The App Store Isn't Broken: You're not selling software anymore


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In this presentation from 2014's 360iDev, I cover why the App Store is a huge improvement over past software distribution methods, how software business models have evolved and how to make the most of the opportunity.

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  • The App Store Isn't Broken: You're not selling software anymore

    1. 1. THE APP STORE ISN’T BROKEN Robi Ganguly @rganguly Co-Founder, Apptentive @apptentive
    2. 2. I Caught the Bug
    3. 3. Meetings Used to be Such a Drag
    4. 4. Then I Bled Purple for A While
    5. 5. For Me, It’s All About Customer Love
    6. 6. This guy might want to pay you for your work. Let him.
    7. 7. Buying Software Used to Be So Hard
    8. 8. Making Software Sucked & Had Physical Costs
    9. 9. Shipping Software Was Ridiculous
    10. 10. Getting People to USE the Software: Complicated
    11. 11. Along Came Shareware
    12. 12. It Was Like An “Open” App Store • Started in 1982 • Tiny business - “Cottage Industry”- until distribution was solved… • By the Internet
    13. 13. The Beginning of Free To Play… (F2P)
    14. 14. A “New” Delivery Model for Enterprise Software Software As A Service
    15. 15. Same Story, Different Time Packaged Software Big Software Deployments Software As A Service Packaged Software Shareware Apps Business Software Consumer Software
    16. 16. The Common Theme: Reduce Friction
    17. 17. We LOVE our phones
    18. 18. Apps are Addictive
    19. 19. How Many App Downloads? 125 BILLION OR, 17 DOWNLOADS FOR EVERY HUMAN ON EARTH
    20. 20. The Problem: These Lists Are Distracting Us
    21. 21. Every Business Requires REPEAT Customers Repeat sales is a basic business model.
    22. 22. Do You Even Know if More Downloads Are Good? • Why People Leave? • What Will Happen If You Get Featured? • Where You Make Your Money?
    23. 23. The Math of the App Business
    24. 24. Reality: You’re a Media Company Find an audience, delight it, retain it and grow it More on this topic: Dear app developers, you’re in the media business
    25. 25. Your Secret Weapon: Your Audience
    26. 26. Repeat Use, Interaction Happy Customer Shares, Brags, Evangelizes Remember, The Dynamic Today Is Different New Customers Discover, See Great Reviews Download Use Software Designe d & Built Software Shipped Sales $$ Packaged Software When Your Software is A Media Business
    27. 27. How Do Your Customers Think?
    28. 28. Graduate from Anecdotes to Trends & Patterns
    29. 29. Customers Crave to Be Heard
    30. 30. Customers Who Stick Around Will Listen & Talk Download Prompt Survey(s) Feedback
    31. 31. The Opportunity
    32. 32. Some Core Questions for A Sustainable Business ● Find out why people use your apps. ● Figure out what’s “special” about you. ● What are people looking for when they found you? ● What are people looking to accomplish in their lives because of you? ● What can you do to help them on a regular basis?
    33. 33. Some Guiding Principles ● Make it easy to listen ● Give yourself the ability to respond ● Design for feedback & communication ● Emphasize Relationships ● Earn and Cultivate Love ● Seriously.
    34. 34. Robi Ganguly @rganguly Co-founder, Apptentive @apptentive