)o Sales of digital and virtual merchandise that new productcan consistently be created and released at little to nocost Strategic partnerships that ULO or CAD has connections to that willfurther the ULO’s “brand image” Unique partnership with Conquer and Market America Use Conquer’s tools and services to:o Lower cost of project releaseo Capture existing Market America distributorso Further capitalization on other strategic brandpartnerships (larger capitalization on new customers of
  2. 2. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2partner brands) through Market America lifestylemerchandisingo Capture larger share of customer through ULO’s ownMarket America BDCo Use artist brand to build ULO’s BDC – will replace ULO’sincome on the short-term and replace an artist’s“advance” – enable artist to “fire their boss”, enabling ULOto have a full artist schedule of touring, recording, etc.o Use ONLY Conquer service providers for services – useunique merchandising to build up Conquer Rewards forcreative funding to replace the recording/marketingadvance – reduce overall need for investments/investorso Sponsor ULO’s existing street team (if any) into ULO’s BDCto incentivize them to promote and enable them toeventually operate as a full time promotional team for“ULO” – this also becomes an additional revenue streamfor the ULO – time leveraging and duplicationo Radio promotion strategy – local/college radio, terrestrialradio, internet radio – brief paragraph of planPRODUCTSULO’s “Brand”: two-paragraph “mission statement” of ULO and “brand image” – why someoneshould continue reading. – incorporate what stands out about artist’s “Brand”.(Example: When someone hears one of Shira’s songs, watches a video, orlooks at her picture or branding they get an in your face, bright, outrageous brand thatgives off an intoxicating feeling of strength and empowerment.Anyone who has ever seen her perform will tell you that it is the best live performancethey have ever seen, it is simply not comparable to any other show. Her unorthodoxgood looks combined with her unique mix of styles and quality sound gives her a uniqueposition in today’s music marketplace.)*Include below ALL ALBUM Releases by ULO so far, and break down each album into thefollowing – whichever ones are applicable: Artist Name Album Release Date Ship Date
  3. 3. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2 Solicitation Date Retail Price Executive Producer(s) Other Production Credits Publicist WebsiteAll other “ULO Products” – include retail price, cost for ULO purchase, artist profit Tshirts (retails @ $XX/each)/cost $XX/base cost and profit $xx) Tanks, shorts, totes, and other clothing – (retail @ $XX/base cost = $XX/each) Digital Items (retail price -$XX)o i.e. – Wallpapers (downloadable), ringtones, ringbacks, mobile apps Virtual products – Facebook/SecondLife apps – details and pricing info Concert TicketsULO Current Items (what does ULO have CURRENTLY in stock) i.e. – stickers, t-shirts (colors/style: v-neck, tee, spaghetti, etc.), and current pricing info items coming soon – what items ULO will be purchasingPRODUCTION AND WRITING CREDITS*feature ALL current and past producers featured and brief paragraph description Brief description of each producer featured on album releases and what they areworking on.EXAMPLE:Robert “Big Bert” Smith - an American record producer, composer,songwriter and musician, who made his break in the industry when Rodney"Darkchild" Jerkins consulted him to join his Darkchild collective in the late1990s. He went on to co-producing alongside Jerkins on tracks for bands likeB2K and the Spice Girls, prior to contributions own productions to projects byJennifer Lopez, Omarian, Dave Hollister, Toni Braxton, Kelly Rowland andKiley Dean in the early to mid-2000s - New upcoming EP and SinglesE.S. – Grammy award winning writer – “Bad Chixx”, “Fight”, and“Recklyss Tonight” from New upcoming EP
  4. 4. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2PROJECT TEAM OVERVIEW*Feature ALL CURRENT relationships for ULO’s “team” and brief description of past work,experience, and vision Manager Name, background, and ULO vision Public Relations (PR) Name, Background, and ULO vision Lawyer Name, background, and ULO vision(ULO DETAILED) OVERVIEW*enter artist quotes if applicable Use mission statement – like on first page ULO background – how they started music, what drove them to become a musician,what they’ve accomplished thus far Use ULO quotes from previous interviews – if applicable ULO influences Current ULO “news” – i.e. album releases, press features, live performances, featured“singles”, videos released – include storyline (brief description) and release date Other history (in bullet form that’s “noteworthy” – worth mentioning and NEEDS to bementioned) Organize by YEARTARGET MARKETS Current ULO Fanbase numbers (combined – Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)and demographics (18-24, 25-30, 30-40, etc.), as well as languages and location (US,international) Top 10 (if applicable) locations that ULO has the MOST fans (organize from highest tolowest) ULO fanbase community – i.e. LGBT, High-schoolers, college students, gothic attire, etc. Fan music likes – who the ULO fans listen to in addition to them
