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Modernize your Solaris Apps

Modernize your Solaris Apps






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    Modernize your Solaris Apps Modernize your Solaris Apps Presentation Transcript

    • Modernize your Solaris Applications Ernesto Benedito & Greg O’Connor – April 28, 2010
    • Housekeeping • Please Participate • Use the GoToWebinar controls to ask questions • We’ll take most at the end
    • Customer challenges…. Motivation Today With AppZero • Running an unsupported Operating • A migration path! System: • Running your app on newer Operating • Solaris 2.6, 7, 8 Systems - Solaris 10 • Old OS not supported on new hardware • Running on power efficient hardware • Old hardware falling apart. Poor reliability • 100% mobility • Into a maintenance contract for hardware resuscitation • Physical, Virtual, Datacenter • Not being able to leverage any kind of • Able to consolidate consolidation • Something that Sun/Oracle cannot • Stuck! provide you (Sol2.6/7) EB1 3
    • Slide 3 EB1 operating systems tha have achieved End Of Life Ernesto Benedito, 4/23/2010
    • When you install an Application Binaries Librarie Services Config s
    • AppZero encapsulates the Application(s) Binaries Librarie Services Config s IP x.x.x.x
    • And then… A Virtual Application Appliance (VAA) is a set of files that contain pre- installed, pre configured application(s) with all of its dependencies x.x.x.x A Virtual Application Appliance (VAA) can be Services Config Binaries Librarie compressed and s encrypted, or uncompressed IP
    • Benefits of AppZero Application Virtualization application application application solaris 2.6 solaris 7 solaris 8 Server 1 Server 2 Server 3
    • Benefits of AppZero Application Virtualization (cont) Migration Server consolidation Application Mobility Sol 2.6 App Sol 7 App Sol 8 App Sol 2.6 App Sol 7 App Sol 8 App Sol 9 App Sol 10 App Sol 9 App Sol 10 App appzero Solaris 9 or 10 Cloning Reduction of image management Continuity/DR
    • Components of the AppZero solution… AppZero Solution (Solaris Sparc) • Appzero controller Sol 2.6 App Sol 2.7 App Sol 8 App appzero (Sol 9, Sol 10) solaris • Appzero creator (Sol 9, Sol 10) • Virtual Application Appliance (V.A.A.) = container = capsule (Solaris 2.6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) x.x.x.x 9
    • AppZero Controller V.A.A. Other native apps Other applications VAA Other applications VAA Other applications VAA Other applications VAA appzero Solaris •Orchestrates the Application virtualization •Tiny layer between the Applications and the Underlying OS •A complete passive layer
    • AppZero Creator - How do I create a VAA? Virtualize to VAA Output VAA VAA Source VAA AppZero Creator VAA Approaches for creating a VAA: Physical 1. Learn mode 2. Fresh Install on empty VAA Data Center VAA 3. Whole HD capture
    • What type of application can I put on a VAA? • It can be: – Custom and proprietary applications – Of the shelf applications. VAA – A simple “hello world” type of application – To a Java stack application (s) – To multiple Oracle DBs – To a complex Baan or SAP setup appzero – you name it! • What about apps with kernel drivers? Do I have to change or NO recompile my app?
    • Give me just a few examples Apache Java standard edition platform Sprint Application Reserve 31 Atos Inventory Tracking JBOSS Application Server SugarCRM Atos Expert Help Desk JRUN SunONE (iplanet) Atreus Xauthority LAMP Sybase Adaptive Server Bank of New York Trading Maven Enterprise 12.5 Application MQ series Thunderbird BAAN Mozilla Tibco BEA Weblogic 8.1 MySQL Tomcat BMC Remedy Netscape Tutos BMC Virtualizer Agent OpenOffice Vantive Bugzilla OpenBookings Veritas NetBackup Certify sshd Opsware agent Voice Portal Clear Case source control Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Oraperl CrossOver Office Perl DCE ProactiveNet GNU tools (gcc/ld/as/automake) Scientific application Informix
