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20121119 Lyric 11192012 a

  1. 1. 以詩入樂民歌漢英語翻譯實作 I 陳美靜 2012.11.19
  2. 2. 民歌漢英語翻譯實作 I• 名家翻譯觀• 英文特色、句構• 譯詩賞析• 翻譯實作評析
  3. 3. 名家翻譯觀• 思果:翻譯「切不可譯字,要譯意、譯情 、譯氣勢,譯作者用心處」( 1980 : 5 ) 。• 梁實秋認為「譯詩最難。因為詩的文字最 精練,經過千錘百鍊,幾度推敲,要確切 ,要典雅,又要含蓄,又要有韻致,又要 有節奏,又要有形式。條件實在太多」 (丘彥明 397 )。
  4. 4. 名家翻譯觀• 余光中: 譯詩要考慮的條件很複雜。「一 首詩的妙處如果是在歷史背景、文化環境 ,或是語言特色,其譯文必然事半功倍」 ( 154 )• 詩歌翻譯:詩歌是形式與內容的結合,語 言精鍊,富含意象、具聲韻節奏之美,各 個譯者對詩歌翻譯採取不同的翻譯策略。 有的譯者以詩體譯詩,有的以散文體,有 的以再創造的方式改寫原詩。
  5. 5. 名家翻譯觀• 歌曲翻譯:歌曲翻譯可視不同目的而採取 不同的翻譯策略。若是為了說明歌詞的意 義,協助聽眾瞭解歌曲內容,可用散文體 將內容譯出。但若是為了讓歌者演唱,則 必須將譯文的可唱性擺在第一位,其次是 意義,接下來是譯文要如目標語(譯入 語)般自然,還要注意押韻與節奏 (Peter Low 92-98) 。
  6. 6. 英文的特色• 英文好用抽象名詞,而名詞又分單數、複 數• 英文動詞的時態變化、被動句的使用• 英文連接詞、介繫詞的使用
  7. 7. 英文的句構• 1. Simple sentences: S+V• 2. Compound sentences:• S+V and S+V• but• ,so• 3. Complex sentence:• S+V although S+V• because• before• since• when
  8. 8. 譯詩賞析• 民歌 余光中 傳說北方有一首歌 只有黃河的肺活量能歌唱 從青海到黃海  風 也聽見  沙 也聽見• A Folk Song (Translated by the poet)• By legend a song was sung in the north• By the Yellow River, with her mighty lungs,• From Blue Sea to Yellow Sea,• It’s heard in the wind,• And heard in the sand.
  9. 9. 譯詩賞析• 如果黃河凍成了冰河 還有長江最最母性的鼻音 從高原到平原  魚 也聽見  龍 也聽見• If the Yellow River froze into icy river,• There’s the Long River’s most motherly hum.• From the plateau to the plain,• It’s heard by the dragons,• And heard by the fish.•
  10. 10. 譯詩賞析• 如果長江凍成了冰河 還有我,還有我的紅海在呼嘯 從早潮到晚潮  醒 也聽見  夢 也聽見• If the Long River froze into icy river,• There’s myself, my Red Sea howling in me.• From high tide to low tide,• It’s heard full awake.• And heard full asleep.
  11. 11. 譯詩賞析• 有一天我的血也結冰 還有你的血他的血在合唱 從A型到O型  哭 也聽見  笑 也聽見• If one day my blood, too, shall freeze hard,• There’s the choir of your blood and his blood.• From Type A to Type O,• It’s heard while sobbing,• And heard while laughing.
  12. 12. 翻譯實作評析• 抓泥鰍 (Catch the loaches) 侯德建詞曲• 池塘裡水滿了 雨也停了 田邊的稀泥裡到處是泥鰍 天天我等著你 等著你捉泥鰍 大哥哥好不好 咱們去捉泥鰍 小牛的哥哥帶著他捉泥鰍 大哥哥好不好 咱們去捉泥鰍• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =iUCTzW5tbeY&feature=related
  13. 13. 翻譯實作評析• The water in the pond is full and the rain has stopped• In the mud, by the field, is filled with loaches.• The muddy field is filled with loaches.• Every day I waited for you, waited for you, to catch the loaches• I wait for you to catch loaches• Is it okay? Let’s go catch the loaches.• Let’s go to catch loaches.• Is it okay for us to go to catch loaches?• Neo’s brother took him to catch the loaches• Is it okay? Let’s go catch the loaches.• Is it okay for us to go to catch loaches?• Is it okay if we go to catch loaches?
  14. 14. 翻譯實作評析• 〈讓我與你相遇〉• 假如我來世上一遭,只為與你相聚一次;• 只為了億萬年的那一剎那,一剎那裡所有的甜蜜 與悲淒。• 那麼就讓一切該發生的,都在瞬間出現;• 讓我俯首感謝所有星球的相助,讓我與你相遇, 與你別離。• 完成了上帝所作的一首詩,然後再緩緩地老去;• 讓我與你相遇,與你別離。• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqb8Ei1Dxj4
  15. 15. 翻譯實作評析• (Let me meet with you) (let me meet you)• If I come to the world once a time is just for meet with you once a time;• If I come to this world once just for getting together with you one time,• is just for a flash of millions upon millions years, whole sweet and sorrow in the flash.• just for an instant, for all the happiness and sorrow at that instant,• So let the all things ought to happen, all appear in a moment;• Then let everything that is destined (bound) to happen take place at this instant.
  16. 16. 翻譯實作評析• let me bow my head to thank the help of all planets, let me meet with you, leave with you.• Let me bow down to thank all the planets for their help— let me meet you and then part from you.• Completed a poem created by the God, and then get old slowly;• We finish the poem written by God and then we age little by little.• Finishing the poem created by God and then aging gradually• let me meet with you, leave with you.• Let me meet you and then part from you.
  17. 17. 翻譯實作評析• 〈廟會〉 李潼(賴西安)詞、陳揮雄曲• 歡鑼喜鼓咚得隆咚鏘 鈸鐃穿雲霄 盤柱青龍探頭望 石獅笑張嘴 紅燭火檀香燒 菩薩滿身香 祈祝年冬收成好 遊子都平安 歡鑼喜鼓咚得隆咚鏘 鈸鐃穿雲霄 范謝將軍站兩旁 叱吒想當年 戰天神護鄉民 魂魄在人間 悲歡聚散總無常 知足心境寬• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =BGQ8rgpxgLo&feature=related
  18. 18. 翻譯實作評析• Gongs and drums are so loudly , and the sound of cymbal is over the sky• People strike gongs and beat drums happily.• The loud gongs and drums show that people are joyous.• The clanging of cymbals penetrates the clouds.• There are pillars of dragon , and stone lion is laughing• Green dragons carved on the pillars raise their heads; stone lions on the two sides of the gate grin widely
  19. 19. 翻譯實作評析• Red candles and sandalwood were burned , and the smell arounds Buddha• The Goddess of Mercy is surrounded by fragrance of the sandalwood.• Praying for the harvest this year , and people at outside were all safe• People pray for a bumper harvest in the end of the year and for the safety of wanderers.
  20. 20. 翻譯實作評析• Black and White are stand at both side , thinking of years ago• Two Generals (General Hsieh and General Fan) stand on each side of Cheng Huang, the God of Cities, thinking of their glorious past• Fight with the gods and protect people , their spirits are in this world• When they fought against other deities to protect villagers.• All good things must come to an end , happiness consists in contentment• Life is unpredictable (changeable);
  21. 21. 翻譯實作評析• 〈歌〉(徐志摩詞、羅大佑編曲)• 當我死去的時候 親愛 你別為我唱悲傷的歌 我墳上不必安插 薔薇 也無需濃蔭的柏樹• 讓蓋著我的輕輕草 淋著雨也沾著露珠 假如你願意請記著我 要是你甘心忘了我
  22. 22. 翻譯實作評析• 在悠久的墳墓中迷惘 陽光不昇起也不消翳 我也許也許我還記得你 我也許把你忘記• 我再也見不到地面的青蔭 感覺不到雨露的甜蜜 我再也聽不到夜鶯的歌喉 在黑夜裡傾吐悲啼• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ GKFzByiSbY&feature=related
  23. 23. 翻譯實作評析• When I was died, my darling• After I am dead, my darling,• You don’t have to sing the sorrow song• for me• You don’t have to sing a sad song for me• Don’t have to put rose on my grave• You don’t have to plant roses on my grave• Don’t need a shade of cypress• And you don’t have to plant cypresses, either.• Nor plant cypresses.
  24. 24. 翻譯實作評析• Let the grass covered me gently• Let the tender grass that covered me• Get wet in the rain and dipped in dew• Become dewy and misty• If you would like, please remember me• If you will, please remember me,• If you are willing, please forget me• If you will, please forget me.
  25. 25. 翻譯實作評析• I get lost in this old tomb.• There is no sunshine but lingering shadows• Maybe I still remember you.• Maybe I have forgotten you.
  26. 26. 翻譯實作評析• I will never see the shadow of the tree• Never feel the dewdrop of the love• I will never heard the twitter of the owl• I will never hear the nightingale• Whisper for the sorrow in the dark• singing her sorrow at night.
  27. 27. 翻譯實作評析• SONG by: Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)• WHEN I am dead, my dearest,• Sing no sad songs for me;• Plant thou no roses at my head,• Nor shady cypress tree:• Be the green grass above me• With showers and dewdrops wet;• And if thou wilt, remember,• And if thou wilt, forget.
  28. 28. 翻譯實作評析• I shall not see the shadows,• I shall not feel the rain;• I shall not hear the nightingale• Sing on, as if in pain;• And dreaming through the twilight• That doth not rise nor set,• Haply I may remember,• And haply may forget.
  29. 29. 翻譯實作評析• 〈青夢湖〉蓉子詞、李泰祥曲• 清晨的涼露何等瑩潔 四月是希望與濃蔭覆蓋下的湖水• 我是未啟航的小船兒 靜臥在岸邊• 微風輕奏著幸福的歡欣 這兒擁有光和美• 且讓我靜悄悄的安睡 享受這最後的寧謐• 青色的夢圍繞著沉沉的湖水 啦啦啦啦啦 啦啦啦啦啦啦 啦啦啦啦啦• 那甜美的情緒在緩緩的變化 我流動的思想就是這樣慢慢 的變成了詩• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2CV2lmwQC0
  30. 30. 翻譯實作評析• Cyan Lake (Lake of Green Dreams)• The dew of morning is such crystal clear• so crystal clear• April is the lake which is covered by hope and dense shade• I am the gondola which is ready to go• Lying down by the shore peacefully
  31. 31. 翻譯實作評析• The breeze perform the joy of the welfare lightly• The breeze softly plays the song of happiness.• Here, we have light and beauty• Let me fall asleep quietly• Enjoy the last tranquil• Enjoy the last tranquility
  32. 32. 翻譯實作評析• The deep lake is surrounded by cyan (green) dream (dreams)• La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La• That sweetness feeling varies slowly• That sweet feeling changes slowly.• The mellow mood is changing little by little.• My moving thoughts thus turn into poems.