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April jackson interview

  1. 1. April JacksonENGL 1102DouberlyApril 5, 2012 Bible Study Beginnings In a crowded room of students adorned with an array of Greek letters, AshleyNabors welcomes guests from every house on the row into this week’s meeting locationat the Kappa Delta sorority house. Ashley has been a leader for the Greek Bible studyorganization, Greek Cru, at Georgia Southern University for the past two years. Ashleygrew up in a religious home and has been very involved in her church throughout herentire life. Her husband Nick also helps to lead Greek Cru every week. The pair has beenmarried for 3 years and continues to grow in their faith together. Ashley and Nick travelthe world on mission trips to spread God’s word. After much prayer and deliberation,they decided to fulfill what they believe is God’s plan for them to lead a religiousoutreach organization for Greek students to convene apart from the difficulties andpressures of college life in fraternities and sororities. Campus Crusades for Christ hasbeen wildly accepted by those in the Greek system looking to grow in their faith throughBible study among their peers. The meetings for Greek Cru take place at a different fraternity or sorority houseeach week. Tonight’s Bible study is titled “Who to Date and How to Date”. The meetingsbegin with a mixer and a chance for members to meet and greet new people. A leaderthen addresses the group for prayer before directing the fraternity males to follow NickNabors to another location separate from the sorority females. Ashley Nabors then
  2. 2. presides over the females Bible study. The environment is relaxed and comforting. Anycompetitive nature among the sororities is left outside the walls of the meeting and Greekletters seem to disappear. Ashley begins discussing the topic of the night as it relates to acollege student. The topic is then translated into the Bible’s interpretation of the topic.Ashley adjourns the meeting by offering an opportunity for prayer request from studentsbefore closing with prayer. Following Greek Cru’s meeting, I met with Ashley Nabors in the quiet sunroomof my sorority house, Alpha Delta Pi. The room is a long rectangular extension of thelarge chapter room at the heart of the house. We sat on a long, plush sofa facing theincoming light through the windows of the wall of French doors that separate the tworooms. An open door on the left side of the sunroom leads to a hallway in the foyer. Thetall ceilings above the large wooden staircase in the front of the house cause an echo ofrickety footsteps that penetrates into the sunroom. We are able to hear the movement ofthe sixteen residents in the house throughout our conversation. As Ashley positionsherself to face me, I reach to turn on a lamp sitting on the side table next to me foradditional light. I glance at her Bible placed between us on the sofa before beginning myinterview. An aspect of Greek Cru that has always intrigued me is how the Bible studyprogram got its start at Georgia Southern University. Ashley and Nick Nabors are bothUniversity of Georgia alums and have no obvious ties to Statesboro. The small andseemingly unknown college town is not a usual destination for a young, recently married,and recently graduated couple to move to. I had assumed the leaders of Greek Cru wereonly volunteers from the organization. However, Ashley explains to me that she and her
  3. 3. husband work for Campus Crusade for Christ, an organization that employs them tominister to college students here at Georgia Southern University. Ashley explains to methat the organization is located in almost 200 countries world wide. She felt honored to beasked to bring the word of God to Georgia Southern University. She and Nick felt it wastheir mission to focus specifically on the Greek system in order to alter previousstereotypes of the culture. The couple received the offer several years ago and underwent a series of trainingcourses to prepare them to for the opportunity. “I never knew I would need so muchadditional direction when I chose to follow God’s plan for me!” Ashley exclaims. Shetells me how the experience helped her to obtain better leadership qualities that she nowuses to guide others through their difficult religious journeys. As much as she believed atfirst that she didn’t need the extra training, Ashley is thankful that she had the chance topractice teaching prior to introducing Greek Cru to Georgia Southern University. I couldnot imagine leading such a large group of students at Greek Cru and sharing suchpersonal experiences involving my own relationship with God. Ashley says, “Relating tothe students was something I looked forward to because I had just graduated from collegemyself. I knew the religious struggles they were facing and I couldn’t wait to help themovercome their situations with my experienced advice.” Ashley was also happy to haveher husband at her side so they could support each other. However, she was nervous tomove away from her family and make new friends through this career endeavor. Thecouple quickly fell in love with the people and the beauty of Statesboro. Ashley wasgrateful to be welcomed into the surrounding area but more importantly to her, the Greekcommunity.
  4. 4. Greek Cru meetings on Wednesdays are not the only opportunity students have tomeet with leaders like Ashley for Bible study. As a member of the subculture, I found itpleasantly surprising that Ashley also leads her own “small group”. When asked aboutthis, Ashley replied, “These “small group” meetings are just another way for thoseinterested in growing in their faith to meet with leaders from Greek Cru on a morepersonal level with just a handful of others.” Ashley tells me that her “small group”consists of eight women representing every sorority on the row. She invites the women toher house every week so they can all feel comfortable discussing their personal religiousstruggles they are dealing with while being in college. Ashley says she loves meetingwith these women because they have welcomed her in and become some of her bestfriends since her move to Statesboro. I used this interview opportunity to personally tellAshley how Greek Cru has impacted my own religious growth since being in college. My interview with Ashley Nabors surprisingly allowed me to learn new thingsabout a subculture that I am already apart of myself. Following our conversation, Ashleyconnected me with other leaders of the group in order to help me join my own “smallgroup” and advance my involvement in Greek Cru. I didn’t realize the passion anddedication it has taken Ashley and the other leaders of Greek Cru to establish thisorganization at Georgia Southern University. It makes me proud to be apart of somethingso meaningful to the leaders as well as the fellow members.
  5. 5. Interview Questions1. How did Greek Cru first get started at Georgia Southern University?2. How did you personally become involved with Greek Cru?3. What is it like to be a leader of Greek Cru in front of such a group of students?4. How can members of the group become more involved with Greek Cru?