Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques


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Marketers have been selling SEO services to local businesses for a few years now and this is
typically referred to as Offline Marketing. Now you can also sell apps to local businesses which
can be quite profitable depending on how effectively it is executed. The fact that networking is
considered to have the potential to help you outsource on a relatively larger scale increasing
your chances of finding better business opportunities to achieve your business goals is to blame
for the current internet craze. This being the case, many people are struggling to come to terms
with the impacts brought about by the internet on SEO marketing.

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Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques

  1. 1. Welcome Offline Marketers,Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques is designed to help you get more customers to yourOffline Marketing Business and help you earn more money while doing it. Enjoy! “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t. You’re right.” Henry FordDo you have offline customers already?Do you think your clients would be interested in also getting their own App thatworks on iPhone and Android Apps? You can have their App ready in less than aday and you can charge them whatever price you want while you keep 100% ofthe sale as an Instant App Wizard Reseller.Your customer will be able to Text message users who have their App installed.Your customers will have some extremely powerful tools at their fingertips. 1 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  2. 2. They will be able to log into your new private label marketing platform andupdate their own app by themselves. One of the biggest features is theMarketing Platform, customer simply types one message and it sends that viaText Message to their App users, Emails users on the VIP offers list, posts themessage to your customers Facebook and posts the message to your customersTwitter feed all at the same time.That is powerful and any business you pitch this to will want their own App.Table of ContentsChapter 1 How to get started in Offline MarketingChapter 2 Cold Calling Strategies – Including a proven cold call scriptChapter 3 Online Lead Generation TechniquesChapter 4 Selling Apps to Local Businesses - Huge New Income Stream! 2 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  3. 3. Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Chapter 1 – How to get started in Offline MarketingMarketers have been selling SEO services to local businesses for a few years now and this istypically referred to as Offline Marketing. Now you can also sell apps to local businesses whichcan be quite profitable depending on how effectively it is executed. The fact that networking isconsidered to have the potential to help you outsource on a relatively larger scale increasingyour chances of finding better business opportunities to achieve your business goals is to blamefor the current internet craze. This being the case, many people are struggling to come to termswith the impacts brought about by the internet on SEO marketing.On the other hand, a few of those already well acquainted with how the entire system workshave already taken advantage of the opportunity that presented itself, using it as the maincenter of focus for their marketing and promotional strategies while forgetting all about offlinemarkets. This is why as a wise entrepreneur, you should seriously consider finding out moreabout offline marketing tactics in order to find out the best way to supply and meet thedemand for your services from offline markets.This will serve as a pacesetter even as you get to know more having only started selling SEOservices and applications to businesses. Offline marketing strategies such as newspaperadvertising, yellow page advertising and even commercials have the potential of making yourbusiness very lucrative and even more appealing especially to offline markets considering thefact that offline advertising is very affordable.Over the past few years, there have been a significant number of successful SEO sales to variouscompanies. Unfortunately, for a few companies, these sales turned out to be ineffective forvaried reasons most of which you will get to know as you continue reading. This is why havingbeen part of a few of the successful SEO sales pitches, I decided to analyze a sample of the salesin order to establish some of the useful key elements that may assist upcoming entrepreneursand companies to successfully start selling SEO services and applications to business forinstance. Finding from my analysis of the sales pitches indicate that; simplicity, planning andpassion are some of the key elements to successfully selling SEO services and consequentlywinning over new SEO business. This is why; 3 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  4. 4. Planning: consider failing to plan as a strategy for planning to fail. For you to successfully startoff selling SEO services and applications to potential businesses, it is advisable that you carryout a brief research for every prospective clients site. This will allow you to find out more aboutthe available opportunities with positive impacts to the business prior to pitching SEO services.Take care not to give out solutions in your pitch. This means that you have to be able to pointout to your prospective client where they are falling short in their SEO efforts and operations. Inreturn, take advantage of the opportunity, briefly explaining to them how you intend toapproach and fix the pit falls in the operations. By doing so, the client will have a clear pictureof the opportunity at hand and will be able to make an informed decision having evaluated thepossibilities of you (or the agency you represent) to set them back on track courtesy of yourSEO services coupled with additional applications for businesses.Simplicity: This is another important factor in the process of getting started selling SEO servicesto businesses because it appeals to your target market and audiences. Not everybody is a SEOgeek like you are. By portraying simplicity, chances of confusing audiences and alienating themby addressing them over their heads about what they do not understand are very slim plus youwill be able to convince potential clients that you will always guarantee them quality whilehandling any jobs, projects or tenders awarded to you at the moment or even in future. I willadvise that you explain yourself on a higher level stressing more on the potential opportunitiesyou have identified are relevant to their sites. Crown it all up with your previous success historywhile dealing with similar clients as themselves.Passion: Be passionate about the set objectives and the goals you wish to achieve. Let all yourprospective clients see the passion and enthusiasm as well as quality assurance in yourpresentation and professional approach you take while selling out your SEO services andapplications for businesses. Make sure you establish a balance in the passion and yourprofessionalism with regard to SEO services. Generally, make the client very happy for havingchosen to hire your skills and use of SEO services.Still on how to get started selling SEO services and applications to local businesses, I wouldrecommend you to consider working guided by relatively affordable marketing plans. This isimportant for you considering that search engine specifications primarily create a stableclientele base with the potential of boosting your SEO services sales. Put to good use the factthat you (or the agency you represent) might just be getting familiar with the retail system set-up. Take time to think about the manner in which search engine marketing is peculiar becausethis will not only promote your sales but equally make your experience with search engines abreeze.Today more than ever, digital marketing highly influences offline purchases with close to 90percent of consumers shopping in key retail categories having done prior searches on searchengines. This goes a long way in affecting even offline sales hence the need for offlinemarketers to capitalize in new consumer insights. Therefore, if you are intending to start selling 4 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  5. 5. SEO services and applications to businesses, it is important that you take a different approach,different from what has been done previously.Do not restrict yourself only to direct responses and common awareness campaigns; insteadwork towards influencing prospective clients purchasing powers as well as decision making.This can be achieved by doing the following:Identify Yourself with Leading Brand PromotersIn selling SEO services, you will agree with me that customer relationship marketing is vital notonly for the success of a particular company, but also for the sustenance of its digital marketingmix (which stands to promote offline purchases and serves as an advantage to your SEOservices sales intentions). At this point, loyal clients are able to serve as the brand marketers,further promoting and increasing sales. This means that if you are looking to sell your SEOservices, identifying your brand marketers should be a top priority. In fact, if you have acustomer database with contacts, it will be an added advantage as you will be in a betterposition to pinpoint brand evangelists using the net promotional score surveys. On a scale of 0– 10, customers who rate you highly should be your brand marketers.Online Reviews Statistics show that close to 85% of consumers purchase decisions areinfluenced by customer reviews. Having positive reviews for your product ensures that it gainsthe confidence of several potential customers and clients. Search engines such as Google tendto give more credit to local listings that have more reviews. Faking reviews is not a genuinemove and is highly discouraged. This is because as a beginner, you are looking forward to thesuccessful sale of your SEO services and applications to better reach out to most of your loyalclients in order to advocate and increase the volume of your sales. If you happen to havepromoter segments, you might consider setting up your contacts and ask your brand advocatesmaking reviews for your target audiences.Establish a Customer Support CommunityOperating a moderate customer support community also serves to amplify the voices of yourbrand evangelists as well as supporting your bid to sell SEO services and applications tobusinesses. This is because such an initiative will serve as a platform where customers get toshare their thoughts while at the same time having their questions answered through thisinteractive segment. As a result of this a significant amount of SEO friendly user generatedcontent and sales ideas are likely to be crop up. Being that most of this will be directly orindirectly related to your products, you are likely to find sales very easy when you get startedselling out SEO services to prospective clients. Remember search engines serve as the mostpreferred choice by most customers to make informed decisions on purchases.Interact Socially with ClientsBesides setting up a community support center, it is important that you go out of your way tofind out the details of issues relating to your product brand, your services, the industry as well 5 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  6. 