The Growing Mobile Apps Development Market of USA/Dubai


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This PPT is really helpful for consumers who want to understand the growing trend of mobile application development market of USA and UAE. For more information click here: or for android users click here:

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The Growing Mobile Apps Development Market of USA/Dubai

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Launch & MarketMobile Apps As of May 2010, more than 240,000 apps are availablefrom 7 stores on 7 platforms (CTIA) In 2010, it is estimated that consumers spent $6.2 billionin mobile app stores worldwide to download more than8 billion apps – 8 out of 10 of which are free (CTIA) 45% of developers plan to monetize their apps directly,in other words outside the app stores (Bango Analytics) Gartner forecasts the total app revenue will increase tonearly $30 billion by 2013 with over 21 billion downloads.The number of free or ad-funded apps will increase to87%. Demand for mobile apps expected to peak in 20132New App Storesrecently launched;recent industryestimates:• 300,000 appsdeveloped,• 10.9 Billiondownloads
  3. 3. Launch & MarketMobile Apps3Average price for all paid appsApple $3.62BlackBerry $8.26Android $3.27Ovi (Nokia) $3.47Palm $2.53Windows $6.99App store size – total number of applicationsApple 150,998Android 19,897Ovi (Nokia) 6,118BlackBerry 4,756Palm 1,452Windows 693Source: Distimo – www.distimo.comOther App stores• Carrier-specific app stores• 3rd party stores such as GetJar, Handango, Amazon, etc.
  4. 4. Do you know what is required to runit like a business?4
  5. 5. Launch & MarketMobile Apps Legal Copyrights liability Accounting how is revenue being tracked &managed what about expenses Marketing who will buy it how do we know they’ll buy it how many of them are there how much should it cost5
  6. 6. Launch & MarketMobile Apps Don’t assume everyone will think your idea is as greatas you do; step away from it, ask strangers forfeedback (NOT FAMILY & FRIENDS) Don’t assume you will quickly start making money topay the bills; have a back-up plan for how you willoperate financially DOA MARKETING PLAN; don’t just assume thatputting it on the App Store will make you a fortune(we’ll discuss this more later) Whatever you believe will be your revenue, cut it by75% - then you might be close Whatever you believe it will cost you to develop andmarket it, double it - then you’ll be close6
  7. 7. What are the options?7
  8. 8. Launch & MarketMobile Apps Developing your own proprietary app and marketing ityourself; maybe you can be the next ‘Angry Birds’! Developing apps requested by other firms, ie:marketing departments for brands such as: Retailers Radio stations Music groups Business services and more845% of appdevelopers planto monetize theirapps directly,meaningOUTSIDE theapp stores
  9. 9. Launch & MarketMobile Apps Self-developed &marketed apps Pay to download In-App advertising Pay for enhanced version Apps for clients Flat fee based on scope ofwork Hourly fees % of revenue earned by app9
  10. 10. WhatTypes of MobileApps Are Being Used and in the Highest Demand?10
  11. 11. Launch & MarketMobile Apps Who is the target audience for yourApp How are you going to monetizeyour App (pay to download, in-Appadvertising, pay for enhancedversion, etc.) What is the best way to reach yourtarget audience to educate themabout the availability of your app What percentage of the mobilemarketplace you will reach on eachmobile platform to aid you indetermining which platform to buildyour App on11Make sure to know who yourtarget customers are; there’sno point spending time, money& effort building an iPhone appif your target demographic isusing a BlackberryHave an understanding ofmarket share by OS; howmany people REALLY havean iPhone? How do youreach the rest of them?
  12. 12. Launch & MarketMobile Apps12
  13. 13. Launch & MarketMobile Apps13How Phones Are Being UsedComscore
  14. 14. Launch & MarketMobile Apps14Mobile Use Breakdowns by AgeAdobe Mobile Experience Survey, October 2010
  15. 15. Launch & MarketMobile Apps15Mobile Use Breakdowns by GenderAdobe Mobile Experience Survey, October 2010
  16. 16. Launch & MarketMobile AppsTop FREE Apps / iPhone(by Brand) TheWeather Channel Facebook Skype Angry Birds Words with Friends UPS PayPal eBay USAToday Bing Yelp16According to Nielsen,“Free, functionalbranded apps do betterin the App Store.”Nielsen: U.S. Top 10s and Trends for 2010
  17. 17. Launch & MarketMobile Apps17
  18. 18. Launch & MarketMobile Apps18
  19. 19. Launch & MarketMobile Apps19
  20. 20. Launch & MarketMobile Apps20(Newspapers, magazines, book publishers, music publishers, etc.)
  21. 21. Launch & MarketMobile Apps21NOTE:This study is from March 2010,it is estimated that studiescurrently being conducted willshow substantial AndroidGrowth
  22. 22. Launch & MarketMobile Apps22
  23. 23. Launch & MarketMobile Apps23
  24. 24. Launch & MarketMobile AppsStudies indicate: Many of the apps we see today are a result of brands and agenciesjumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of the currentconsumer focus on the App stores. As the volume of Apps increases, and the drive towardApp storesdeclines, there will be a return to web content. Nokia,Google and manyothers are already predicting this and encouraging web-based Apps orwidgets rather than complex native code that is dependent on platformsand versions.24
  25. 25. Launch & MarketMobile AppsIndustry experts indicate: The rapid growth of more capable smartphones looks set to continue, but thereare likely to be limits to the growth in apps and the way they are distributed anddiscovered. A single app store with hundreds of thousands of apps is not good for theconsumer or the developer. There is likely to be a more open market where developers can choose to publishvia a standard app store, in one of many specialist app stores or directly from anynumber of websites, including their own. There will always be a place for apps – graphical, highly demanding apps such as3D games, but just as we have seen on the PC, many apps are now beingdelivered as web apps – including productivity tools like Office products fromGoogle and Microsoft or photo editing tools like Photoshop or Picasa.25
  26. 26. Launch & MarketMobile AppsQuestions?For details on Android Mobile Apps Click: