'Facebook app advertising' - Markus Von Der Luehe at App Promotion Summit Berlin


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Adknowledge is a digital advertising marketplace for all digital platforms: desktop, mobile, tablet or laptop. Their AdParlor is the leader in managing large Facebook Ad campaigns through full-service or self-service solutions. At the App Promotion Summit Berlin, Markus Von Der Luehe from Adknowledge talks about Facebook app advertising and gives lessons from 4m installs. How to plan your Facebook campaign, how to optimize target and how to evaluate performance.

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  • So how can you cut through the clutter?Industry estimates range from 56 to 82 Billion global downloads in 2012 with predictions for that number to more than double to 200 billion app downloads by 2017.   Not surprisingly, Facebook has taken the top spot as the most downloaded free app of all time But marketers still face the challenge of differentiation or “discoverability” and ensuring usage of the app. For both, the initial app discovery but also the loyalty and engagement Facebook has a fantastic ad solution at hand.
  • The news feed is the main event on mobile. And, given businesses can appear in the news feed, they can essentially takeover the entire homepage, resulting in the ultimate engagement with consumers. You can run a Page post with a link to your mobile app, which creates a more compelling opportunity to tell your story to users, compared to standard display ads.FB mobile Page post ads are 10-120% more likely to regularly draw attention than other ad typesLikelihood that FB ads and ss regularly draw attention on mobile as compared to other ad type10% more than Pre-roll or Mid-roll Ads22% more than Video Ads38% more than Banner Ads120% more than Pop-up AdsSource: Prosper Mobile Insights, July 2012.
  • One of the challenges with the typical mobile display ad networks today is connecting with your real customers. It’s a broadcast tool, similar to a billboard on the side of the bus. You’ve got to hope that your customers are there. This limits the ROI of the messaging.Facebook has a solution for that: custom audiences. Now you can take the segmented lists you use for branch, call center, direct mail and statements, email, or your own website, and connect in the same way with your customers on Facebook. You can use custom audiences with Facebook’s other targeting capabilities to ensure you’re serving Android messaging to those users, or iPhone to their users. You can also use our demographic, lifestyle, and life stage targeting to further enhance your messaging strategy with Page posts.We recognize that using custom audienceis a big step forward for targeted advertising on Facebook, and will require additional conversations with your compliance and database marketing teams before testing can start. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you’ve gotten approval to begin marketing your mobile app products on Facebook. You can use our existing targeting clusters and optimize your spend – our targeting capabilities are significantly better than other advertisers since we’re an authentic identity platform. But using custom audience can help ensure you’re only communicating with your existing customers.
  • FEEDBACK – show more people highlighted in GreenWe recognize that you may have proprietary data that is specific to your customers. Your CRM database or an email list. With Custom audiences we provide the ability to use that information to reach those specific groups on Facebook 2 Options Available. Self Service – work with FB directlyMatch via direct phone or email between advertiser and FacebookGlobal offeringHigh, accurate match rates – north of 60%Managed Service – employ the services of a trusted 3rd party who may host and/or process customer data on your behalfExpanded match functionality leveraging name, postal address, email, phone, demo (age, gender) – waterfall approachUS specific data partners todayHigh, accurate match rates – north of 70%
  • Facebook’s modeled audience offering can help you find people who look like our best customers. You sometimes hear it referred to as “look-alike” modeling. Key features / benefitsLeverages Facebook data, millions of attributes for predictionAudience expansion or prospectingPower of Look-Alike Targeting: combining custom audiences data with FB’s robust user data to get to look-alikes.
  • 76% more installs driven by this targeting group of keywords vs. the next best target group in the campaign.
  • You can also update your SDK’s to get the most accurate metrics on app installs. This is similar to installing a conversion pixel at the bottom of the application funnel, just for mobile app installs.https://developers.facebook.com/preferredmarketingdevelopers/mobile/measurement/,
  • Just like other channels and your other strategies on Facebook, the best results occur when there are clear goals and KPI’s, and scaling up using tests to learn and optimize along the way.Success on Facebook entails following these 3 steps:Set up a low-cost test, Test FB using the right tools and Scale it in increments as they find successIt’s important to understand that if you’re testing the Facebook platform for the first time, it takes some time to figure out the right ad copy, targeting and optimization before you hit your target CPI. In particular if you have a view window of about 7 days, it will take some time to fully count installs to access performance; that’s why we recommend a 6-week test. Note that during the testing process, your CPI can start as high as 3-5x but fall very fast as you get further along in the testing process.
  • 'Facebook app advertising' - Markus Von Der Luehe at App Promotion Summit Berlin

