Various Roles Of Nursespower


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Various Roles Of Nursespower

  1. 1. Various Roles of Nurses BSN111 Group 3 Prof . Rando
  2. 2. Caregiver It is the traditional role of the nurse which assist clients physically and psychologically while preserving the client’s dignity.
  3. 3. Communicator identify client’s Nurses problems and then communicate these verbally or in writing to other members of the health team.
  4. 4. Teacher Nurses play the role of teachers as she helps clients learn about their health and health care procedures they need to perform to restore or maintain their health.
  5. 5. Counselor The nurse counsels primarily healthy individuals with normal adjustment difficulties and focuses on helping the person develop new attitudes, feelings and behaviors by encouraging the client to look at alternative behaviors, recognize the choices and develop a sense of control.
  6. 6. Client Advocate It is the role of the nurse to protect the client. They assist clients in exercising their rights and help them speak out for themselves.
  7. 7. Change Agent Itis one of the hardest roles of a nurse; it is to assist a client in modifying their behaviors.
  8. 8. Leader A leader influence others to  work together to accomplish a specific goal. Nurse leader participate in  and guide teams that assess the effectiveness of care, implement evidence- based practice, and construct process improvement strategies.
  9. 9. Manager This is the role of the nurse that helps ensure that care is oriented to the client, while controlling the cost.
  10. 10. Researcher Nurse researcher investigate  nursing problems to improve nursing care and to refine and expand nursing knowledge. They are employed in academic  institutions, teaching hospitals, research centers such as the National Institute for Nursing Reseacrh in Bethesda, Maryland. Nurse researcher have advanced  education at the doctoral level.
  11. 11. Role Model effective leader An needs to show sensitivity to being a positive ROLE MODEL, demonstrating caring toward co-workers and clients.
  12. 12. Expanded Career Roles Nurse Practitioner  Clinical Nurse Specialist  Nurse Anesthetist  Nurse Midwife  Nurse Administrator  Nurse Educator  Nurse Entrepreneur 
  13. 13. Nurse Practitioner nurse who has an A advanced education and is a graduate of a nurse practitioner program.
  14. 14. Clinical Nurse Specialist A nurse who has an advanced degree or expertise and is considered to be an expert in a specialized area of practice.
  15. 15. Nurse Anesthetist A nurse who completed advanced  education in an accredited program in anesthesiology. Carries out preoperative visits and  assessments and, administers general anesthetics for surgery under the supervision of a physician prepared in anesthesiology.
  16. 16. Nurse Midwife The nurse gives prenatal and  postnatal care and manages deliveries in normal pregnacies. Conducts routine  Papanicolaou smears, family planning, and routine breast examination.
  17. 17. Nurse Administrator Manages client care, including  the delivery of nursing services. They may also have a middle  management position, such as head nurse, supervisor, or a more senior management position such as director of nursing services.
  18. 18. Nurse Educator Nurse educators are employed  in nursing programs, educational institutions, and in hospital staff education. They are responsible for  classroom and often clinical teaching.
  19. 19. Nurse Entrepreneur A nurse who usually has an  advanced degree and manages a health-related business. The nurse may be involved in  education, consultation, or research.