    • Where do the VAA files reside? csuperblock cdata /usr/local/appzero/appliances/vaa/ /etc .. /bin cstore /lib /oracle/pr x.x.x.x oduct/.. VAA appzero Solaris NAS/SAN X VAA appzero Solaris
    • Networking and system identifiers? DHCP server SOURCE Solaris 2.6 MAC = 08:00:20:b1:41:47 Client name = old app IP = VAA - Solaris 2.6 App appzero solaris A VAA keeps the network identity and hostid of the source IP = TARGET IP = system Solaris 10
    • Resource contention and isolation Sol 2.6 App VAA Sol 7 App VAA Sol 8 App VAA HTTP service HTTP service HTTP service HTTP service - bind (*, 80) - bind (*,80) -bind(*, 80) -bind (*, 80) appzero Solaris 9 or 10
    • VAA properties [root@tps31 /]$ tcp s8ora9i Capsule Name (cn) = s8ora9i GUID (id) = 9B19D6C659560C69 Type (ty) = VIRTUALIZED File Revision (rv) = 26 Namespaces (dp) = [9B19D6C659560C69 (/),0000000000000001 Merge of file systems – what (/kernel:/dev:/devices:/proc:/etc/mnttab:/opt/app/)] the VAA can see Intercept Version (iv) = 3.2.0 (build cc09w35c) Creator ID (ci) = nFE+2IfqNlU0xEw0liWK6+P9vd1Ctuec Description (dc) = Oracle 9i and app logic DRM Enabled (de) = N Where files will be created by Creator Version (cv) = 3.0.2 Create in Namespace (cr) = 9B19D6C659560C69 default Create Filter (cf) = /home/export/ Whiteout Bypass (wb) = Executable ns r/w override (eo) = Y T1 lib redirection (ut) = Namespace order (no) = [9B19D6C659560C69,0000000000000001] Search order for files Auto-dock On Boot (ad) = N Auto-startup On Dock (as) = Y Startup Script (ss) = Shutdown Script (ds) = CPU Binding (cb) = [0,1] Virtual Memory Limit (vl) = 0 Resource management DHCP (dh) = STATIC IP Address (ip) = Reverse Name Lookup (nl) = DISABLED Hostname (hn) = njora9 MAC Address (ma) = 00:02:6A:f1:7f:0c Network identity System ID (sy) = 8305648d System Patch ID (pl) = Source Hostname (sh) = njora9 Source MAC Address (sa) = 8:0:20:da:66:e8 Source System ID (si) = 80da66e8 Source IP Address (sp) = Source controller GUID (sg) = foBE586DF39494D450 Source OS Version (sv) = 5.8 [root@tps31 /]$
    • The AppZero Virtualization The AppZero solution provides a virtual environment in which: § An Appliance (VAA) contains all the elements required by the application to run: – Executables, libraries, services, scripts, configuration files, network identity, host identity. . § A VAA is protected and isolated from the UOS and other VAAs. § A VAA sees a configurable and merged view of its own files and the UOS files § The VAAs can be managed independently and run without conflict. § An old app can be migrated and consolidated
    • OS Platform Support Solaris (SPARC) - Solaris 2.6, 2.7, 8, 9, 10 VAA Support 32/64 bit Windows (4.1 GA -Beta 4.5 available in today) - Windows XP - Windows 2003 32/64 bit - Windows 2008 32/64 bit - Windows 7 Linux (64 bit beta available in May) - Linux 2.6 kernel: REL 4.0, 32 bit - Linux 2.8 kernel: REL 5.4, 32/64bit Shared Library - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.0, 32/64 bit - SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.0, 32/64 bit Kernel
    • Pricing • Solaris – $7,500 per VAA perpetual • Support 22% of License cost • Windows 2003/2008 – VAA $500 per instance per year – Subscription mode • Support Incident based: –5 $1,000 per year – 10 $1,500 per year – 25 $3,000 per year 20
    • Wrap Up • Ready to take a deeper look? – Contact: sales@appzero.com • Connect directly with us – Ernesto Benedito – ebenedito@appzero.com – Greg O’Connor – goconnor@appzero.com • Share this recorded session with your colleagues • Available on www.appzero.com • Thank you for your Time!