6. as your consumers. Reports indicate that most consumers spend at least 25% of their onlinetime browsing through social sites as a result sustaining close to 500 billion social brandimpressions annually. This is why even as you get started learning how to start selling SEOservices to businesses, take time to closely monitor social media networks to trace responses torelevant questions which in turn allow you to improve your offline marketing tactics to appealto a wider clientele base for your SEO services. This generally means unlimited interaction withcustomer involved with your product. Engaging consumers in such non branded oriented chatsis healthy for your sales as it will serve as a genuine guarantee for credibility in a relativelyresourceful industry.Have promotional items promotional items is very important for your sales campaigns; this isbecause they will help you come up with useful leads for network marketing strategy whileconsidering offline marketing tactics for business. Only use branded promotional itemsembedded with your logo for sales awareness. By doing so you are sure that prospective clientswill start developing interest in what services you have to offer especially once they notice thatit is gaining popularity and has the potential to generally improve their online presence. Opt forpromotional items you personally consider will appeal most to your targeted demographic, thisis important because you are likely to attract the much needed attention for your SEO servicesand applications dimed for local business.The retail industry is not a field of dreams meaning without a proper and comprehensivemarketing strategy you are bound to fail in you bid to sell SEO services and applications to localbusinesses. Remember, for offline markets, consider offline media as stated above bearing inmind that they are a perfect way to create brand awareness. Do not solely rely on these toclose on a deal opt for alternatives as this will help you track the unpredictable habits ofconsumers media habits as much as the web is already considered to have prominentlydominated in influencing consumer purchasing decision making. This doesnt mean that youmust put up an ecommerce site in order to sell out instead you simply need to focus more onhow best to make the best off awareness and promotional campaigns. Chapter 2 – Cold Calling StrategiesWhat is cold calling? Is it beneficial to my sales? Cold calling or canvassing as it is commonlyknown refers to the first open minded, meaningful calls you make to prospective clientsprofessionally approaching them with sensible business prepositions characterized by mutualbenefits. This is beneficial to your sales considering the fact that it serves as a key factor whichhas the potential to boost your returns if used appropriately in your marketing campaigns.Having the best cold calling techniques serves as an added advantage to your business because 6 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  7. 7. it allows you to improve other aspects of your business such as communication. Cold callingmethods are also useful in many aspects of business and external work communications. As anentrepreneur, if you havent had the chance to take advantage of cold calling strategies toimprove your business, particularly your sales, then it is advisable take it upon yourself beingthat generous cold calling techniques are a fundamental capability that is highly transferable.Notably, basic principles of cold calling techniques are amongst the characteristic features ofmost prominent entrepreneurs. The fact that cold calling focuses on initiative and action is aguarantee for successful sales hence the importance of employing cold calling strategies whilepromoting your product brand aiming for higher sales.Why you need a cold calling strategies kit?Todays modern world is characterized by increased dependency on online marketing, socialnetwork media, email communication and content marketing. This should not be pre-determined cheaply granted but should be seen as an opportunity to generate new leads andcontacts in the process promoting your product brand and increasing sales. Cold calling mayseem like an ancient marketing strategy which is unacceptable. Besides the fact that successfulentrepreneurs nurtured their business skills by employing basic principles of this marketingstrategy, cold calling plan kits have been introduced making product brand promotions easyand general sales even easier. Cold calling marketing strategies kits are all inclusive and willalways positively impact your sales considering the fact that it comprises of:• Detailed tips, tricks and techniques geared towards effective telephone pitches and additionalwin more business opportunities.• A number of secrets for cold calling success complied by experts from the different fields.• Examples of actual cold calling scripts that have helped secure appointments even with highprofiled prospective buyers.• Sample checklists and worksheets to come help you come up with your own personal coldscript.• Tutorials, on how to leverage voicemails to get prospective clients to give in your proposals.What cold calling strategies does to your sales?Normally as a sales person you serve as a link between the customer and the supplier / source.This means that you are tasked with influencing the leveraging products and servicesaccordingly. With all this in place cold calling strategy comes in to help you establish the keyfundamentals which are extremely valuable to sustain your sales. Courtesy of cold callingstrategies you are guaranteed a chance to choose the nature of your most ideal businesspreposition, how best to present it to your prospective clients while at the same time 7 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  8. 8. communicating with potential customers.At this point, considering all stages of most sales processes, you may realize that cold callingstrategies make it relatively easier for you not only to interpret and predict sales opportunitiesbut also to control your market. Using cold calling strategies for your sales intentions puts youin the best position to control relationship and cooperation between customers and suppliers.It is equally crucial that even as you work toward meeting your set goals and objectives if youchoose to implement the basic entrepreneurial principles of cold calling strategies focusing onmore pertinent matters such as your target market place including your competitors and all thethreats your sales are faced with.Successful cold calling strategies for offline marketingAs an entrepreneur, to make cold calling strategies work for you, it is advisable to opt for thefollowing:1. Preparation:Before you call a prospective client it is vital that you plan in advance, set your objectives rightand most importantly choose the best time to call as summarized below:A) Pre call planning:• According to research findings, this stands out as one of the fundamentals; when anticipatingto make a fruitful conversation with a prospective client. When prepping to make a significantcall, it is crucial that you have with you pieces of information that will help you not onlyintroduce yourself but also professionally raise your business intentions in a manner that grabsthe attention of the prospective client. It is during your discussion with such clients that youbring in the specific details of what you are dealing in. This helps you give a precise account ofyour companys overall goals regarding business as you will be talking of specific features yourproduct brand or service.• Prior to calling your prospect client, consult with your sales team for enough insights aboutyour prospects business. Having done all the above your prospect client will is likely developinterest as these people are not damn and in the short term, you will get to discuss businesswith them. Potential clients will identify; with the help of initial approaches if your businessprepositions are worthy of consideration. Its all up to you.B) Setting an objectiveApart from the pre-call planning, cold calling strategies for offline marketing also require you tohave set objectives clearly in writing prior to making that vital call. Why is this relevant? Youmight be wondering, this is because the main aim for making this call is to set up a meeting andnot necessarily to promote your product brand or services that the work of telesales people in 8 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  9. 9. case you might need any in your company. Having a set of objectives, serves as a gatewaywhich allows you to bring in a possible business meeting to discuss and details of yourproposals.• Remember your goal is to establish meeting with your prospect client and incase you deviatefrom this by giving out too much unnecessary information, your prospect is likely to make uphis mind exceptionally early finally turning you down before you even have the chance ofdemonstrating the true of your products or services. Consider your call to a prospect client asan opportunity to build more and develop on a potential sales opportunity or introducingyourself as the best contact to consult in case of a situation change.C) Choosing the best time to Call• Besides choosing to call your prospect at a time when you are jovial, it is extremely urgentthat your timing done perfectly. Calling your prospective at a time you are certain he is not onlyavailable but also free to talk reason being chances are if your approach is agreeable; the callwill most certainly be characterized by a lot of explaining and discussions before you finallysettle on a meeting date. It is pointless to call up a client during extreme hours. Consequently, itis recommended that prospective clients are best contacted in the course of the day probablytowards weekends. During such times, people are usually relaxed and in extremely pleasantmoods.2. IntroductionWhen introducing your outfit, try as much as possible to be relevant. Go straight to the pointstating who you are, what you represent, the purpose of your call and the reason for requestingfor a meeting at a later date or another time depending on the availability of your client. At thispoint, you are free to base your opening preposition explaining the details of your offer, takecare not to go into details.3. Ask questionsThe course of your talk, it is healthy that you engage your client in a brief question andanswering session to allow him to enlighten you on his situation. At this point, you are likelyhave a clear picture on of the best approach employ so as to earn the complete trust as well asbeing able to predict how he prefers to get work done.4. Do not judgeAvoid taking sides especially when dealing with your customers; make sure you remain fair andneutral considering that most people prefer being helped to being judged. In fact, providinghelp and offering guidance is the best choice regardless of your field of specialty it is essentialto consider this as it will help you come up with informed decisions that appeal most to bothclients suppliers and customers. This way you equally stand to benefits as you will also be 9 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  10. 10. building up a trust worthy and reliable portfolio which upcoming business will not only lookforward to but also approach in order to improve their marketing skills for their offlinecustomer base.5. Respond customer reviewsTake it upon yourself to listen to your customers, read through customer reviews andresponses on key matters related to your products or services. Do this from a customerperspective as an expert in marketing and sales and you will undoubtedly know where toimprove to avoid operating self centered business activities. At this stage, it is equally valuablefor you to review your visualized image and consider changing to a more appealing appearanceof how people prefer seeing you for the sake of your product brand awareness promotions.6. Educate and inform your markets about your offers.As a professional entrepreneur who understands the significance of an established offlinecustomer base, make it one of your duties to reach out to your market audiences throughformal multimedia means such as newspapers, bill board advertisements, and posters and eventhrough commercials. At this point, you will have not only educated and informed yourcustomers but also might have attracted the attention of potential business partners who mightbe interested in your offering or promoters who will help sell your products even further.They say information is power, this though is likely to apply in such a case considering the factthat collecting and responding to customer and clients feedbacks allows you to maximize onsales dominating your competitors at all costs. This, therefore, requires that even as you chooseto implement cold calling strategies have a different mindset different from the one focused onmaking sales instead aim at bring back to life business activities on the verge of being wipedout. Make your business environment pressure free address your partners with a tone ofequality and mutual respect, avoid judging other or even taking sides and above all refrain fromchasing prospective clients instead connect with them making a true connection which willeasily allow them to discuss and raise issues affecting them and not you. Finally, look intoprospects problems as it this makes them feel secure knowing experienced people are into thechallenges facing them. Chapter 3 – Online Lead Generation TechniquesMost companies have heavily invested in having an up-to-date website but they forget theurgency with which they need to have a system which will facilitate and direct them on how tobuild an inventory of leads. The kind of competition out there will leave no room for themisinformed businesses and these as you know, will end up in poor sales and business closure.You need to be aware on where and how to start getting your online traffic because lead 10 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  11. 11. generation is by far indispensable for those looking to make huge online profits. For any salesactivity to give remarkable results there must be willing clients, people who are interested inwhat you are selling and therefore, if you use lead generating techniques, it guarantees youhigher sales and customers will develop a liking for both you and your product.Many a times, people talk of lead generating techniques but rarely will someone tell you exactlywhat they are. It is vital to note that there are numerous possibilities which are both easy andaffordable to use. The goal in using these leads is to get as much traffic as you can. Thereforecomprehensive knowledge about what you can do, how you can do it and when you can do itare critical to achieving your success. You need to identify your target groups first andthereafter choose a technique which works best in that market.Every industry and business has a special technique which, when employed guaranteesmaximum results. But in all this, the primary concept is similar. They will both help yourbusiness to gunner the necessary exposure it needs. A common equation to help youunderstand how this works is as follows; when you get exposed to your market, your onlinebusiness will get traffic, the traffic will bring potential lead and the leads can easily beconverted to sales if you have the right lead generating tool. The internet is today a promisingmarket for those growing their businesses as well as for those who are just starting. Therefore ifyou are one among the millions already involved in online business, you will need bothdedication and knowledge on the tools required for success.Before we get started on the various leads, you need to know that the process of generatingleads is a good publicity stunt for any business. This is one way through which your customersand prospects are able to know of your goods or services, or promote your products. Therefore,by generating leads, you are generating potential sales which will bring about huge profits.Generating traffic to your website is not enough. You need to learn how you can retain yourcustomers as this is also another significant topic for your online business. In todays businessworld and market trends, consumers tend to form relationships with either the manufacturesor suppliers of whatever product or service they are using.The various types of lead generating techniques explained:Do not be surprised to learn that there are some lead generating techniques which areineffective. Contests or sweepstakes have been passed by time and have thus grown veryinappropriate both for customers and professional service providers. Referrals and networkingare still used by many businesses although they do not guarantee the kind of results yourbusiness needs. Rise up from your slumber and change with the speed of technologicaladvancements. There is a new wave of online business developments which will give you morethan you bargained for.Search Engine Optimization 11 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  12. 12. Search engine optimization, commonly used with the acronyms SEO, will help any businesspenetrate its market. We live in a world where Google has all the answers and therefore thefirst thing any manager, teacher, student, fashion designer, architecture, banker, or a doctorwill do when faced with an issue they are not sure of, is to Google their question or issue. Smartphones and iPads have even made it easy for people to spend much time online. SEO willposition you where your target clients can easily see your online content. From this point on, itis up to you to play your cards right and see if you can win such leads over to your business.Optimized WebsitesDid you know that most websites which are run by companies and businesses are not designedin a manner to generate leads? Such are the kind of websites where customers find nothinguseful to their needs. Without lead generating websites, you are doing zero work since you areunable to satisfy a large market segment. Therefore, it is paramount that you ensure the kind ofwebsite you put up is able to deliver the unique selling preposition of your business, andcustomers are able to get learn valuable information which should lead them to respond toyour call of action. As much as it sounds simple, it is equally helpful.Online AdvertisingIf you are looking for something which is fast, you can buy your space in search engine resultpages through pay per click advertisements. This approach will put you at an advantagebecause your advertisements will be placed where there are relevant key words that yourbusiness associates with. Any business looking to save money while attracting more credibleand potential leads should try this technique since it is track-able. It is also believed that thosewho use this system have high quality returns because a number of people clicking on theiradvertisements are looking for some form of solution. With pay per click ads, you get to payonly when someone clicks your advertisements.Social MediaUsing online social media is yet another alternative that has been abused by others while manyhave made a catch out of it. This technique is quite simple and guarantees high results based onthe quality of the networking techniques you employ. Each social site offers a differentplatform and style of interaction but the goal here is to get attention from as many people aspossible from. If you can connect with your audience on the social media, you can be sure theywill respond and give you the much needed reputation and of cause sales that your businessneeds. The kind of results you draw out of this depends on the quality of time you invest in it.Use of WebinarsHave you ever thought of a webinar as a tool for marketing your online business? This issomething you need to think about since it can help you draw a number of potential clients. It ismore like a seminar and in most cases it is done free of charge. Those attending have to register 12 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  13. 13. and this will provide you with their information. Do not use webinars to put up your sales talk,because their purpose is to educate the attendees. To have a successful webinar, you need tochoose good topics that are of interest to a number of people since this will attract theirattention and make them follow you. In the long run, they will develop trust in your localbusiness.What industry are you in? How does it perform? What do people want to know about yourindustry? These are the kind of questions you need to keep in mind while trading online.Customers are curious people who want to change with the latest trends and therefore, if youare in a position to offer industrial research reports, then you can be sure you will have a hugefollowing. This will make you a industrial giant, even if you are running a small local business.Prospective customers will change their view of your business and this will help strengthen yourbrand. One way to capture even a larger market group is by making your research topics asinteresting as possible.In this fast paced world, people are more interested in physical evidence rather than what iswritten. This is the root source of online video mail which is the next technique we are going tolook at. If you can position your company in a manner that your target customers who are ableto see you explain how you can solve their problems, then you are on the right track. Withvideos, you not only generate leads but you also nature them, which is an added advantage toyour business.E-BooksThe use of white paper/e-books is equally a very good approach to market your business andbring in leads. Your credibility is on the line and by using this technique; you are developing thetrust and reputation with a vast number of people. You can offer such giveaways behind aregistration screen or for free on your website. If you so which, there are third party companieswhose services come in handy during this time. How well you explain yourself on varioussubjects will determine the kind of success you generate with these tools.Electronic NewslettersOffering electronic newsletters is a good way to reach many people. The quality of your contentis what will help you generate traffic to your website. Every sign up for your e-newsletter is apotential lead while those already signed up can still be natured to remain loyal to your brand.Let it be known that one can subscribe to free newsletters and this should be clear on yourwebsite. Again, while looking into this option, the success you generate is based on the qualityof your content. 13 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  14. 14. BloggingIf you are a blogger, then this technique is one you need to read carefully. Using blogs will notbring to your website much leads, but they are useful in directing leads to your website. Withblogs, you are free to use as many keywords as you wish and this will in turn position youwhere your target market can see you. It is advisable to have your blog page on your businesswebsite. This is very professional. You can also market your page on other social sites where alarge number of people will be able to see what you offer and either relate to it or ignore if thecontent is not appealing.Having an infectious personality works well with any of the above online tools. You also need toemail your leads on regular basis if you are going to retain them and turn them into regularcustomers. Well, there are your online marketing techniques. As usual, when used effectively,the best results will be realized. It is advisable to create an online marketing department in yourlocal business, one that will completely oversee the effective execution of the online leadgeneration techniques. However, if you feel you are perfect at it and can efficiently develop theonline lead generation strategies, go for it. After all, you will be saving on the money that couldhave been used to set up the special department dedicated to online lead generation. Chapter 4 – Selling Apps To Local BusinessesThe use of mobile apps has lately been on the rise with a record increase in the number smartphone users. Apps have become more popular and are helping various people accomplishvaried tasks on a day to day basis. As a matter of fact, businesses are also taking advantage ofthis opportunity to increase their market penetration and expand their existing business.The boom in the mobile application industry has got many people by surprise. Time is ripe forthose who havent noticed that emerging trends are currently revolving around marketing andadvertising local businesses on mobile phone platforms.Research shows that the use of hard wired computers will drastically reduce by 2013, and thiswill see millions access the internet using their smart phones. This, therefore, means that mostof your customers will be using their phones to find you and locate your business. An App actslike a mobile website from where you are able to market and bring your brands a unique sellingpreposition.App building is something which has been left for the technological savvy professionals. In fact,there is a belief that building an App may take weeks or months to yield results. Apparently,many people are not convinced there could be an easy way out while searching for somethingpractical which will make your work easy while at the same time helping you generate income.If you are interested in knowing more on this, here is the deal. 14 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  15. 15. Did you know the number of mobile phones outnumber the quantity of computers in theworld? For local businesses, this should mean an excellent opportunity to attract morecustomers. There are simply more people who will be requiring the kind of service you areoffering, and this; they can do while on the bus, inside their vehicles, during their lunch breaks,while on the train to work among others.As a business owner, you should see this form of demand and rush to fill it before yourcompetition takes over. Most people, who started business years ago, build sites which arequite heavy and cannot be supported on the mobile devices. This, therefore, means thatwhenever your customer tries to find your online page which is not optimized for smartphones; will not load, and there slips away another one of your potential sales.Worse still, there are those websites when accessed, you have to strain to see the contentbecause they tend to try and cram everything to fit your mobile screen. Todays customerdemands more, and this demand should be delivered with limited hardships. That means theywant to find you with ease and get easy access through their mobile phones. In simplicity, youneed to look sleek and have the necessary information customers may need. It does not matterwhether you are operating a local business or an online business; having an app is the way tomarket and this method are both affordable and unique. App wizards had developed a uniqueplatform which can be used to design and develop Apps for android, iPhones or Blackberryseries. Better still, you can make Apps and sell to your local business for a fee. In most cases,building an App will take less than twenty minutes but you are guaranteed whatever price youquote to your clients. Are you the kind of person who wants to tap into the current markettrend and make a difference both to the business owner and self?Technology is considered a driving force in the world today and everywhere you look, you willnotice technology has contributed towards several aspects. In the long run, it has dictated ourpresent environment and how it operates. But you do not have to be technologically savvy tosell Apps to businesses. In fact, after the first training, you are free to start making your Apps,which may not take longer than 30 minutes to complete. As much as a business owner will beseeing the immense and potential customers for their businesses, they will also need someonewho can direct them and advise them on how to capture the vast market; and that is where youcome in.Most of the apps in the market have been designed and uploaded in the market place awaitingbuyers. But for you, it will be a little bit different. Your work entails designing the app andinstantly uploading it on to the Internet. The apps can be accessed by both the business and itscustomers instantly the moment you finish uploading it. The sales of such apps will work wellwhen you organize your market and choose your target group well. Some of the targetcustomers for such Apps include bars and restaurants, night clubs, lawyers, learninginstitutions, real estate agents, religious organizations, clubs, and medical fraternityprofessionals among others.Unlike those who prepare Apps and put on the android or iPad market place, your App is paid 15 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  16. 16. for before it is used and there is residual income to follow thereafter. In contrast to thesegroups, you wouldnt have to make numerous unit sales before you can break even. App wizardwill enable you to break even with your first sale and everything that follows will be profit toyou. The best part in doing this form of business is that you are not alone. There are guidelineswhich have been prepared to enable you sell the Apps to virtually any business of your choiceas well as generate recurring revenue.You have to note that the systems and processes you will learn are proven, and resultsguaranteed. Selling apps to your local businesses is something you will do without much hustleif your market gets to understand the vitality of having these applications installed for them.Mobile apps are currently hot, and as such, if you want to be one among the few who areselling this technology to businesses, you might consider venturing into Apps and wizardsreselling program. The whole selling process is much easier because you will have all themarketing and advertising support you need.One of the reasons why our apps will sell is because of most of its features which are inbuilt.Most people have tried using other platforms, but they end up coming back because of theintegrated features such as SMS and marketing features. With the marketing platform, it is thenumber one tool you need to understand if you are going to convince any business to buy theapp. Arguably, once your prospects understand this fact, their mindset will change straightaway making a difference between completing the sales and failing to convince the client. If youare going to approach a client, be prepared with your facts right and in some cases, you cancompare our powerful features with those of competitors.You are free to give demonstrations of how using our marketing feature is able to communicateto millions of people instantly. For example, the client can key in one message, which will besent as SMS, email or appear as a Facebook post and at the same time appear on the Twitterpage. This shows how effective the marketing feature is making it the main factor whichseparates App wizard from the competition. Therefore, as a reseller, you can be sure to get thebest market response selling this App to businesses around you.In this day and age where more searches are done online, any business is better positioned forsuccess if they can tap into the immediate market. It is your responsibility to make them realizethis fact. On the other hand, we will help you deliver everything you promise to them. Thisincludes the opportunity to communicate with the end user and notify them of the offers abusiness has, provide any relevant news among other relevant information. Remember thatunlike emails or other social sites, text messages will be read instantly, and customers will beable to respond and act based on the information you provide.The best thing about this cloud based mobile App is that it can be used to create other Apps ona number of operating platforms such as Windows, Android and Apple based phones. Thismeans that only a negligible number of smart phone users will be left behind or be unable toaccess your App. Having a website which is mobile friendly is extremely valuable since it is theavenue most people will use when looking for you on the World Wide Web and the basis 16 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
  17. 17. through which they will communicate to you. As stated earlier, this is not an App for only thetechnological gurus. Anyone can create an App in just between ten to twenty minutes.Customers to your local business will always buy solutions which are relevant to them. At thesame time, while selling an App using the reseller program, you need to focus on the results orbenefits one gets from these features. Be clear and explain how the end user will be able todownload coupons, stream live videos of the function taking place at their business, makereservations and all the numerous benefits you stand to gain by having Apps wizard designedfor them.You, on the other hand; as a retailer will be able to benefit on the mobile web App marketwhich is currently on the rise. You will be able to resell these Apps under your own brand name;therefore, most clients will find it easy to trust you and your credibility. As a reseller, you areable to text your customers starting from your design phase; you will be guided on a step bystep basis until you complete your training while getting provision of the marketing materialsyou need. This is the kind of package you get and with your first purchase; you break even andstart making your profits thereafter. Your complete banner sets will enable you advertise yourventure to your local businesses giving them an idea of what you are capable of. You will beable to use them in print media, online and in your physical business.Flyers, postcards, business cards and QR Codes can easily be generated from your marketingplatform. In addition, you will be given a quick start Guide that will direct you and get you upand running in no time. Inside the guide, you will find 25 lessons on startup tips, how to talk toyour clients, your best customer and how to retain them. Although using the App is quite easy,a tutorial has been added which will help you have a deeper understanding on how to create acustom table tents and signs or how to generate QR codes.Watch this short video to see how easy it is to build an app! 17 Aggressive Offline Marketing Techniques Learn how to sell Apps to local businesses
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