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Trying to keep Salesforce and Google in Sync? …

Trying to keep Salesforce and Google in Sync?

Your customer contacts and business events are in Salesforce—your daily calendar and everyone you've ever emailed are in Google. Wouldn't it be nice to bring the two together?

Today, you waste time manually importing, exporting, copying, and pasting event and contact information, just to have an up-to-date Contact List or the most recent meeting information associated with your Opportunities. Organizations need an easier way to bridge the gap between the information in Salesforce and Google Apps, and keep both systems in sync and up to date.

Appirio Cloud Sync offers contact and calendar sync in a unified package, with easy setup and administration.

Appirio Cloud Sync includes:

Contact Sync:
Sync up to 5,000 Contacts per cycle with no limit on total Contacts synced per subscription
Controls which Google Contact Group to sync Contacts to
Combine the rich business context of Salesforce contact management with the “add-as-you-email” convenience of Gmail

Calendar Sync:
Sync Calendar events one Month in the past and three months in the future
Combine your business schedule with customer activities in one easy-to-share online calendar

Easy Administration:
Configure and monitor multiple user accounts from any admin login
On-Demand Model:
Only pay for the users who need the functionality, not every user with a Salesforce login

Why Appirio Cloud Sync?

Over the last three years, more than 20,000 users have trusted Appirio to bring Salesforce and Google together
Today's version of Cloud Sync is a fully supported, enterprise-class version of our trusted sync technology
Reasonable pricing, starting at $4 / user / month

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  • 1. Easy to get started:Admin installs into Salesforce org andenables for users within minutesSet it and forget it:Sync Calendars, Contacts, and Tasksbetween Salesforce and Google Apps ona schedule you configureYour data where you need it:Unified Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks inSalesforce, Google, and mobile
  • 2. Todays Business Solution: Challenges Appirio Cloud Sync Sharing data via manual copy/paste is error Automatic sync keepsManual prone, tedious, and Automatic Salesforce and Google in wastes time alignment saving time Once in Salesforce, Personal data lacks Siloed events, contacts, and business context and is Linked tasks can be linked to Data not captured in CRM sales records for context Restrictive sync behavior Users choose theInflexible limits users from sharing Selective records to share and Sync data and getting data to Sync data flows seamlessly mobile devices to/from mobile devices Appirio Cloud Sync keeps your business in sync with yourCalendar, Contacts, and Tasks in Gmail, on your mobile device, and in Salesforce
  • 3. Central Install and AdministrationInstall once for the Org• AppExchange install and setup steps can be completed in minutes for the entire Salesforce org• No additional user installs or browser extensions neededCentral Admin and Config• Admin-created default settings allow for enforcement of business rules around sync.• Admin can view and manage all sync configurations in the org.User Control• Users authorize sync and enable Calendar, Contact, and/or Task sync• Users customize options like frequency and filters• Cloud Sync runs in background, no user interaction required
  • 4. Calendar SyncRobust support for recurrences and all day meetings• Sync recurring meetings or all day meetings in addition to simple apptsPrivate meetings stay private• Private meetings are flagged as private between Google and SalesforceFlexible Sync Options• Sync one-way or bi- directionally• Sync your own calendar or shared calendar• Sync meetings up to one month in the past and 3 months in the future
  • 5. Contact SyncSync only contacts you want to• Visibility and field-level filters help control the SFDC contacts syncd to Google• Filter Google contacts by contact groupControl how Salesforce contacts are grouped in Google• Default My Contacts group will route contacts to/from mobile device• Specify other group to keep business contacts separate as neededFlexible Sync Options• Sync one-way or bi- directionally• Ignore contacts without email addresses
  • 6. Task SyncSync only tasks you want to• Sync all SFDC tasks you own or just open tasks• Filter Google tasks by listIntegrated Business Process• Start and assign tasks in Salesforce, assigned user syncs and completes tasks in GoogleMaintain data quality• Ignore completed tasks on the first sync• Ignore tasks without due datesFlexible Sync Options• Sync one-way or bi- directionally• Specify Google list that Salesforce tasks sync to
  • 7. Keep your Business in Sync with Cloud SyncSimple and Effective• Access and manage a single view of your business appts, contacts, and tasks• No manual intervention needed, runs in the background in the cloudMobile Access• Cloud Sync brings Salesforce Calendar and Contacts to Google and your mobile deviceFlexible Control• Set sync direction, frequency, and filters to only sync the data you need
  • 8. Learn more about Appirio• More Info:• Free 30 Day Trial:• Contact us:• Facebook:• Twitter:• LInkedIn:
  • 9. Learn more about Appirio• More Info:• Free 30 Day Trial:• Contact us:• Facebook:• Twitter:• LInkedIn: