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dELiA*s Campaign
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dELiA*s Campaign

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  • Creative teaser, sets the tone for our campaign
  • They are becoming more independent and financially conscious. <CHANGE SLIDE>
  • Teens recognize brands that have strong social consciousness and care about causes and charities. <CHANGE SLIDE>
  • In comparison, this is less than half of what the top competition made. <CHANGE SLIDE>
  • Some of the key things we found were that Delia’s circulates 38.8 million direct mail catalogs each month, but continues to have shipping and delivery issues. <CHANGE SLIDE>
  • We wanted to find out the most effective ways to relate our message to the target market through analyzing opinions, buying habits and general interests. <CHANGE SLIDE>
  • With the ever increasing growth of technologies and availability of social media we will be able to reach a highly sought after target market. <CHANGE SLIDE>
  • Increase reach and frequency
  • We will do this thru sales promotions, interavtice and traditional media buys as well as creative social buys.
  • WE will create a cohesive brand image as well as entice new customers
  • Will boost interest and social commentary and increase positive brand identity
  • 73.7% of our target audience uses coupons for shopping


  • 1. Consumer Analysis • Consumers are teenage girls 12-17• Teen spending declined last year- increase in saving money • Trend setters and early adopters
  • 2. Teens & Brands
  • 3. Product Analysis
  • 4. Market Analysis• Industry average has experienced a 7.52% growth in past 3 years• Company’s such as Abercrombie, American Eagle, Hot Topic lead industry• Delia’s made $217.15 million in annual sales in 2012
  • 5. PrimaryResearch
  • 6. Problems &• Opportunities Delia’s struggles to remain popular against competitors such as American • Take advantage of growth in technologies and social media Eagle, Hot Topic, Abercrombie, and • Boost sales and brand relationships Forever 21 with west coast stores• Has remained unprofitable over the past 4/5 years• Brand image and broad target consumer base
  • 7. MarketingObjective : • Increase sales 6%AdvertisingObjective:
  • 8. MarketingCommunication Strategy
  • 9. Media Objectives
  • 10. TimingWhen do you buy the most clothes?
  • 11. Geography
  • 12. Spot
  • 13. National
  • 14. Media Mix
  • 15. Social Media• 75% of national buying• 90% of our target market is using social media• Delia’s currently has:
  • 16. • In-stream ads• Youtube Channel – DIY clothing tutorials – Top 10 videos of the week – Celebrity looks from Delia’s
  • 17. Paid Exposure• Pay influential teens to repost brand content• Generate positive buzz• 1,000 influential teens from target market will be used
  • 18. Search Engine•• Optimization Preliminary launch buy 20% of the target markets time is spent searching• Will increase reach and frequencyContingency Fund• $19,502
  • 19. “Live • • Freely Green campaign Idea sparked from dELiA*s asterisk • ” Brand growth and re-inventionWeb banner Advertisement