  5. 5. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2RADIO PROMOTION ULO connection to radio (if any) and plan to promote ULO music FULL radio plan –Example: Following successful completion of obtaining a viral buzz (see viral marketing section)we will begin manually working the single. We will work the single to a mix of onlineInternet radio outlets, college radio, and terrestrial radio. Internet radio should includePandora, Grooveshark, Last.FM,, the inferno radio, real radio, shoutcast,pirate radio network, and AOL Music. Our target stations are either genre based onlineor satellite pop or alternative stations. For terrestrial stations our targets are Top 40,Alternative, and Adult Contemporary in the secondary markets, specifically SanFrancisco, Oakland, Portland, Rochester, Augusta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Little Rock,Cleveland, Ft. Meyers, Denver, Hartford, Tulsa, Indianapolis, Greensboro, Richmond,Norfolk, Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Jacksonville, and Houston areas.First we will test market several possible singles to radio programmers to see what testswell. The strategy includes build up on college and smaller internet stations, build theonline fan presence and interaction, approach and form relationships with radio DJ’sand programmers, keep Shira on their radar and follow-up until the singles chosen get traction Terrestrial & College Targets (City/States)o Radio station (Call and station #)/Station Location/City & State/Genreo EX: HGST 90.1FM – Hogg Style Records – Emeryville, CA – Hip hop/Top 40CLUB/STREET/LIFESTYLE MARKETING ULO’s street team integration – where ST is located, how it is (or will be) grown ST Markets (locations) Identify Area captains, high-concentration of fans Target places – for ST to hang promo materialso Find out touring schedule beforehand so planning promos for each area is easiero Identify solid captain of each area’s STo Create solid plan for ST captain in the area: Where to: Hang posters Use CDs to promote the upcoming show Give out flyers One-to-one marketing
  6. 6. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2o Where to hang posters at: Local colleges Coffee shops Rec Centers High schools Libraries Bookstores Ticketmaster pickups Market America seminars Colleges Music stores Local bars Any that apply to the ULO and “Brand image” ULO meet with Street team to interact (what is the plan for “fan interaction”?)o Meet and greetso Small private concertso Signed and personalized merchandise Guerilla marketing plan (if any) – unique concepts to promote ULO buzz locally Promo plan for ULO current “singles”o Target club market for singleo DJ implementation (for further exposure) if applicableo Target list of DJsVIDEO ULO plan to promote brand and music via video (music video, press video, etc.) Video promo relationships/campaign – who it is, their experience, and what video theyare working onDISTRIBUTION/RETAIL MARKETING Digital, physical, or both Online distributors using – Conquer Entertainment should be included here, iTunes,Rhapsody…etc. Who will distribute mainly? – Online, offline, hybrid – names, and mediums (singles,albums, mobile apps) The “role” each distributor will play in the album release In-store distribution – if applicableEXAMPLE: Online distributors will be the key players in the distribution mix of the singles,albums, and mobile applications. The EP, albums and all singles except Sick Day will be
  7. 7. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2released and available digitally and physically where applicable through iTunes,Rhapsody, Amazon, Myspace Music, AMIE St, eMusic, Lala,, NokiaMusic Store, LimeWire Store, imvu, and Our mobile applications willbe distributed online at and as well as on the sites of selectmobile carriers (ie key element of this is driving most salestraffic through our portal. This web address will serve asour online store with all of our downloads, merchandise, subscriptions, fan clubmemberships, etc. The url will be included at the close of viral videos, our music videos,advertisements, all marketing materials will contain the the music on Rhapsody, iTunes, and Nokia Music store will also allow formobile distribution. Our goal is to offer music on every major mobile carrier and device.iTunes will put our music on iPhone and eMusic will allow for other AT&T users, butAT&T gives options for mobile music download subscriptions and does not offer onemajor carrier. To have give all AT&T users access to Shira’s music we also mustdistribute through Napster Mobile and Music ID. For Verizon we will get coverage fromRhapsody. To get distribution on Sprint & Nextel