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  1. 1. dELiA s v Presentation 2013 1
  2. 2. Company InformationdELiA’s is a direct marketing and retail company launched in 1993 by Stephen Kahnand Christopher Edgar. Currently they have 100 retail stores in 35 states, consistingof products that provide consumers with a vintage feel at an affordable price. Withover a decade of success behind them, they have struggled in recent years to remainpopular with the target market.dELiA’s is attempting to start fresh again, starting at their executive level. As of April1, 2013, CEO Walter Killough is stepping down four months prior to his contractexpiring. Company chairman Carter Evans said: "Walter has been a great leader,following through on our strategic initiatives and positioning Delias on the right courseto profitability." However, they have remained unprofitable over the past 4 years, butare searching for new opportunities to reestablish their brand and attract new youthfulcustomers. This change comes at a time when the world is online and at the fingertipsof every teenage in the world. They are searching for a new executive with thepassion and drive to utilize this and rejuvenate this company. 1 5
  3. 3. Consumer Analysis In 2012, teenagers ages 12-17 represented 7.9% of the U.S. population. That percentage represents 25 million individuals. In the next 5 years, that number is projected to increase 5.3% increasing sales opportunity within dELiA*s target market. These consumers are trendsetters and early adopters. Although teen spending was at a decline in 2012, personal influences 2 such as parent opinions, circumstances and abilities to save, influence these numbers. Age and gender influenced spending and saving habits as well. Boys tended to save more than girls, and older teens saved more than younger teens. 3 Teen Spending Teen Income & Spending Working/job Money from parents/ Teenage girls spend most of their money on clothing and things grandparents that impact their appearance. In the U.S., teenagers have the 4 80% Parents pay for disposable income to spend up to $918 million per week. A everything directly Mintel data report states that weekly teenagers are receiving 60% a total of $36.73 from sources including allowances, jobs and 40% gifts. The report also states that 41% of teens spending money is given to them in the form of allowances or gifts. Another 20% 26% say that their parents pay for all of their expenses. This 0% information is portrayed in the chart to the right. 3 $0 $1-5 $6-10 $11-20 $21-40 $41+ Mintel. (2013) Marketing to Teens - US. - November 2012. Retrieved from Mintel Market Research database.6
  4. 4. Teen Values & Identity Teens value being smart, fun and nice. They like to see this reflection in advertising and in their favorite brands. The top values are listed in the chart below and key into what teens look for in their products, brands and advertisements. How teens want to be perceived ...are fun to be around ...are nice to other kids ...are a good citizen ...are good looking ...wear cool clothes ...have talent ...post interesting things on facebook ...know about celebrities and pop culture 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Mintel. (2013) Marketing to Teens - US. - November 2012. Retrieved from Mintel Market Research database. When teens describe themselves, the top four things they say are that they enjoy school, they are decision makers, they want to be famous and they have been bullied. This can be attributed to the appeal of reality TV stars and other teen programming. Cyberbullying is a huge part of teen life and teens place influence on causes that help prevent this type of bullying. In older teens, a reach for independence and individuality occurs and they become more confident in decision-making. 38
  5. 5. The target market speaks!"I love the clothes there. I think a lot of girls would be "Ive never heard of dELiA*s before, interested. The clothes are cute and summer-like. I but the clothes are really cute! " would definitely shop there because they have cute - Kathleen Kennedy - Age 17 clothes at a reasonable price. " - Cathy Park - Age 17 11
  6. 6. Competition In annual sales, Delia’s made $217.15 million in 2012. In comparison, this is less than half of what the top competition makes. They have a $32 million market value. In April 2012, their direct marketing gross profit for the quarter ends was $9.7 million or 41.3% of related revenues as compared to $9.9 million or 44.6% of related revenues for the quarter ended April 2011. The cut in gross profit, mainly resulted from lesser merchandise margins, correlated with increased markdowns on clearance goods and more vigorous promotional techniques to attain new consumers, increased shipping and handling costs. 8Abercrombie and Fitch is an upscale clothing brand for young men, women, and kids. It is widely popular, operatingworldwide with about 1,045 stores in Europe, North America, and Asia, through both stores and catalogs alike. ANFgenerated $3.47 billion in net sales in 2010, up from $2.9 billion in 2009. ANF top competitors are Gap (GPS), Aeropostale(ARO) and American Eagle Outfitters (AEO). ANF has consistently been at the top of its sector in terms of profitabilityand sales. As a point of reference, the approximate average price for a pair of mens jeans at Abercrombie & Fitch is $80 10compared with $45 at American Eagle, $25 at Aeropostale and $50 at Gap. 15
  7. 7. Hot Topic has 625 mall-based stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They sell rock-inspired clothing and accessories to kids ages 12 to 22. With a fiscal year-end in January, Hot Topic’s sales in 2013 were at $741.75 million with an annual sales 11 growth rate of 6.28%. Their net income in 2013 was $19.47 million with a market value at $586.01 million. 12 2012 Competitive Landscape Alexandra Biesada. (n.d.). delia*s company overview. Retrieved from http://subscriber.hoovers.com.libdata. lib.ua.edu/H/company360/overview. html?companyId=52630000000000 Although once a supplier of only outdoor gear, American Eagle Outfitters is now widely known for its casual wear in all aspects of fashion, from jeans and t shirts to pajamas and bathing suits. The retailer is strictly based within malls, and is aimed at both young women and men in their late teens and early twenties. With a market value of $3.96 billion and a low prescreen store, 13 AEO had a 10% sales increase this past year. During the January fiscal year, AEO’s net income in 2013 was $232.11 million 14 and total assets equaling to $1.76 billion. 1516
  8. 8. SWO T Analysis Strengths Opportunities * Experienced 25 years in retail, catalog and e-commerce * Growth in target market having/ using mobile devices management team to access information 20 * Diverse collection of name brands and proprietary brands * Ability to penetrate the massive growing social media which allow for quick adjustments to rend changes market * Circulating 38.8 million direct mail catalogs each month * Low costs of raw materials 21 * High degree of control over the flow of merchandize * Expand customer base through internet sales, and less mail order Weaknesses Threats * Combined target audiences form a broad target market * Seasonal variations * Weak brand identity * Weakening economy * Inventory decline per store * Less mall traffic * Shipping & Delivery issues and customer complaints 7 * Increased trend in teens to save money18
  9. 9. Target Market dELiA*s primary target consumer is a trendy, unique teenage girl who is environmentally conscious and a heavy user of social media.  Specifically, she is a 17 year old caucasian female who is a junior in high school.  Her parents are 40 - 55 and married, with an annual household income starting at $40,000. The secondary target audience is non-race specific and includes females between the ages of 12 and 14.  This target includes teens with both single and married parents who have an annual household income above $37,000.    2324
  10. 10. Marketing Objective dELiA*s objective for the 2013 direct/interactive marketing campaign is to increase sales 6%.  This will be achieved through traditional and non-traditional media which will increase reach and frequency across target consumers.Advertising Objective dELiA*s 2013 campaign will attract a consumer who trendy, unique and environmentally aware.  The focus of this campaign is to build brand awareness and change consumer perspectives. This campaign will position dELiA*s as a brand attuned to the consumer’s needs and lifestyle.  In addition, dELiA*s will become the ‘cooler’ choice for our target consumer who is focused on unique fashion. 25
  11. 11. Media ObjectivesThe goal of dELiA*s 2013 campaign is to optimize reach and increase frequency in order to boost salesand brand identity.  The campaign will focus on interactive and digital media and include traditionalmedia buys.  By using this strategy, dELiA*s will optimize reach, increase brand awareness and expandconsumer relationships. 31
  12. 12. Spot Reach National Reach Spot Frequency National Frequency 80 60 40 20 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8Throughout the rest of the campaign dELiA*s will have continuous buys in magazine, transit, digital,and social media. The spot reach will be set at 70% with a frequency of 4. The national reach willbe set at 60% wil a frequency of 5. By using a continuous buying schedule, dELiA*s will be able to successfully meet campaign objectives by utilizing high reach and frequency media buys. 35
  13. 13. Media Mix SEO Contingency 2% Social Media 4% 8% Magazine Inserts 35% Sponsorships 20% 1% Promotional items Banner ads 30% 1% Transit Advertising38