    1. 1. Using Facebook ads as a key to unlocking mobile success Markus von der Luehe linkedin.com/in/markusvonderluehe | @mluehe | mvdluehe@adknowledge.com
    2. 2. AdParlor: Smarter Social Advertising since 2008     Games Founded in „08. Ads API Partner in „10. Acquired by AdKnowledge in ‟11 Serve over 1b daily impressions on Facebook, 2m app installs per month Offices in DE, FR & UK. Various locations in Americas & APAC Strength in Team, Technology, Client Service, and Performance Gaming Brands DR Agencies
    3. 3. So what’s the real story?
    4. 4. Cutting Through the Clutter?    An estimated 56-82 billion apps were downloaded 2012 Google Play & iOS Appstore offer ~1 million apps App discovery & loyalty are a huge challenge
    5. 5. 8,200 advertisers and 145 Million App Installs on Facebook later
    6. 6. A Look at Facebook in Germany Every Day Every Month That’s >19M people daily >13M people daily on mobile 76% of monthly active users return daily >25M people monthly >18M people monthly on mobile Source: Facebook Internal Data based on stated and inferred data, average for June 2013; percentage of internet and mobile phone users calculated with data from eMarketer, April/May 2013 43% of internet users in Germany That’s 27% of mobile phone users in Germany
    7. 7. What do Chocolate and Facebook have in common?
    8. 8. Seven out of ten people check Facebook before going to sleep.
    9. 9. 20% say they don't go to sleep until they've checked their favourite celebs' tweets
    10. 10. 20% of those surveyed admitted they've actually stopped having sex to check an incoming text
    11. 11. Advertisers Following the Eyeballs…
    12. 12. As Mary Meeker said in her Annual Internet Trends: Mobile is helping drive users and revenue for Facebook Q1:12 Ad Revenue (m) Q2:12 $872 $992 Q3:12 Q4:12 Q1:13 Q2:13 Q3:13 $1329 $1245 $1599 $1798 $139 Mobile (m) $1086 $250 $399 $656 881 -- -- 14% 23% 30% 41% 49% Total MAUs (m) 911 955 1007 1056 1110 1155 1180 Mobile (m) 488 543 604 680 751 819 874 54% 57% 60% 64% 68% 71% 74% % from Mobile % of Total MAUs
    13. 13. The Power of News Feed  40% of time spent is in News Feed  Over 180b News Feed impressions daily  News Feed is the most engaging place (e.g. 65% of likes)  10x higher ad recall per Page post vs. right-hand side
    14. 14. Native Ad Units: Built to use the power of News Feed and mobile form factor 38% More Attention Photo Page post ad Link page post ad Mobile app install ad
    15. 15. Detailed Audience Targeting at Scale Demographic  Age  Gender  Geo Interest Targeting  Target people based on information they’ve added to their timeline, e.g. Pages they like, apps they have used Mobile Consumers  Mobile users with 3+ year old devices Custom Audiences  Active feature phone users  Create specific lists with your real customers  Smartphone users  Current users of specific device models  Match against email, phone, UID in a data-secure mode
    16. 16. Interest “Keywords” Matter  AdParlor was driving iPad app installs & subscriptions of females for “Spotify for magazines” startup pixelmags  The big impact was when through our testing we found the right set of interest based keywords, e.g. …#Gossip,#Gossip magazine,#Hello (magazine),#InStyle… 76% more subscriptions driven by this targeting group of keywords vs. the next best performing group
    17. 17. Pay Attention to your Bidding Method  Facebook launched CPA bidding 21st October  AdParlor and ebookers immediately began testing the effectiveness to drive iOS app installs  The results were so impressive, all the ebookers Facebook campaigns were switched to CPA
    18. 18. Is it Sunday yet? CVR 13.89% 14.00% 13.50% 13.38% 13.16% 13.00% 13.35% 13.02% 12.87% 13.31% 12.50% 12.00% CPI $2.10 $2.05 $2.00 $1.95 $1.90 $1.85 $1.80 $1.99 $2.05 $1.97 $1.93 $1.89 $2.00 $1.95 Thursday & Sunday are best performing days at the moment to drive app installs via Facebook
    19. 19. Android performs better than iOS across the board, though you will have lower CVR’s Android vs. iOS CPC: $0.11 CTR: 2.06% CVR: 6.93% CPI: $1.53 CPC: CTR: CVR: CPI: $0.38 1.04% 18.48% $2.08
    20. 20. Measurement Update mobile SDK to access Facebook metrics Integrate with Facebook SDK for oCPM bidding and measuring CPI FB on iOS: SDK FB on Android: SDK Integrate with SDK from one of our mobile measurement partners for complete tracking solutions
    21. 21. To Drive Mobile App Installs on Facebook Take a test & learn approach Reach Iterate Prepare & Diagnose • Identify KPI s and attribution • Set up measurement • Set up creative delivery As needed (1 to 4 weeks) Test • Conduct a low cost test • Leverage Facebook levers until you achieve target CPI Typically 3 to 6 weeks Time Scale • Incrementally increase spend while meeting target CPI Ongoing
    22. 22. What‟s to Come… Autofill: Facebook Plans for Partnership with PayPal and Braintree for in-app purchases using credit card information stored in their Facebook account. The process avoids the need to type in numbers and data on a tiny smartphone or device screen. Facebook will know which e-commerce companies its members buy from, what they buy, and how much they spend. This would give Facebook tremendous leverage when selling mobile advertising since it can tell potential advertisers how much its members are willing to spend on their products
    23. 23. Thank You linkedin.com/in/markusvonderluehe | @mluehe| mvdluehe@adknowledge.com