King cobras


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Indian king cobras

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King cobras

  1. 1. By Iver, Johnny and Mareline
  2. 2. The king cobra is the largest poisonous snake in the world. It can grow to a length of almost 18 feet long! The king cobra is longer than most crocodiles.
  3. 3. Its head can be as large as a man’s hand! Its venom is powerful enough to kill an elephant or 20 people. When the king cobra is scared, it spreads the loose skin on its neck into a “hood”. The king’s hood plays a big part in its fearsome “threat posture”. It is made by spreading the ribs in its neck.
  4. 4. The king cobra can raise its body off the ground making them stand up to six feet tall, as tall as a full- grown human. Raised off the ground, a hooded cobra is a scary sight.
  5. 5. The king cobra’s eyesight is better than most snakes’. It can see a moving person almost 330 feet away!
  6. 6. The king cobra can be found in South and Southeast Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and the Philippines. King cobras are usually found in tropical rainforests, bamboo forests and swamps. They are excellent swimmers. They can also climb trees.
  7. 7. King cobras do not eat rodents like most snakes. Instead, they eat other snakes and lizards. King cobras hunt for their food by smelling the air with their forked tongue. When they find prey, they raise up to 1/3 their body length off the ground and strike. If their prey escapes, they are able to chase it in this upright position for long distances. When they catch their prey, muscles send the venom from the glands, through the fangs, and into the victim. The venom paralyzes the prey so it cannot move.
  8. 8. The king cobra’s deadly fangs are almost half an inch long. The prey is swallowed whole. The fangs help push the king cobra’s prey into the stomach. After swallowing a large meal, the king cobra can go without food again for months.
  9. 9. The female king cobra lays 20-50 white eggs. The eggs are laid in a nest. King cobras are the only snakes known to make a nest. After 60-70 days, the eggs hatch. Just before the babies hatch the mother leaves them! The babies are black with yellow rings. The babies are 14 inches long. The baby cobras have fangs and venom. They can attack an enemy as they are hatching from their shells!
  10. 10. Part of the king cobra’s forest habitat is disappearing. In eastern Asia, the king cobra is also killed to use in making medicine and to eat. People are afraid of the king cobra and it is usually killed wherever it is found. But, in some parts of southeast Asia and India, the king cobra is worshipped at religious ceremonies. The king cobra is not yet an endangered species.
  11. 11. We think the king cobra is the strongest animal in the world because it can be 18 feet tall and its venom can kill an elephant. The king cobra should not be bothered or else it will attack you.
  12. 12. We would like to thank our 5th grade partners: Gilmarie, Hector and Chris