  14. 14. Transit Advertisement Transit advertising will be utilized within the 6 spot markets. The advertisements will be placed on transit bus stations and will run for two 4-week periods. This advertising will be effective to the target market because it will be interactive. The ad itself will have movement and will generate buzz and social media conversation. Transit advertising will increase reach as well as generate frequency in spot market areas. Transit advertising will account for 30% of our total budget. As Generation Y continues to age and mature, an environmentally concerned stereotype is beginning to emerge. They are finding the use of public transportation, bikes, and foot power a more economical way to get where they are going. With the rise of technologies such as social media, teens are finding the world they are growing up in smaller and smaller. Studies show that over the past decade, young people 16-34 years old have decreased the annual number of vehicle miles traveled by 23%. With 30 such an increase in use of public transportation, we believe that our eye-catching advertisements in select transit spots will spark interest to our target market. It will engage them in the ads and generate buzz on social media outlets.40
  15. 15. SponsorshipsFrom August 9th - 11th dELiA*S will sponsor Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco, CA. This is a three-day green-movement festival, usually attracting between 40,000 - 60,000 attendees a day. Over half of all attendees are under the ageof 25. We are not just targeting residents within driving distance of the closest Brentwood store, but instead the 72% of youngpeople traveling from outside the bay area to partake in the festival. 31Our interactive booth and trendy promotional items will allow us to not only fit in the hipster west coast atmosphere, but will allowus to stand out and create social media buzz. With the glowing balloon drop on the last night, we will leave a positive lastingimpression on the target market attendees. This sponsorship will reinforce our campaign message and encouraging youthfulawareness. Our other sponsorship of the Do Something Awards, engages the target consumers in a fun and socially awareatmosphere. Both of these sponsorships align with marketing and advertising objectives. 41
  16. 16. Social Media With 90% of our target market plugged into Social Media, this buy is a must. 75% of our national buying will go into this category. Social media can be accessed everywhere, allowing teens to incorporate more online time in their daily lives. 32 31% of the time teens spend on smartphones is spent on social media. With a target consumer entwined into the digital world, social media becomes pivotal. dELiA*s is currently plugged into the typical social media scene with accounts on facebook, twitter and instagram. Yet they have not fully embraced the potential of new technology. In order to understand the target consumer, social media buys need to be extended.42
  17. 17. YoutubeThe first extension of the social media buys is to incorporate Youtube. Youtube is a great medium to use generate interest,increase reach and build better consumer relationships. For this medium, we will purchase in-stream advertisements.Although they are often overlooked and skipped, it offers a bonus that regular youtube ads don’t have. In-stream buyingoffers the ability to change the background of the webpage as well as play a video advertisement. This will be a great wayto change consumer attitudes and generate interest among the target audience.Along side in-stream advertisements, we will also launch a dELiA*s Youtubechannel. This channel will provide the target audience with numerous resourcesand entertainment. Ideas for weekly posts are bulleted below.* DIY clothing tutorials* The best of youtube - top 10 videos of the week* Nail art tutorials* Technology/app updates 32* Celebrity looks from dELiA*s* Music scene updates 43
  18. 18. App Renovation: The second extension of social media buys for the 2013 campaign will be app renovation. Although dELiA*s recently launched a catalog app, it is lacking basic brand application necessities. This media buy will redesign and refocus the dELiA*s mobile app. By incorporating these elements below into one app, the target consumer will be more likely to engage with the new image for dELiA*s brand. According to ypulse.com, the top 5 reason our target market uses a mobile phone while shopping are33: * To find store locations * To get discounts and coupons * To research prices * To take photos so they can look for the product at other places * To find product information44 32
  19. 19. Magazine Insert Interactive Transit Advertising50
  20. 20. The Target Market Speaks! "I really like these ads! The ads and the video both capture the essence of "live freely." They make me feel young, carefree, [and] happy. I think the music for the video is perfect because itsvery upbeat. I think the video and the ads will appealto many girls my age because it incorporates a lot of colors, cute clothes, and a girly vibe." Mobile App Cathy Park - Age 17 51
  21. 21. Total: $429,498 100%ational Medium Total Dollars Spent % of Budget Budget Banner Ads Social Media $5,000 $38,000 10% 75% Search Engine Optimization $8,000 16% dELiA*s 2013 creative campaign budget was $500,000. With our campaign strategy and creative executions, Total: $51,000 we anticipate using all of the budget with a contingency fund included. 100%udget Recap Medium Total Dollars Spent % of Budget Magazine Inserts $175,000 35% Transit $150,000 30% Banner Ads $5,000 1% Promotional Items $4,498 1% Sponsorships $100,000 20% Social Media $38,000 8% Search Engine Optimization $8,000 2% Contingency $19,502 4% Total: $500,000 100% 54
  22. 22. The End.64