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Capabilities overview for Caroline Ashleigh Associates, LLC, top-rated appraisers of fine art, antiques and collections. Providing services for private collections, estate liquidation and more.

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Caroline Ashleigh Appraisers & Auctioneers

  1. 2. <ul><li>Our firm is a nationally recognized art advisory, appraisal and online auction house which is dedicated solely to fine arts, antique furniture and decorations, jewelry, and a variety of collecting categories. </li></ul>
  2. 3. <ul><li>We believe that through the Internet our clients achieve the highest possible price for their objects by reaching an international audience. </li></ul>
  3. 4. <ul><li>Our sales generally realize prices that are 20-30% more than those achieved for comparable items sold in a “live” auction by guaranteeing authenticity and condition, unlike most Internet auctions. </li></ul>
  4. 5. Our Auctions Are An Excellent Consideration For:  Estate Settlement  Relocation  Retirement  Liquidation  When you have valuable items to sell
  5. 6. It is an economical means of disbursement for clients whose property would benefit from a broader audience, rather than a local or regional one. This brings our clients’ objects to the attention of a global audience of dealers and collectors from around the world.
  6. 7. Our firm is always pleased to give advice on selling individual items, or groups of items, from corporate and public collections or entire household contents.
  7. 8. Among the cultural and educational institutions on whose behalf we have offered property are: ♦ The Metropolitan Museum of Art ♦ The Brooklyn Museum ♦ The University of Michigan ♦ The Detroit Institute of Arts ♦ The Metropolitan Opera
  8. 9. Our firm holds fully catalogued online auctions approximately four times a year.
  9. 10. This is a New England seascape by American artist Alfred Thompson Bricher (American, 1837-1908)
  10. 11. Bricher was a significant Hudson River School landscapist and marine painter who is considered to be the last of the relevant American luminists. It was part of a large estate consigned by a Michigan connoisseur to our firm which featured a magnificent collection of American and English paintings, furniture and decorations. This piece was purchased by the consignor’s family in the late 1800’s and had been out of the public eye since then.
  11. 12. Although the consignor believed this piece to be completely unremarkable and was preparing to dispose of it in the trash, we mounted an extremely successful marketing campaign and sold the piece last fall for $86,250 to a Madison Avenue art gallery. They subsequently placed it in their gallery for $225,000.
  12. 13. We offer important English and American furniture and decorations at auction to our buyers all around the world.
  13. 14. This is a matching pair of outstanding quality George III semi-circular fold-top card tables, in original condition and fresh to the market from a prominent Michigan collector. Classical furniture of this quality has become very highly sought after, and this pair of George III mahogany and kingwood card tables went for $34,500 in our sale last fall.
  14. 15. Other furniture included a George III inlaid mahogany serpentine sideboard bought at $18,400
  15. 16. A George III inlaid satinwood secretaire bookcase was hammered at $14,490
  16. 17. This George I burl walnut chest-on-chest sold for $12,075
  17. 18. A George I walnut gallery-top tea table sold for $5,520
  18. 19. Six Regency black-lacquered dining chairs found a buyer at $4,885
  19. 20. Our 20th Century Art & Design auctions are dedicated to the most noteworthy expressions of Modern design such as: This Charles Sheeler “On a Shaker Theme” sold for $101,500
  20. 21. Our 20th Century Art & Design auctions are dedicated to the most noteworthy expressions of Modern design such as: This Romare Bearden “Jazz Musicians” sold for $90,500
  21. 22. Couture and Textiles is an auction category that is an offshoot of our celebrity auctions which have influenced the development of and set the standard for the international auction market in this growing category.
  22. 23. The purchasers of couture at auction include museums, private collectors and dealers, as well as fashion designers seeking inspiration. Interestingly, the archives of the well-known design houses in Paris and New York are among the top buyers.
  23. 24. The provenance or history of ownership can often add greatly to the value of a consignment, especially when combined with historical research by our specialist departments.
  24. 25. This important antique bow brooch measures almost four inches across and is centered by a 20 carat old mine diamond.
  25. 26. This exquisite brooch is fashioned in a style which became popular throughout the 18th century, and a style which became popular again during the mid 19th century. During this revival, Empress Eugenie of France set about refashioning much of the extensive jewelry collection that she had inherited.
  26. 27. Interestingly, a number of these pieces made their way to America as a result of the sale of the French Imperial collection which took place in 1887 after the fall of the Second Empire. The largest purchaser that day was American jeweler, Charles Tiffany, who acquired 24 lots which were later sold to such wealthy families as the Astors.
  27. 28. This provenance drove the final price of this brooch well over its presale estimate to $258,000
  28. 29. Diamond engagement rings sell very well and here are some examples: The Rectangular Cut diamond ring brought $63,000 Marquise Cut $16,100 Round Cut $46,000 Oval Cut Diamond $54,625
  29. 30. An estate attorney contacted our firm to make a proposal on the liquidation of an estate which featured an extensive collection of Tiffany lamps and desk accessories.
  30. 31. Working from the estate appraisal prepared by another auction house, we recognized an authentic Tiffany Studios Lamp which had been incorrectly listed by the other auction house as a “Tiffany-type” lamp valued at only $1,500. In addition to correcting this error, our firm was able to make a proposal to handle the entire estate, which was the deciding factor in the attorney’s decision to consign the property to Caroline Ashleigh Associates.
  31. 32. By the way, the Tiffany Studios lamp subsequently fetched over $15,000 at auction.
  32. 33. This fall our firm is honored to offer at auction the property of the famous American soprano, Anna Moffo, known for her performances in Madama Butterfly, La Traviata, La Boheme, Rigoletto, Turnadot.
  33. 34. Caroline has appeared regularly on the PBS series, The Antiques Roadshow , the most successful show on public television with an audience of over 15 million viewers each week.
  34. 35. Through our website, , we receive a large amount of e-mail inquiries as a result of our frequent appearances on the show, and it has proven to be one of our most effective marketing tools. This strategic alliance allows us to offer an enhanced level of international exposure combined with the individualized service that has always been our focus in promoting and bringing audiences of buyers to sales of works of art and collectibles at auction.
  35. 36. At Caroline Ashleigh Associates, we take great pride in the relationships we have built over time with individuals, families, fiduciaries and institutions.
  36. 37. ______________ We thank you for your time and welcome any questions.