phones, we will need to get distributionon Digital Lounge and Headliner for Virgin Mobile. Our mobile apps will be distributeddirectly through the iPhone application store. We distribute through other mobile appstores and wireless carriers through and merchandise, physical CD’s, digital music downloads, ringtones, ringbacks, andmobile applications will be also available directly from the store section (coming soon)on Also, the mobile version (coming soon) of the website will give usdirect mobile distribution for all Shira and Shiragirl branded products once mobile distributionis available at we will redirect traffic through there Print/distribution plan –total CD’s ordering for campaign (physical) “Release plan” for music – where getting released FIRST, SECOND, who will be there topromote extra – such as Street Team members – specific locations and promo detailso i.e. :We will print and distribute a total of 5000 physical CD’s to in-store outlets on initial order. Wewill also release Scream! Spit! Sing! in-store to get a higher sales volume from each customer.We willmake sure the singles from the new EP as well as select songs from previous releasesare pressed and available at EACH retail outlet the record is being sold at.The Shira street team and Market America Distributors will also play a role in ourdistribution. Market America distributors get a cut when selling any music positioned onMAMyworld. The Street Team will get Shira’s music and physical merchandise presale,in bulk, at reduced price and play a role in the distribution, selling the music andmerchandise hand-to-hand to other fans.An obvious large physical distribution point for CD’s and merchandise will be during tour
  8. 8. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2at the concert venue. Based on the sales on previous tours, we will carry 1 CD foreach 10 people the venue holds, for instance, for a venue with a 200 person capacity,we will carry 20 CD’s. We will adjust this ratio with growth – re-examining at each scheduledmarketing meeting (see timeline)ONLINE/VIRAL AND NEW MEDIA MARKETING What are the CAD or ULO connections available for viral marketing? When are you going to start building the “buzz” for your brand? Prior to the majorrelease? During? What branding will be done to reflect the “sound” of the ULO? Who will oversee theimage direction? What will be the content? What updates will be made? Will there be ablog? News? Events? Music? Discography? Videos?o Blog – update contents regarding to the artist “brand” and “music”o News – Updates of upcoming shows, show recaps, new releaseannounces/posts, activity feed (from social sites)o Events – purchase tickets, latest show announcementso Music – streaming player featuring 3 songs from latest release,o Video – latest “singles” videos, recording session videos, tour where-a-bouts,random content that will target fanbase What “keywords” will be used to draw visibility and traffic to the site? What are 10 to 20words you can use to describe your “brand” and music? Who can you associate yourmusic with that already is famous? What songs can you associate to your music to that’spopular currently? Online Video Channels – YouTube (pre-recorded video streaming), UStream (live videostreaming)o How do you plan on building relationships with your fanbase through videos?o How do you plan on creating new fans through online videos and live streaming?o Online concerts? Weekly Upload? Live Show recordings? Songwriting Session?Recording sessions?o How often will you upload or stream – 1x a week, 3x a week?o Will you do cover songs? Will they reflect your brand image?o What are the covers? (Artist Name and Song)o What Creative topics can you cover or mimic that will bring your ULO brandmore viewers and fanso What Market America products and partner stores can you incorporate into yourULO brand for proper lifestyle merchandising? (i.e. – glam rock/pop – Motives,high-energy performers – Mochatonix, Awake, B12 Isotonix)o Who can you utilize with Market America’s partnership for company and brandcredibility? Post video for branding – utilize brands that appear
  9. 9. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2 Detailed timeline should be included highlighting: Schedule for content creation, release, and sharing Overall viral deadline What social media sites will you use to build brand exposure?o Chatterboxo Facebooko Twittero LinkedIno Myspaceo Youtubeo Ningo Reverbnationo Taggedo Orkuto Hi5o Meetupo Beboo 10Tuneo Jangoo Last.fmo MOGo Thesixtyoneo Soundpediao Purevolumeo Any other social outlets ULO uses to gain fans and promotion for brand Tracking artist/brand presenceo Bandmetricso NextBigSoundo Music Metric Social Bookmarkingo Diggo Stumble Upono Deliciouso Reddit Blogo Various blog channels that ULO may useo Conquer Blogo Rhapsody Blogo JamBase Blog
  10. 10. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2PUBLICITY What press kit will be used for ULO brand? How will it be used? What are the contentsof the press kit? (i.e. – bio: artist background and profile, sample feature articles, music,videos, photos, previous press) What are your primary and secondary target media outlets for your ULO brand?o Entertainment/music magazines and websites, regional daily and communitynewspapers, general interest magazines, - what fits your ULO brando What are your key messages and objectives of targeted publicity? Establish a name for ULO brand in the music industry Provide ULO with music oriented opportunities Create “key message” for ULO to use in interviews and pressopportunities Secure local, regional, and national stories and profiles on ULO Brando What is needed to achieve your publicity goals?EXAMPLE: To achieve our key publicity goals, a persistent and diverse approach will need to beimplemented. A social calendar of major events, award shows, various launches, andcelebrity events should be maintained. Obtaining profile opportunities as a Rock artistwill be crucial to our approach to highlight Shira’s charisma and unique interestingbackground and story. Additionally, any publicist associated with the project will need toactively outreach local, regional, national print and online media includingnewspapers,trade and consumer magazines,college publications,newsletters,web sites,programs to generate awareness about Shira.Target Media Outreach List –Outlet Name – Metric Value – GenreEX> Alternative Press – 297,222 – MusicSeventeen - 2,034,494 – TeenCurrent and past publicity Includes: List ULO press opportunities achieved – “type” of story and Month/Year issue EX: Cover story of College Times – June 2005 issueArticles & Interviews In: List magazines ULO has had interviews in Include “Name” of magazine and a “URL Link” to the articleMedia Events Attended 20xx-20xx:
  11. 11. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2 Date – Event Name EX: September 8th20xx – Spin Magazine PartyTOUR When and where are you planning to tour this year? What is the start date? List ALLdates below Date-Venue-Tour Name-Location EX: JUL 13 Comcast Center – Warped Tour – Mansfield, MA Do you plan on attending any charity or campaign events while on tour? If so, mentiondates and event name here What acts or upcoming tours will you target that match your ULO Brand? Who has planned a tour and who hasn’t?o EX: Kesha (planned and announced 2012 tour), Nicki Minaj (2012 Pink FridayTour)ADVERTISING Will you use media buys?o Print adso Radio adso TV adso Outdoor ads How will your media buys be paid for? Brand partnerships ? – Need a second plan if thisis your optionBRAND PARTNERSHIPS What brands will you contact or utilize from that can benefit the ULO brand?If contacting directly, what brands can you contact that can be mutually beneficialpartnerships that both further the ULO brand? Will you license your music? To what outlets? Who are your existing brand relationships?o Market America (and corresponding brands – also can utilize this to reachadditional brands)o (and corresponding brands – also can utilize this to reach additionalbrands) What are your “in-store” targets? What or who does your ULO brand represent closest?o Hot Topic?o Aeropostale?o Forever 21?o Sunglass Hut?
  12. 12. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2 Will you approach companies that assist in creating artist-brand partnerships? If so,who?TIE-IN TO CONQUER ENTERTAINMENT & MARKET AMERICA Develop a detailed plan as to how this will work – elaborate on the following points withyour ULO brand:o Use Conquer’s tools and services to: Lower cost of project release – You are able to use Conquer rewardsearned during the initial phases of promotion to work on later/biggerphases of the project. Conquer rewards are attached to the sale of allartist’s products. This is designed to replace the traditional productionand promotional advances/budgets. Conquer’s new model is set to bedeveloped and released – these numbers will need to be reworked onceConquer’s new model is finalized, but this is an example of how it wouldwork: EXAMPLE: Studio Time (10 additional songs) 40 hours of studio time = 4000 CRs Mixing songs = 2000 CRs Mastering (5 songs) = 2000 CRs Production = covered outside of CRs Video = 10,000 CRs Merch = 200 CRs TOTAL = 17,200 CRso Create a chart reflecting amount of CRs needed to get service, and how manysong and merch CRs are needed a Month to get to Overall goal Capture existing Market America distributors – (how?)o Create new material that specifically target the MA market/distributor base- aswell as targeting their customer baseo Offer exclusive songs to distributor base. Do a pre-release of new material to bereleased in (Feb or Aug) at (Ma Conference or Convention) – release todistributor base firsto Attach a Market America product to the sales of a promotion of ULO brand (i.e. 2mochatonix purchases = 2 free CDs)o Perform at all Market America events that fit ULO target marketo Interact with MA distributors Sign Autographs at Conquer booth (Major MA Events) Take pictures Interact on a high level – build relationships and encourage social sharing Tag ULO at the events – make it easy for distributors to share sociallyfrom event Further capitalization on other strategic brand partnerships (larger capitalization on newcustomers of partner brands) through Market America lifestyle merchandising
  13. 13. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2 EXAMPLE:For example lets say we have established a brand partnership with Converse forthe “Stomp it Out” campaign, part of Shira’s objective is to drive brand awareness,associate Converse with the song, etc – she should drive all sales traffic to converse backto her MA portal ( to purchase converse – so she notonly benefits from the brand partnership from the ways described in the brandpartnership section, but receives an additional revenue stream through sales ofconverse from her web portal – for example she would put her webportal address at theend of her “Stomp It Out” video as where to get her converse shoe, she would put awidget for the “Stomp It Out” converse shoe by any online placement of the campaignto drive sales of the shoe back to her.You can see the shoes on the site here: Capture larger share of customer through ULO-BDCo Use ULO’s MA Portal as part of the Merch storeo ULO’s existing fans will buy more from them than just their merch – getting thelargest share of customer as possible.o Your ULO goal should be to get each fan doing all of their online shoppingthrough your ULO portal rather than just buying their music and merchandise –allowing the ULO to get in touch with the needs of the fans, and service all oftheir needso Street teams can connect with the fans and become their customer managers,and all of the BV and IBV flows up through the ULO’s business bringing them anadditional revenue stream Use ULO brand to build ULO-BDC or UnFranchise – create detailed plan of action on howto accomplish this Sponsor street teams and fans into ULO’s UnFranchise organizational structure enablingthem to profit further from the ULO brand without offering additional backendpercentage or fee – more incentive for them to do more/better work for the ULO brand. Gain visibility through performances/touring at Market America and Conquer events Gain visibility through co-branding with Market America exclusive productsREVENUE STREAMS List all that apply to ULO brand Sales of ULO & ULO Branded productso Single downloadso Album downloadso Physical Album sales
  14. 14. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2 CD Vinyl Memory Stick MP3 Player Download Card/Drop Cardo Ringtone & Ringback Downloadso ULO Branded Merchandise T-Shirts Hats Tanks Hoodies Totes Bookbags Stickers Bootie Shorts Mobile Application Virtual Products (Facebook app items, Second Life items, etc.) Wallpaper downloads (Desktop) Wallpaper downloads (Mobile) Computer desktop themes Mobile theme ULO-theme skins for programs and applications Doll Makeup Clothingo Sales of Concert ticketso Concert Guaranteeso Mechanical royaltieso Publishing royaltieso Performance Royaltieso Licensing feeso Market America MPCP Commissionso Retail profit on Market America branded productso Wholesale profit on music downloadsRECOUPMENT AND ROI How much is needed to achieve ULO goals from the current date until deadline date?What monies have been previously received to promote the project? What is the totalamount needed to be recouped? Who will be first to recoup? What percentage andfrom where?i.e. - Investors will recoup 100% first off the top from sales of all revenue streams aboveexcluding Market America MPCP Commissions and Retail Profit on Market America branded
  15. 15. Conquer Entertainment ULO Marketing Plan V2products. The MPCP Commissions and Retail Profit will be used to fund ULO’s living expensesand enable them to remove from their job. Future budgeting for the project will be fundedthrough the accumulation of Conquer Rewards during the push on this project and anyadditional revenue. Income and profit projections – what is the total investment being offered and at whatpercentage?o EX:The total investment we are offering is a total of a 30% stake in profits for the next 5 years or 3projects – whichever takes longer (if we put out 3 projects in the next 3 years – the investor willbe entitled to profit from the projects we put out over the next two years as well – but for thoseprojects only for the term; if we put out 2 projects in the next 5 years, the investor will beentitled to continual profit off of the first two projects and the third project which is after the 5year timeline. The investment will work on a point scale, 100 points = the total 30% stake inreturns or a $350,000 investment. $3500 = 1 point. Our current investor has 28.5 points of thetotal 30% stake. There are an additional 71.43 points available, totaling to a $250,000investment. We are hoping to get several investors to cover this.