4 Dimensional Performance UK CMG May 2011
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4 Dimensional Performance UK CMG May 2011

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This talk describe the 4 key performance challenges for web sites and web applications and why we created our 4D solution address these challenges. It goes on to talk about how these solutions have......

This talk describe the 4 key performance challenges for web sites and web applications and why we created our 4D solution address these challenges. It goes on to talk about how these solutions have been successfully used at companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Betfair and others.

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  • 1. 4D Performance
    UK CMG 2011
  • 2. Agenda
    What is 4D and why we created it?
    Real world benefits seen by customers:
  • 3. Why we created 4D
    End UserExperience
    Web SiteAcceleration
    Real User Experience
    Web Site Acceleration
    APM for Java and .NET
    Database Tuning
    Test & QA
  • 4. 4D Performance: Solves 4 challenges
    • Design philosophy
    • 5. Easy to install
    • 6. Easy to use
    • 7. Easy to buy
    • 8. Quickest way to root cause
  • End User Experience
    Real User Experience
  • 12. TravelTainment
    • Traveltainment build Internet Booking Engines for some of the worlds largest travel sites: Expedia, LastMinute.com, Monster, Disney travel, Ebookers etc.
    • 13. They use WebTunaSaaS to report on page load times in real time and historically.
    Real User Experience
  • 14. COWI
    • COWI are a Danish consulting organisation with over 6000 employees.
    • 15. They use WebTuna to track the usage and performance of 15 SharePoint websites accessed globally for more than 15,000 projects.
    Real User Experience
    “WebTuna gave us the possibility to track response time around the world. Even more we got insight to where in the world the COWIportal was accessed. To our surprise users from more than 65 countries access the COWIportal in one month. WebTuna  also pointed out trouble areas where the response was not acceptable so we could investigate and take action.”
  • 16. Website Acceleration
    Web Site Acceleration
  • Microsoft
    Web Site Acceleration
    • Microsoft use Aptimize on their web site to automatically accelerate page load times for global visitors.
    • 20. SharePoint.microsoft.com2007 & 2010 portals
    • 21. Installed and configured in hours
    • 22. 40%+ reduction in load times
    "The improvement in page loading time is tremendous." Tony Tai, Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation
  • 23. Application Performance
    APM for Java and .NET
  • 27. Netflix
    • Netflix is a online movie rental organisation in the US who are growing massively thanks to the Cloud and great innovation
    • 28. They use AppDynamics across 2500+ JVMs inside Amazon EC2 which are continually changing.
    APM for Java and .NET
  • 29. Betfair
    • Betfair is a online gambling company who pioneered the idea of a betting exchange in 2000.
    • 30. They are rapidly growing still.
    APM for Java and .NET
  • 31. Betfair
    • Betfair use AppDynamics across a massively distributed SOA architecture supporting their business.
    • 32. Get a distributed view business transactions such as “Login” or “Place Bet”
    • 33. Drill down to root cause in 3-clicks
    APM for Java and .NET
  • 34. Database Performance
    Database Tuning
  • 38. Betfair
    • Betfairuse DBTuna across all Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL databases in test and production.
    • 39. Single view allows communications between teams.
    • 40. Drill down to root cause of database problems quickly.
    Database Tuning
    “The best thing about DBTuna in production is the amount of time it saves us when investigating performance problems. This means we fix problems faster and keep our customers happy. It automated our approach to performance tuning and removed the need for manually reviewing data from different tools”UnaiBasterretxea, DBA Engineering Manager
  • 41. 4D Performance: Questions?
    • Finding out more?
    • 42. See you on the stand
    • 43. Copy of slides
    • 44. Case studies
  • 4D Performance: Solves 4 challenges
    • Finding out more?
    • 45. See you on the stand
    • 46. Copy of slides
    • 47. Case studies
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