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Applications 3D provides resourceful solutions to your most demanding problems. We provide expert services in reverse engineering, non contact digitizing, Inspection/ Quality control, FEA and CAD.

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Applications 3D Articles

  1. 1. Benefits of CAD Services Computer assistedDrawing is essentially used to design, develop and optimize products that may be purchasedby the end consumer. It includes detailed engineering which reduceproduct development expensesand shorten design cycle. It makesfuture work easy and practical. Design and measurement are the basic needsto make CAD drawings. It is possible to convert scanned, faxed or any other manual plans to AutoCAD files, even conversion from raster graphics to vector graphics also possible. Drawings generatedby AutoCAD are far more correct and perfect than hand drawings. Electronic drawings save time and storing problem. Any file layout like .jpg, .tiff, .pdf, blueprints for example. Can be converted in to DXF, DWG, DWF, DGN, MCD or TCW format. CAD needshigh speedCPUs and giant quantity of RAM to design complex products. CAD software can run on any platform like Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OSX, etc . Manual tracing is very important to get accurateoutputs. For general and hitech engineering needs, AutoCAD files can be madein 2D and 3D. It's important to follow CAD layering standardswhile drafting 2D models. 3D modeling service is used to develop a mathematical wire frame representation of any CAD project. It is feasible to generatetexturing of 3D models in all sectors. Making galvanizing 3D models from paper design is also possible. After the 3D models are made, they can also be renderedwith pragmatic lightings, shadows, atmosphere, color, texture and optical effects like the refraction of light or motion blur seen on moving objects. By 3D rendering services, once can make 3D models look like photographsand can be inserted into catalogs to save time and money. 3D basedCAD servicesenable clients to grasp conceptsbetter. CATIA, PROE, ideas, AMD are the leading software packageto make 3D models. A wide range of product life cycle management computer basedsoftware tools are used for CAD/CAM services. CAD/CAM servicescan be applied to various sectors of industries like architectural, civil, mechanical, structural, electric and many others. Architectural drafting servicesinvolve changing coarsehand drawings into a total set of architectural plans. This service is beneficial for designers, property developers, interior designers, engineers, advisors, for example. The complete architectural solution in CAD or CAM is achieved by the proper use of architectural CAD packageslike ArchiCAD, Chief designer, Microstation, Vectorworks and ADT. Mechanical CAD service is useful to engineers, design engineersand many such pros to create assembly drawings for all sorts of mechanical assemblies. In CAD drawings structural drafting services include drawings of structural elementspredominant in the construction industry including steel, concreteor wood. Electrical CAD service is useful to electric engineering designers, electrical product manufacturers, original appliancesmanufacturers, and electric contractors. Each conceivable liquid is handled in pipes during its production, processing, transportation and use. It is feasible to convert scannedpiping drawings into totally editable, multi-layered CAD drawings.
  2. 2. All and all, CAD servicesare the very best in generating ideal designs in electronic form for better visualization. One can easily get the point, how the final product will look at the end of production inside minimum time period, without upkeep stressof all thosepaper work.
  3. 3. Rev Up Design Innovation and Automotive Product Development Innovate quicker Today's economy, more than ever, forces product development, creativity and a fast succession of new models in order to remain critical and profit-making in the market. The power to reduceproduct development cycles and development costs can be achieved by sharing pricey engineering capabilities, and dynamic, inexpensive collaborations to design swiftly and efficiently more and multiple products. This is a great improvement in the product development process! Collaborate Better Effective and early partnership is absolutely critical, with up to 70% of a product'stotal lifecycle costs being outlined during the early phasesof product development. Having a supplier that understandsthe demandsand challengesof your product development processand is in a position to help meet those challengesadaptswell to faster creativity capacity and capability. Manage Engineering Changes Engineering changestypically happen at a rapid rate during the design, assembly, and testing phases.A changeto the product development project can affect many documents. Utilizing the newest CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM technology can aid in avoiding bad mistakesby making sure that changesmade anywhere in the proceduremechanically updateall product paperwork, including parts, assemblies, and systemsdrawings. If you are not now using commercial standard solutions, implementing this capability will require a big upfront investment of not only money but also time. Acting as an extension of your team, they can offer the targetedservicesyou will need to more speedily develop leading edgedesigns, and create professional product development and project paperwork efficiently. With more electronic and software content used in product development, hybrid power trains, drive-by- wire systems, complex infotainment systems, highly optimized aerodynamic and vibration behavior it helps to be in a position to firmly integratethe domains of Mechanical, electrical and Software Engineering. You want the power to work unfettered with ECAD and MCAD information. Electronic devicescan be checked for efficient cooling by simulating convection and conduction inside their designs. With engineering servicesyou can investigatethe physical behavior of designs thru simulation to improve time to market and reducemistakeslater in the product development cycle, conduct quick stressanalysesto be sure that parts can carry expectedloads, improve designs by reducing weight without sacrificing strength. Thesecapabilities help cut developmentscost by reducing the quantity of neededphysical prototypes.
  4. 4. ICam Photogrammetry The ICam Photogrammetry systemsare high-accuracy portable CMM’s.They can be used to determine the 3D coordinatesof targets, points and features. It is extremely portable and the easeof use, flexibility, and speed. Conventional CMM machines do not generateenough measurement points to provide a complete picture of the whole mold. Surprisingly, even very large objects like ships and bridgescan be measuredwith unsurpassedaccuracy. The system consists of a camera, coded and un-coded targets, scale bars and various adapters depending on the application being preformed. For the measurement, the points are targeted, the adaptersare placed in holes, the coded targetsare attached, and the scale bars are placed. Then the imagesare acquired. These are then transferred to a computer for processing. The software will detect the coded and non-coded targets, compute the orientation of the images, label the non-coded targets, compute precise 3D coordinatestogether, and perform the scaling as well as transformation into the coordinate system of the part. The data can be used for inspection/quality control and comparison to CAD, deformation or movement analysis, and crash test investigation. It is a perfect tool for part placement studies. These and more productsand servicesare available at